How to Spot Fake Leather Jackets in 6 Easy Steps

Everyone loves a good leather jacket. Unfortunately, these days, people who make fake ones have become quite adept at their trade. This is it has become hard for people to tell if their jacket is real leather. This is a massive issue as you don’t want to sport a fake product claiming that’s a real deal. The worst part is that people who sell you their product have no issue telling you that you’ll get the real deal while selling you fake leather. You must be disappointed when you find out that their goal wasn’t to fool you but that they actually believe that they’re selling a quality product.

To avoid situations like these you need to learn a few essential things about leather. We are here to help you with that by laying for you the lesson on how to spot fake leather jackets in six easy steps. Don’t worry this is not something too complicated, and if you read this article carefully you’ll be fully set for your next leather jacket purchase. Let’s start with the first step.

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Label Checking

Yes, it’s that simple. While these products can be sold as real leather, it only goes as far as hearsay. Yes, you can be verbally fooled, but the sign must tell the truth. So, what you need to do when purchasing a new jacket if the label says 100% real leather is to believe it. Manufacturers are not allowed to advertise their merchandise as the real deal if it isn’t. A seller might try to pass some jacket as the real deal, but the label must tell the truth. Furthermore, with signs such as genuine leather or top-grain leather, you’re in the right place. The fake leather will also have to state what’s all about. So when the sign tells you that it is manmade or made out of some other material it’s all you need to know. Also, the price plays a big role. The real thing is pricey so don’t be fooled that you got a good deal if you underpay. You probably bought a fake one.

Check the Texture

This is the easiest way. Leather jackets are all about texture. The real ones have a pulled texture to them with a bit of wrinkle here and there. These traits are easy to notice once you have them in your hands and close to your eyes. This is something you can feel when you put the material under pressure. A fake one will feel the same regularly and when under pressure. Besides, real leather is something else when compared to a fake product. It is more durable, and the quality can’t be mistaken. Once you won the real one for the first time, you’ll have it for years. Later you can never mistake it for anything else. Another thing you need to know is that leather tends to be imperfect so don’t let that sensation under your hands fool you to think it is bad due to some flaws.

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Water Test It

Yes, it’s that simple. The water test is one of the greatest ways of checking out if the leather is a real deal. Fake leather doesn’t absorb water. When you pour water on its surface it will remain on the surface or it will be slid down. A real leather jacket will absorb water when you put water on it. This is the sign of real leather like no other. If you want to know if your jacket is credible leather this is one of the ways you can know for sure. While this test and many others on this list sound interesting and fun, they can become tiring after a while. So if you want to make a shortcut sure to listen to our advice, and head straight to a real leather jacket dealer which can be found if you click here.

Smell It

Another rather natural way of knowing if you are purchasing a real product. The smell of real leather is like no other, and it won’t be too hard to recognize it. Fake leather is in most cases artificial, and because of this, it smells like plastic or as many types of chemicals. Natural leather has the smell of nature and organic fibers that are a part of it. The difference between the two is evident even for people who encounter these products for the first time. Most people chase the real deal due to tits authentic smell. Once you get used to it, it’s not something you want out of your life. Fake leather could never replace that odor.

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Fire Test

The most seller won’t allow you to perform this test, and it’s not something we highly recommend but it can do the trick. Playing with fire is not wise, and you should do it only when you test an old jacket. Lighting a fire under real leather will create a flashy color of the flame, but it will not burn itself. On the other hand, a faux product will burn for real. This is why it’s not wise to light a fire as a test. While not being real leather, any jacket can look cool and it shouldn’t be destroyed. The fake leather will catch fire and burn with a plastic smell all around.

Edge Test

Real leather is an interesting material. While it’s great to work with it is a bit crude around the edges. When you look at a real leather product you can’t miss its edges. While many masters of the leather trade try to make the edges as smoother as they can, this material doesn’t make compromises. This is because the real leather can be recognized if you look at the edges. Fake products make the issue of edges non-existent. While this looks pleasingly on the eye it is after all a sign of a fake leather product. So, don’t be fooled by a slightly better design into buying a fake product. Many people have gone down this road, and they end up disappointed. Don’t be one of those people.