7 Tips on How to Go to a Party Alone Without Looking Pathetic

Even if you have been a solo raider your entire life, there’s something about coming to a party alone that doesn’t suit anyone. But, despite hating the notion, there will come a time when you’ll have to do it. Most of us come to this situation when we start attending our co-worker’s birthdays, or childbirth of not so close relatives.

The situation will rise rather sooner than later, and when it happens you better be prepared. This is where we come into play. If you haven’t thought about going alone to a party and avoiding a pathetic look, some people have. We’re one of those people. This article is here to help you out when the need arises.

Read carefully, as we put some effort into writing this piece, with the sole goal of helping others. Any suggestion is welcome, and you can leave them in the comment section. But, before you do, please read our text which goes through the subject of how to go to a party alone without looking pathetic. Let’s start.

1. Dress Like You Want to Talk

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This is where you start. Dressing up to the occasion is essential. If it’s a themed party, follow a theme. If it is not, be sure to dress like someone eager to start a conversation. This is the key to success. Most people who go alone to the party hate the notion and do not pay attention to what they wear.

A mistake if you ask us. The right thing to do is to be the person everyone wants to talk to, and your clothes can do this. Wear something open, that draws attention, but not too much of it, and look out for people looking back at you.

There’s no wrong to start a conversation with a small notion that you might have missed the point of the party or asking a person standing next to you if you hit with your combination. This whole ordeal of course can be avoided if you choose to select the services of emerans.com.

2. Be Late

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Going alone in most cases means you do not know too many people at the named party. Dressing up accordingly won’t help too much if you are one of the first people coming to the party. What you need to do is to be a bit late. Yes, this sounds like a nasty thing to do, but trust us, it’s the right approach. If you’re early or even right on time, the chances are people will circle you for no particular reason.

This will make you nervous, and you’ll fail to come up with any idea what to talk about with other guests. Once you’re late you can easily join any conversation, or the hosts will lead you to the group of people they find fitting for you. Anyway, better late than early – in this case.

3. Make Sure Your Phone is Charged

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You, we live in the age of smartphones, and having your nearby is essential. Another vital thing is to have the batter at its fullest. This can prove as the best move you can make. If you love to hang on your phone you can also bring a charger with you.

God forbid you might need it. These days, you can have a party on your phone while surrounded by people. Phone can help you start a conversation or ask any girl or a boy for a number. In the world of Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, the ways in which your phone can help you are numerous.

4. Don’t Move

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This sounds strict, and you might want to see it that way. If you are alone at a party, the best route to take is to don’t take any routes. Location matters and you shouldn’t switch it too often during the night. This might sound funny, but it isn’t. once you select your ideal location be sure to honor it till the evening ends.

If you go around at a party the chances are you’ll be the odd man out and that this will be your social downfall. Don’t be the person that’s all over the place. People will notice you but for all the wrong reasons.

5. Foods and Drinks

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Since ancient times people are known to have conversations while wining and dining. You shouldn’t be the one changing this tradition. If you are all out of ideas, coming near the food and drinks might be an excellent idea. When it comes to commenting on food and drinks you don’t need any special social skills. Just go with the first thing that crosses your mind.

Of course, don’t be rude. Go with the praises for your hosts, and how classy and fabulous everything is. The chances are the people who came alone are also near the buffet and all of a sudden you’ll have a companion for the night.

6. Don’t Drink Too Much

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While hanging around the bar is an ideal idea for starting conversations, you can easily go overboard. This can make things awkward if you get wasted. All of a sudden you’ll be in the center of attention, and once again, for all the wrong reasons. This is why you need to be extra careful with the booze.

Having a few drinks to relax is all good and fine, but one drink leads to another, and if you don’t stop in time, the party will be much worse than it was when you arrived solo and looked for companionship. If you are an unknown person to most of the guests at the party and you embarrass yourself, no one will ever want to meet you within that same circle of people.

7. Focus on Single Person if All Else Fails

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This is the final solution. If you have tried for hours and nothing works, but people are still not leaving the party, you have little choice. The person you need to approach is in other than the bartender. No, you mustn’t bore them or make them unable to do their job, but having a friendly person to talk to can always be found in a bartender.