10 Visitor Tips For Traveling Alone To Los Angeles – 2024 Guide

Planning on visiting Los Angeles sometimes soon? A lot of people find this city, as well as New York, a must-see. These are also the most visited cities in the USA, along with Las Vegas.

However, visiting on your own can sometimes be difficult and challenging. Are you struggling with planning your vacation, or maybe you are not the best with time management?

Are you visiting Los Angeles for the first time? Finding the nearest restaurant, gym, or anything else can be a tough challange. Because of that, using the programs like the one that Chad Kimball suggests can be a solution. People can find all the locations they want to visit for a couple of seconds. 

If so, you will appreciate this article since we will help you travel on your own to LA, with the following tips!

Top 10 Visitor Tips For Visiting LA

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  1. Go for a hike

Los Angeles is well-known for its amazing tracks and beautiful hikes. You can enjoy a solo exercise and meet other tourists or locals by hitting some of the most popular destinations. Griffith Park has a variety of hikes with varying difficulties, which makes it friendly as well as approachable by beginners or true hike experts!

Think if you wish to enjoy your solo time, or if you are going on a hike to meet new friends and new people.

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  1. Have fun at the beach

You can have a lot of fun at the beach and enjoy your spare time. People-watching is quite fun on the Venice Boardwalk + you can take some amazing pictures. You can also cruise to Malibu and enjoy this beautiful spot, which is almost always filled with tourists. You could also have a swim if it is not too cold outside, and enjoy a quick swim in peace and quiet. Perhaps try long beach whale watching and enjoy seeing whales and dolphins in their natural habitats.

  1. Enjoy a scenic drive

Scenic drives are quite popular and often go-to for tourists or visitors to LA. A lot of people who are traveling on their own love to visit the famous Mulholland Drive. At night, you can usually skip traffic and enjoy the ride on your own. Rent a car and blast your favorite music or your favorite song, you will have loads of fun + you can enjoy your simple or deep thoughts when driving around and enjoying the vibe.

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  1. Enjoy the spa

Spa visits may not sound as intriguing, but LA spas are some of the best in the world. If you are on your own and you want to relax and chill for a bit, hit the sauna and enjoy a steam room session! Usually, these spas are around $20 for the entire day, or you can enjoy only one half of your day and relax till afternoon before you hit the clubs.

  1. A cocktail or two will do the trick

Everyone loves to enjoy a cocktail or two, but drinking on your own can feel a bit depressing. However, you can always go to a mixology show and watch your favorite mixologist perform! Here, guests are presented with an innovative rotating menu that has loads of different drinks presented.  If you love blended drinks and you love the small talk, you will also enjoy having fun for a couple of hours at this venue.

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  1. Meet friends at the Karaoke bar

Karaoke bars are quite popular in the USA, but especially in Los Angeles. You can walk in on your own, but you will meet friends when going back to your hotel room; that’s for sure. There are over hundreds of songs for you to choose from and play. Karaoke bars are super affordable to visit and enjoy + they will allow you to get a bit tipsy while enjoying your spare time.

  1. Enjoy your visit to a museum

Museums are great for solo travelers since they can be loads of fun + they are affordable. Las Angeles has beautiful pieces at LACMA, The Broad, MOCA, Getty Center, and what not! There is also a Musem of Death where you’ll browse through some letters from serial killers + you will see loads of crime scene photos. If you are into scary and freaky stuff, this is for you! If not, you can always visit some other museums. Luckily for you, there are hundreds of them to check out!

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  1. See a play

Not everyone is that big on theaters and plays, but what about you? Los Angeles has a lot of impressive and big theaters where audience members are often swept into the performance and where they need to interact with other actors. If you love narratives, fun, as well as casual plays, check out some of the best and biggest plays in LA!

  1. Turn to some social media

Social media is one of the easiest ways for you to meet other people. You can download some apps and meet people who are nearby. One of the easiest ways to meet new friends is through Instagram. Simply use the hashtag feature of your current location. This way you will find who is at your current location by seeing their recent posts or stories. You can also use Facebook or Tinder if you’re feeling quite lonely.

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Ready to experience Los Angeles on your own?

So, are you ready for some new adventures? Traveling on your own does not have to be scary or difficult. It is important for you to follow these tips and tricks, and you will enjoy your solo trip. Just find some activities and go to some places that are fun for you, and that are right up your alley! Only like that; fun will be guaranteed!