5 Things to Know When Traveling With a Vape Device in 2024

True vape enthusiasts will refuse to leave their devices at home and will always want to take them in a bag or pocket, wherever they go. Therefore, it is one of the essential things in their luggage when they go on a trip. However, traveling with a vape device isn’t as simple as packing a T-shirt or pants in a suitcase.

Taking into account the different attitudes of countries in the world when it comes to their consumption, the trip will require the prior collection of certain information about it. Only by respecting the established rules of the countries, we are going to, can we ensure ourselves a safe journey that we will enjoy. Otherwise, we may face rigorous consequences that follow due to insufficient information and wrong actions.

If you are considering this question right now, we will try to help you by highlighting those things you should know before you buy a plane ticket and go on a trip. We are sure you want to avoid all potential inconveniences and so keep reading.

  1. Some countries won’t allow vape devices

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As mentioned earlier, carrying your vaporizer on a trip without informing yourself can be a big mistake. Every country has its laws and rules governing this topic and by trying not to follow them you can run into big problems that will ruin your enjoyment. Of course, depending on which destination you choose. While some countries view vaping from a more liberal perspective, others are reluctant to accept it and have opted for restrictive measures. Whatever their attitude is, one thing is clear – the laws must be obeyed.

Before you start packing, inquire about the current laws of the destination you are heading to. Updated information is mostly available online, which means that the search won’t take you much time and will keep you calm. The word “updated” is crucial, because if you don’t find reliable sources, but find outdated data, there is a possibility that something has changed in the meantime, which again leaves room for error.

The United States, Canada, and Europe probably won’t mind having these devices in your luggage. But when it comes to countries like Brazil, Cambodia, India, Turkey, Venezuela, or Vietnam, you can face severe penalties.

  1. You can carry vaping devices in carry-on luggage, but not in checked luggage

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Airlines prescribe certain rules that allow the entry of some items exclusively in carrying luggage, and some exclusively in checked luggage. The reason for this is several security measures, of course, intending to minimize the possibility of risky situations up in the air. This makes passengers safer, which should be a motive for all passengers to behave responsibly.

In this case, responsible behavior means carrying a vaporizer in the carry-on luggage. So make sure when you go that you have packed it there. The airport control will require you to remove all electronic vaping devices as well as lithium batteries from your luggage and take them with you on the plane.

None of the auxiliary power supplies, chargers, etc. should be found in the cargo for safety reasons. Keep these measures in mind and follow them because we’re sure that you don’t want any inconvenience with the representatives of the law at the airport.

  1. Rules on e-liquids

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Bringing any type of liquid into the plane also requires compliance with the prescribed rules. You will have to apply the same rules that apply to juice or water when you pack e-liquid for your vaporizer. Fortunately, as you can see on www.vaporsolo.com, a large number of e-liquid manufacturers make bottles of 30, 60, and 120 ml, so you can always buy a quantity that meets the airline’s standards.

It isn’t enough to just lower the e-liquid into the luggage. It must be packed following certain safety measures. First, you have to close the bottle well, regardless of whether it is original or you have placed the liquid in a smaller bottle before you can carry it. Then wrap it in plastic wrap and tape it. In the end, you have to put it wrapped in a plastic bag like the one for the freezer.

To eliminate the risk of breaking and spilling, it isn’t advisable to use containers instead of bags. The maximum allowed amount of liquid in the carry-on luggage is 100 ml, while you must put a larger amount in the checked luggage.

  1. Carrying batteries in checked luggage is forbidden

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You are probably familiar with the rule that lithium batteries aren’t allowed in checked luggage. Still, it’s very important not to forget that because you can easily become the cause of a catastrophe. Transportation of lithium batteries requires strict measures and is possible when we can keep an eye on them.

If you want to be sure that you will successfully take them with you on the plane, you should provide them with a protective case. However, precautions are key if you don’t want to be the main star in tomorrow’s news.

It’s a well-known fact that vape devices are powered by lithium batteries, and now it’s clearer to you why you need to pay attention to this step as well. High altitude isn’t the best friend of batteries and if damage occurs among the clouds, the lives of all passengers can be endangered. So read a couple of guides in advance on how to properly manage and package them.

  1. Some more extra tips

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  • Buying the right e-juice bottles could be useful

You may have already bought a 120ml bottle of e-liquid. There is indeed no way to bring it into the cabin, but that doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new one. It will be much cheaper to buy a smaller, ordinary plastic bottle that holds a quantity of 100ml and thus solve the problem.

  • Don’t forget to empty the tank

At high altitudes, you can expect high pressure, which can easily lead to liquid leakage from your device. Keep that in mind and make sure you empty the tank before arriving at the airport and avoid this scenario. Also, you will avoid great chaos in your bag that you do not want.

As you can see, you don’t have to leave your vaporizer at home as long as you meet the requirements that allow it to enter another country. So don’t forget to inform yourself in time and take everything necessary so that as a loyal enthusiast you can enjoy vaping wherever you are.