Helpful Tips to Find the Right E-Juice – 2024 Guide

Finding the perfect vape setup is a challenge, but once it is in-hand, vapers are faced with another challenge -; finding the right e-juice. While a small sample bottle comes with most setups, it will eventually run out. At this point, replacement is necessary.

The good news is, there are some tips to help anyone find the right e-juice brand and flavor for their needs. Along with visiting, use the tips and information here.

Consider the Flavor First

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When purchasing e-juice, the first step is to consider the flavor. Even if all the other factors are perfect -; the vapor production, PG or VG, and nicotine strength -; if the flavor is bad, the e-liquid will not be used. While this is true, there is some good news -; e-liquids are available in virtually any flavor a person can think of, from traditional tobacco flavors to cocktails, food, candy, and more.

Many new users will choose a tobacco blend. That is because it matches their favorite cigarette brands. Quite a few of the top e-liquid manufacturers understand this, which is why they create several tobaccos blends that mimic some of the most popular brands.

Usually, though, users are going to get more adventurous to try out new flavors. While some people prefer food flavors, others want something more traditional to what they are used to. Today, it is even possible to find mixed blends, such as tobacco and fruit. These helps provide vapors more exotic flavors.

With all the infinite blends and mixing that are done, the combinations are virtually endless. When someone is searching for the right e-liquid flavor, begin with the ones that sound good. Once a good stock of favorites is found, begin to experiment with some of the other flavors.

Nicotine Considerations

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After selecting the right flavor, the next step is to determine the preferred strength of nicotine. There are a few options to choose from. For a low dose of nicotine, choose an e-liquid with six milligrams and under. This is for individuals who go through less than half a pack a day.

For medium smokers, those who smoke up to one pack a day, choose an e-juice with nine milligrams to 16 mg of nicotine. For heavier smokers, 18 mg to 36 mg e-juice is best.

Getting the right dose of nicotine is essential. If an e-juice with too little is selected, the person will vape more often to compensate, while a nicotine level that is too high can cause headaches. It is best to start with medium strength e-juices and then adjust accordingly.

Understanding PG and VG

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All e-liquids will have a base that is either PG -; propylene glycol or VG -; vegetable glycerol. It may also have a combination of these two. While PG offers more flavor, the vapor is weaker. For something more viscous, choose VG. It also has a sweet taste, which can mute the flavor a bit. While this is true, VG is what someone wants if they want to produce larger clouds.

Because of how different the vape quality is with the different substances, most manufacturers will produce e-liquid products that are available in strictly PG-base, strictly VG-base, or a mix of the two. The most common mix of PG and VG is 40:60, respectively. Many users are fully satisfied with the vapor this mix can produce.

While this is true, some people are allergic to PG. If someone finds they have a hard time breathing after using a pure PG or PG/VG mix, itching, or suffering from hives, using strictly, VG may be best. This will help prevent this type of allergic reaction.

Test the E-Juice First

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With so many e-liquid mixing options, getting overwhelmed is not only possible but also actually likely. If possible, try to test the flavors before making a purchase.

The importance of testing a new e-liquid is crucial. It provides an individual with a first-hand experience about what is available. It is important to note that not all e-liquids are the same. There are variations in nicotine strength and flavors occurring from various brands.

A mango flavor from one brand may taste completely different than other brands. Nicotine levels and strength can also vary between two brands that advertise the same amounts. One brand’s 12mg strength e-liquid may be perfect, while another brand’s may be too weak or too strong.

When buying from a physical location, there will likely be testers for someone to try out. However, with an online vape store, this is not the same. While it is impossible to test the flavors from an online store, tester packs can be purchased. These usually include an array of flavors in smaller bottles. This is a good way to find out what to buy bigger sizes of.

Finding the Right E-Juice

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For many people finding the right e-juice is something that takes time. There are many flavors, nicotine strengths, and PG vs. VG ratios that a person will find appealing. When it comes to vaping, part of the fun is getting to try all new things. Do not be afraid to try out new brands and flavors. The key is to buy from a quality manufacturer, which will help ensure a quality product is found and purchased. The money that someone saves by choosing cheaper e-liquids is going to cost more in the long run.

The best way to find a favorite e-juice is by experimenting with different flavors and strengths for most people. Keep the information here in mind to know what to consider to find an e-juice that is right for everyone. Regardless of if someone is new to vaping or have done this for a while, trying out new e-juice options is fun and may lead to finding something they never knew existed.

Be sure to take time to find a quality manufacturer to achieve the desired results with the e-juice purchased. This is true regardless of if someone is interested in flavor or nicotine levels first.