How to Gear Up Your WoW Characters Fast – 2024 Guide

“World of Warcraft”, or “WoW”, was a pioneer in the MMORPG genre of games. We can see that this title has established a standard that was followed by a plethora of games that followed it in the years to come. Still, everyone agrees that this one was a prime source of inspiration. We can say that both for a highly-popular strategy title “Warcraft III” and the expansion pack “The Frozen Throne”.

So, it’s not surprising that many players from all over the world believe that Blizzard is probably the most innovative company in the industry. When you take a look at the number of players who are online daily, you will see just how popular WoW is. Even though a majority of players enjoy the whole process of leveling and gearing up their characters, some of them prefer to do this much faster.

As you know, some players earn significant amounts of money by leveling up their heroes and selling them after some time. That’s why many of them use some sort of game boost. If you are interested in taking a look at one of these, be sure to check out Now, we would like to provide you with a couple of ways you can gear up your hero quite fast. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these.

1. Leveling Up


Naturally, the most obvious thing you need to do before you can gear up is leveling up. The reason is quite simple, you cannot wear equipment that can provide you with significant benefits if your hero is not powerful enough to wear them. Because of this fact, you will need to invest your best efforts in increasing the number of your level in the shortest possible way.

In previous “WoW” titles, the end level was 120. In the latest one, called “Shadowlands”, has set this limitation to level 60. One of the fastest ways you can climb on this ladder quickly is to participate in raids. Why is that helpful? Well, you will have a chance to piggyback from the fact that your companions will be stronger than you. By beating powerful enemies together, you will level up much faster.

2. Resolving Quests

As is the case with any MMORPG title out there, you will need to resolve a high number of optional quests. There are two benefits you can reap from this approach. The first one is that you will level up, which will lead to your hero has a chance of using certain items. The second benefit is that you can receive some helpful parts of the gear that can help you defeat more powerful enemies.

You will be surprised to see how good some of these pieces can be. There are countless tutorials you can take a look at on YouTube and similar streaming services. These tutorials will point out the quests that will provide you with a chance to get some of these weapons and armor. Since there are countless of these optional quests to choose from, finding the one that will be beneficial can be hard sometimes.

3. Heroic Dungeons


When you receive some quality gear, you are ready to start the next step. We are talking about going to some heroic dungeons. What needs to be said is that your hero needs to be a member of a certain faction before you can enroll in quests like these. We are talking about a higher level of quests that will help get a hold of some more powerful items along the way. Plus, you will level up significantly.

So, it is not a surprise to see that these sorts of quests are much more challenging. It means that you will need to prepare a significant amount of healing and mana potions. Otherwise, you cannot hope for much, it doesn’t matter how many companions you have with you. So, arm yourself properly, and strive for resolving these quests. We are sure you will see that the items you will find here are very useful.

4. Crafting

The next factor we would like to talk about is crafting items. Surely, you will not have a chance to create some really powerful items when this skill is at a low level. Over time, you will get much more possibilities to choose from. To make this possible, it is an absolute must to gather all sorts of pieces of junk and some insignificant items, at first glance, of course.

When you have a certain number of them, and you meet the requirements imposed by the recipe, you can create something that can make your hero much more powerful. We can see that a lot of players ignore this possibility completely for a variety of reasons. Still, we believe this is one of the most efficient ways you can come across items that will help you resolve many issues in the future.

5. Raids


Last but not least, we would like to talk about the easiest way you can come across some powerful items. We are talking about raids. Since they are much simple and easier, you cannot expect to receive powerful pieces of gear all the time. So, we would like to say that this approach is a great one if you are at a low level at the moment.

We are talking about a concept where you and your companions will undergo a quest of defeating waves of enemies and bosses, from time to time. These can last pretty long. Still, you will see that the items and experience you will gather during one of these will be worth it. You just need to arm yourself with patience and you will get something that will make it worth your while.

The Conclusion

We can see that there are a couple of ways that can help you get a hold of some powerful items along the way. Here, you can have an insight into some of the quickest ones. We are sure you will find these useful.