How the Canadian Online Casino Industry Grew So Fast – 2024 Review

The Canadian online casino industry is growing rapidly. And there are no signs it will slow down any time soon. When did Canadians fall in love with online casinos? What does the government think about it?

For starters, there’s a growing attention on iGaming in North America. In the US, the online casino legalization started in 2018 after a Landmark Supreme Court decision authorized states to govern gambling.

In Canada, provinces have been legalizing online gambling right, left and center. Many of them allow all casino games, like the site Dreamz. But still, offshore casinos seem to be the more popular destination for Canuck.

Below is an overview of the iGaming industry in Canada and why it’s growing so fast.

Safe, Offshore Casinos

As mentioned, offshore casinos are one of the main reasons behind the explosion of iGaming businesses in Canada. For a long time, many Canadians didn’t have access to slot and poker sites.

That’s because the Canadian government doesn’t license online casinos. Also, many provinces didn’t have online gaming websites until recently. Meanwhile, offshore gaming websites have been accepting Canadians for over five years.

Many of these operators are licensed, safe and secure. They hold licenses from trusted regulators like the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. What’s more, they encrypt your data and protect your funds.

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Free Games and Bonuses

For many first time casino players, depositing money to bet can be a hard decision. It’s a risk you might not be ready to take. Also, you might not even trust the casino you just joined. Luckily, casinos have been stepping up to help increase trust with new players in a great way.

When you create an account at the best casino online, you receive several bonus options. First, you can claim free spins to play your favorite slot machine. And if you top up your account, you get a 100% bonus worth up to $1000.

Some exceptionally generous casinos award you bonuses through your first four bonuses. Others won’t match your deposit 100%. But they reimburse 10% of your weekly losses as cash you can withdraw.

Mobile Casinos

Mobile devices have played an important role in popularizing many online industries, including casinos. They are cheap, which is why over 80% of the Canadian population owns them. They are portable, meaning people can play slots and poker wherever they go.

Better yet, mobile casinos provide the same high-quality gaming experience you get by betting through your computer. In many cases, there’s no difference between playing slots or blackjack on your laptop and iPhone.

On average, a good mobile casino has 200+ slots and card games. It features popular banking options: PayPal, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard and Bank transfer. It also provides bonuses and free games.

Most mobile casinos are available on native iOS and Android apps. And you can also access them through mobile browsers.

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High-Quality, Well-Paying Games

Canadians getting into online casino gaming now are lucky games are incredibly high-quality. A decade ago, many slots had simple graphics, irritating soundtracks and monotonous themes. Worse, they didn’t pay well.

In 2024, nearly every video slot has a payout rate of 95% to 99%. That means today’s slots give you a better chance of winning than classic games. Then there’s the graphics—colorful, 3D or even VR-supporting technology.

Another chance is the themes and storylines in slots. There’s a game based on everyone’s interests, from sports and TV to ancient cultures and novels. Most of these games immerse you into a gripping story that keeps you hooked even when you might not be winning often.

To spice up things, Canadian online casinos come in a much wider variety than ever. It’s not uncommon to find operators with 2000+ games from over 50 developers. With variety comes the chance to find your favorite games and to increase your chances of winning.

Online Casino Millionaires from Canada

Testimonials are a powerful thing. They help you gain trust with a product or company because of the experiences of someone you can relate to—a fellow customer, a compatriot, friend or relative.

In the Canadian online casino space, the best testimonials come from past winners. An example is a mobile player who won $7.5 million in 2015 playing the popular jackpot game: Mega Moolah. .

At the time, $7.5M was the biggest amount someone had won at a casino in Canada. Of course, lots of people tried to break the record and in 2017, someone won $11M. A few more people have won $100,000 along the way. And their stories have helped popularize online gambling in the Great White North.

Interestingly, many of the large casino wins from Canadians come from progressive jackpots. It’s not surprising because jackpots payout millions of dollars. However, there have been many big wins from card players; at least none reported on major news networks.

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Zero Taxes on Wins

Picture this. You spend $100 playing casino games online. Then you win $1 million and get the freedom to use it without paying taxes. That could never happen to you if were to win money at an American casino.

But in Canada and the UK, it’s a reality. You don’t pay taxes on casino wins no matter the amount. The only time you could be subjected to tax is when you’re a professional gambler. And still, you could qualify for tax write-offs.


People join online casinos for various reasons. Some people want bonuses so that they can bet without spending their cash. Others join to play games with their friends. Regardless, online casinos are increasingly giving everyone a reason to play their games.

Let’s start with table games. If you have an iPhone or laptop with a clear camera and quick Internet, you can play blackjack, poker or roulette with friends. This is thanks to live casinos—the online gaming section that lets you play card games in real time.

On the flip side, VR is motivating tech-savvy people into online casinos. The fact that you play blackjack or slots with VR is intriguing. Another cool feature is gamification: Contests, loyalty programs and bonuses that improve your gaming experience.