7 Tips to Help you Find Your Man’s Favorite Birthday Present

Birthdays are a celebration of life, love, and friendship. Every person looks forward to their special day every year, and we try to spend it with the people we love the most. On this day, gifts that celebrate our relationships are given, and when it comes to the presents, they usually need to be special, unique, and to represent our closeness to the person.

Choosing the right gift for anyone can be extremely difficult, and we feel the pressure of picking up the right one, but when it comes to our significant others, this task is even more difficult. Picking up the right present for a guy is said to be even more difficult than the ones for girls, and if you don’t know what you should give to your partner for their special day, you’ve come to the right place. Follow this list of tips that will help you find your man’s favorite birthday present, and know that you will never again have to panic or wonder what you should get them.

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  1. Listen to what they are saying

The best way to find out what your loved one wants without asking them is to listen to their hints. We all want something, and we usually postpone the things we want to get for some better time when we can spare a few extra dollars.

Try to listen to their hints, and if you can’t find a clue, start talking to them about their passions. Do they like gaming, is there a movie they are a huge fan of, which sports team do they support? Ask them questions around these topics and try to figure out if there is a collectible they’ve been looking at, or if there is something that they want to own, but don’t want to spend the money on.

  1. Talk to their friends

If you cannot find out what your partner wants for their special day, then the next best thing is to talk to their friends or family members about that. Sometimes we don’t like to share wishes with our significant ones before our birthdays because we know they are going to buy something for us that might cost more than we want them to spend.

You can directly ask their friends if there’s something your man mentioned that he wants or just ask them for ideas. Chances are, they know your partner longer, and they can help you out with choosing the right present.

  1. Pick something they’ve always wanted

The next thing you can do to find the best gift is to think about your time together and if there is something they particularly like, but don’t want to splurge on. According to Hamperlicious, you can even get custom gifts for men and personalize them any way you want.

Think about what they’ve said about their childhood, high school days, and even college days. Is there something that reminds them of beautiful memories, and based on that, picks the right thing to get for them? You can even get items for your home, clothing, or gadgets.

Try to remember if there was an item that your partner has said that they want, but they never got around to buying them.

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  1. Choose something they need

Now let’s talk about needs before desires. Birthdays are a great day to purchase something that your loved ones want but don’t need, and we usually focus on items like that. However, at the end of the day, we all want to give something our significant others can use.

Think about the items that they need, like tools for around the house, items for their car, and even coffee makers, gadgets, or clothing items. Think about the things that are missing in their lives, and pick something that will help them lead better, healthier, and more interesting lives.

  1. Do your research beforehand

Planning for a birthday party or a gift takes a long time, so it is better to have your list of possible gifts months in advance than to rush things out the day before. Sometimes you will need to preorder the item, and other times it may be out of stock. You definitely don’t want to have to think of a replacement present, just because you didn’t get things done on time.

It is said that if you take your time, and start planning months in advance, you will have time to pick the best item for your loved one. Compile a list of things that might be the perfect items, and as time goes on, cross things out of the list until you find the best present.

  1. Give them experiences

Now let’s talk about things that are not just physical. Buying material items is a good idea, but why don’t you think about something that will stay in their memory forever, and that they will smile about every time they remember?

You can plan a getaway together, or you can get them tickets for their favorite game or concert. Know that you can take things a little bit further, and you can give them a spa day. Men want to be pampered as well, but chances are, they are never going to schedule a relaxing spa day on their own. You can even organize for them to do something they’ve always wanted like bungee jumping, skydiving, helicopter rides, or anything in between.

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  1. Ask them what they want

If you cannot find anything that you think they could like or want, then the easiest thing you can do is just ask them. After a certain age, we are not afraid to state our desires, and we all know how stressful birthday planning can be. So, chances are, your partner will tell them what they want, and they won’t just say that you don’t have to give them anything.

Be honest with them, come with your list of things, and ask them what they would like the most. This way you will make sure you won’t make a mistake, and you will end up with the best possible present.

Know that no matter what you are planning, you need to have your budget in mind. Some of the things on this list won’t cost you more than 50 dollars, while others can be much, much more. Because of this, you need to have your budget in mind and make your plans around it. Know that at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts, and your man will cherish anything you pick out for them.