7 Ways To Teach Your Man How To Love You – 2024 Guide

Most men don’t know what women desire, and it would be delightful if they knew what every woman want.

What happens often is men don’t realize that their actions might not be something that their partner wants. Men try to do things that they feel would make you overwhelmed somehow. However, they end up not thinking things through. Men’s behavior is very obvious and predictable. 

However, they really want to overwhelm you, and that is true. It’s just that they fail to figure out what exactly to do. Good men have their pleasure influenced by their partner’s pleasure. During intimacy, they are always looking to please you, and that’s what pleases them. So, it’s feasible for them if they know how to enjoy coitus. 

As you begin sharing what you desire, you unfurl yourself to him. You become more aroused. And that is great! When you’re truthful, particularly about something very personal, that makes you feel more attached and even spices things up

Following are the 6 ways to make him aware of what you desire: 

Whenever He Caresses Something You Desire, Make It Known!

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What you can do is you can moan whenever he touches you; just try to be expressive about what you’re feeling. In case you’re too shy to say that, you can describe what exactly you want from him. Provide him with some positive response every time he’s anywhere around doing what you asked him to or what you want him to do. 

As it is known to everyone that men don’t often understand what you like. When you make it known that there is some specific thing that you like, then he gets to what you desire, and you both can enjoy. So, next time you share some intimate time, let him know what you desire or like.

Assist Him

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If you’re too shy to express yourself boldly, you could guide and assist him where you desire to be caressed. Get yourself in, be involved, participate in everything, and don’t let him make all the moves. If you don’t do so, he might be disappointed. So, be involved and make stuff happen. 

When you involve yourself and are more active, you both can have a pleasurable time. If you take the initiative and guide your partner about where you want to be touched and enjoy being touched, there is a strong sense of intimacy built.

Try To Take Control

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In case it is you who initiates the coitus and drives things, you can frequently make them advance the way you need him to. You start caressing your body against him or ascending on top and making things different, then you’re on the perfect path. 

In case you cannot do the above-mentioned things then what you can do is you can just navigate his hands to the desired spot that will do. Then he’s aware of what arouses you as he sees the influence it is having!

Take Time To Explore Your Partner’s Body

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Several times, you are unaware of what you crave. You’re not certain about what excites you. For the specific period, you could instruct him to be immobile or stay low under any situation. In case you get nervous about what he might think of you and that he may feel that foreplay is foolish, talking to him might reduce nervousness. 

However, if he’s not enabled to move or utter anything, it can be much simpler and can do whatever you want to any part of him. Moreover, this assists you in exploring his body and even find out what you love about it.

Once you explore your partner’s body you can do things that make him satisfied. Doing this will heat things and you will have one of the best times. Our bodies have a sense of touch and know where it feels the best, we need to explore that. 

If you feel shy to explore your partner’s body then let him explore yours. When he explores your body you will get some confidence to come out bold and then make your move. Check what works for you and make your time memorable. 

You Can Try Using Sex Toys

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Another way is that you can try with some toys that will help you get intimate. If you feel like your partner should know what you want you can try indicating them with sex toys. You can use some toys which will help you make your desire clear to him. 

This will help him understand your desires and he will give you exactly what you want. Men like to know what you want and how you want it to be done. With the help of sex toys you can heat things up between y’all. 

These toys also aid your experience if you like experimenting. You can try out different things with these toys and get yourself heated up. Many couples use sex toys to get intimate and enjoy it to the fullest. You can check various of them here.

Take Command 

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You can try to take command. As mentioned earlier, men love it when you love it. So, try to command him regarding what you want and desire. Keep telling him what next, keep putting up some tasks that spice up things between you two. 

If you feel weird about it, you can ask him to do the same. This will help maintain equality and there will be satisfaction on both ends. When you take command, the bond that you two share strengthens and gets better. 

Write It Down 

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If you are one of those people who are extremely shy but want to fulfill desires, then this option is the best for you. It is always said that writing is one of the best means to convey yourself. So, you can write down what you want and let your partner know about it. This also helps to build up suspense and excites things.