E-Cigarettes: All you Need to Know

Surely, nobody could ignore the rise of a new trend in the smokers’ world: the electronic cigarette. Maybe it you have heard about it because you are thinking of quitting that bad habit, or maybe you are just interested in trying something new. Whatever the reason of your curiosity, this new device is certainly something that drew a lot of attention over the past years.

E-cigarettes are available in normal stores or online, for example on www.terpy.shop. Before you buy one and try it out for yourself, maybe you still have some open question about the topic and you would like to know more. And this is something we recommend doing first – educate yourself about this topic and only then you can proceed.

Keep reading to discover the most important basics about electronic cigarettes.

Have you ever heard of vaping?

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Probably, you have already noticed that talking about electronic cigarette people do not use the verb “to smoke” and use “to vape” instead.

The verb comes from the word vapour and it is used because during the act of inhaling the e-cig, you do not provoke any combustion inside of it, and consequently, no smoke can be produced. The fumes that you see coming out of this slender device is vapour, as a result of the liquid that has been warmed up by a so-called atomizer.

You can imagine the interior of an e-cigarette as a small oven as you can think of normal ones as a bonfire. Keeping this metaphor, you might have noticed that whatever you put in the flames on the Sunday grill party will burn immediately, while the oven is the most suitable device if you trying to warm up your dinner or a liquid substance.

The advantage of not having a burning cigarette is not only that you could spare people from some accidental scars and save your furniture from premature use signs and smell. In fact, the advantages also extend to your health, since through the warming up you inhale much less bad things. The spark inside the normal cigarette does not only swamp the tobacco on its way, it also burns a huge amount of chemicals and the paper, releasing substances that are particularly bad for the lungs.

There is not just one e-cigarette

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There is a very clear distinction between the electronic and the normal cigarette, but that is not the end of it. In fact, there are a different kind of alternatives to standard tobacco.

The first big distinction must be made between devices where you put a disposable part in it, and those where you do not. There are, in fact, some brands that offer an electronic device in which you can put something that looks like a normal but much shorter cigarette inside. This kind of device warms up the tobacco and you can inhale it through a filter.

The alternative are e-cigarettes where you simply put an e-liquid inside, inhaling through a built-in mouthpiece. The advantage of this type are on the one hand, that not having a one-time disposable part, it is more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, since e-liquids come in different flavours and nicotine amounts, you can add a little more variation to your routine.

Furthermore, there are different models of e-liquid cigarettes available on the market. You can choose between the so-called cig-a-likes, mods and vape pens.

Img source: unsplash.com

The cig-a-like was the first one coming out on the market. As the name suggests, it is very similar to a normal cigarette and therefore feels more familiar for smokers. It is compact and light weighted and it is also available in a disposable version. The disadvantages of this model are that the battery is not very durable and it is not very environmentally friendly, especially in its one-way version.

The second, and more popular model is called vaping pen. Even though it is a little bit bigger than a cig-a-like or a normal cigarette, it is still very handy and has a slender design. In comparison to the previous model, it has much bigger battery capacities and a better vapour production, it is refillable and offers a better vaping experience overall.

The last generation of vaping devices is the one of mods. Mods do not have much in common with a normal cigarette, and it is considered an advantage if you do not want to be mistaken for a smoker. The real plus of this device is its grade of adjustability, making it possible to customize even more the vaping experience.

Speaking of customization, the vaping experience in general is much more adjustable to individual taste than smoking. In fact, thanks to the different e-liquids you can choose from a wide range of flavours like peach jam, or even the famous Bubblegum, or gradually diminish the amount of nicotine as a first step to quit smoking.

Are e-cigarettes healthier than regular cigarettes?

There’s still a heated debate whether e-cigarettes and vaping are better than smoking regular cigarettes or using tobacco. They are certainly a better alternative out of the two. E-cigarettes are great for people who find it hard to quit smoking, for example. They can still continue to smoke, without harming their bodies as much, feeling better and not having that notorious cigarette smell. Another great news is that most of e-cigarettes are allowed in offices. In other words, you don’t have to go outside or in the smoking area to get one lit up! This can save you a lot of time and make you more productive at work.

Keep in mind that you still don’t want to use e-cigarettes to much. You can find a bunch of chemicals inside them, including propylene glycol, glycerin, diacetyl, and benzaldehyde, which aren’t healthy, especially if you overdo it.

Smoking moderately will show you the real benefits of e-cigarettes – healthwise and financial.