Betting Terminology You Need to Know Before You Bet on Cricket

Nowadays, cricket betting is quite popular, and people are making money through their bets. Many beginners decide to join this field, but they are unaware of various terminologies. They can misunderstand and put money on wrong things.

In this way, they can lose a massive amount and regret their decision to get into betting. There are plenty of websites that allow users to bet on any cricket team.

You can get a lot of information about cricket events, IPL predictions and so much more on BettingTop10. You can even get a lot of information about the different betting operators and choose where the right place for you to bet.  You can start betting on such websites and hence, make nice money. But before doing anything, make sure that you understand the terminologies of the game and matches. Every player or team has different strategies when it comes to playing any game.

You have to grasp enough knowledge and understand whether it is okay to go ahead or not. In the following write-up, we will discuss some betting terminologies you need to know before making any bet on cricket.

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  1. 1st Over Total Runs

The betting provider provides a specific limit of the runs. You have to check whether it is under or over the limit. As per your instincts, you need to predict the number of runs a team can make in the first over. Let us understand in a better way with an example.

Suppose there is a limit of 4.5, and the total number of runs scored in the first over is 2. Now, it is under the limit, and if anyone predicts that it is under the limit, then the person will win the bet. If the scored runs are above the limit and the prediction is perfect, the person will win the betting amount.

  1. 1st Wicket Method

The bettor has to predict the way the first wicket will be taken. There can be six options, and you have to predict from them. It can be stumped, caught, run out, leg before wicket, bowled, or others.

If we talk about the standard methods, then those are caught, LBW, and bowled. It is easy to win the bet if you predict the perfect technique of the first wicket.

  1. The Total Score of 50 or 100 in First Innings

There are two markets available in this type of betting. These markets have a common concern, i.e., the total number of runs scored in the first innings. You can observe these bets in long cricket matches like the test ones, which have 50 or more overs. The bettor has to predict either yes or no.

  1. The Total Score of 50 or 100 in a Match

The concept is the same here as we have discussed in the above point. But, here, you have to focus on the complete match. Many bettors prefer small matches like T-20 or one-day matches. There are low chances of betting on test matches. As per your prediction, you can win the amount with ease.

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  1. Batsman Matches

The betting provider creates a market with imaginary duels. Any batsman who scores the highest in the match is the duel winner. Anyone who bets on that batsman is also the winner, and it is how one can make money.

  1. Dead Heat

It is a rare situation when there is more than one winner available in the betting event. Let us understand with a simple example. If two batsmen scored the same runs, the dead-heat rules apply to them.

As compared to the original stake, the betting amount will get half. If there are more than two winners, then the amount will be divided according to the number of winners.

  1. Futures

The betting is done on future events. You can predict the best for any event that happens in the future. The Bettor bets on any team that will win in the future.

When the event happens, and the outcomes come, the bettor will win if his prediction is perfect. It is a long-term betting investment in which a few people show interest.

  1. Hedging

This terminology means that wagers are placed on the opposite team to reduce the losses. Many bettors choose the safe side, and they prepare a backup. If they lose their bet, they can at least eliminate their massive losses.

  1. Man of the Match

The bettor chooses the person who performs the best in the match. If the selected cricketer wins the title of the Man of the Match, the bettor will win the amount.

  1. Draw No Bet

The betting provider creates a market for the matches that can get draws like the test series. There are possibly two markets, and hence, the person has to choose from them. In case the game ends as a draw with single bets, then the amount will refund. On the other hand, all the up best will be valid.

  1. Series Score

The betting is generally done on matches of test series. The bettor predicts the correct score and wins the amount accordingly. Understand the concept with an example of betting on a second series game and make bets on all the possible outcomes.

  1. Win the Toss

The bettor predicts the team which will win the toss before the beginning of the match. If the prediction is correct, then he can win the amount.

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  1. Win the Match

The bettor can predict three possible outcomes, i.e., winning, losing, or drawing the match. They can win the bet in case their predictions are correct.

  1. Team That Makes the Highest in First Six Overs

The bettor predicts the right team that will score high in the first six overs. In the case of the perfect prediction, he will win the betting amount with ease.

Final Thoughts

Consider the mentioned cricket terminologies before you bet on any cricket team or match. You can make money only when you understand the betting concept and know the game very well.

Understand all the terminologies and start predicting accordingly. Betting on cricket is quite common but challenging for beginners. Get the concept and start investing your luck and money in different matches and teams.