Is it Worth Going to Phu Quoc Island When Visiting Vietnam

Vietnam is a mystical beauty popular among tourists for its lush green hills, beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage. It is home to many migratory birds and animals, and you are sure to find yourself at home in this stunning destination if you love fun-filled travel adventures or if you are an explorer of the histories of different lands. The mesmerising views of its mountains and stunning islands make this a must-visit destination for your bucket list.

One of the lesser-known islands of Vietnam, the Phu Quoc Island is a haven of exotic beaches with white sands, palm trees and crystal clear water! The best part about this island is that it is not overpopulated by mass tourism and makes space for you and your loved ones. You can expect a peaceful stay if you’re planning to visit soon as this island is attracting more and more tourists over the years with new constructions, street expansions and an increase in accommodations for travel enthusiasts.

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If you are someone who comes under the list of travel bugs and adventure buffs or even a historian, visiting this extraordinary location is a must. To understand the worth of visiting this destination even better, given below is a curated list of excellent reasons why Phu Quoc Island is a go-to tourist place.

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  • Budget-friendly trip

When you are visiting Vietnam, you can easily take a detour if Phu Quoc island is not on the list and take a quick exploration trip there. The cost of the domestic flight is relatively low, and many tourists prefer to go by air as it is the fastest and easiest way to reach there. Another popular route is the Ho Chi Minh route that takes you to Phu Quoc via airlines like VietJet, Jetstar or Vietnam Airlines. You can easily find cheap air tickets for as low as twenty euros that can hike up to forty euros per individual.

  • Less crowded, more peaceful

Mass tourism has not yet started at this location, so it is definitely a plus for visitors. You will get ample time to capture those fantastic moments spent on the island without other tourists ruining your moment. Although it is not so profitable for the local shops present on the island, you get your peace of mind, and nothing comes in between the serene beauty of the island and your time. Even the restaurants are not crowded, and you can enjoy a peaceful evening filled with music and laughter from your loved ones. Accommodations are pretty easy to find as well, never depriving you of a sound sleep.

  • Stunning beaches

The entire area that Phu Quoc surrounds with its heavenly beaches is roughly about 568 square kilometres. You can locate dreamy beaches on the north-west side of the island, with the most popular one being the Bai Sao Beach. When you dip your feet in the clear waters of the white sandy beaches, it will entice your senses like no other. Make sure to carry some sunscreen and a good amount of space in your phone because you won’t be able to stop taking pictures of the glorious sunsets on the island.

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  • Their mouthwatering food!

Vietnam is pretty famous when it comes to food, and you can find a lot of diversity in whatever they prepare. A speciality you must try when visiting the Phu Quoc is their amazing fish sauce. It is available in all the eateries on the island that also offers a fantastic variety of seafood. Popular dishes to try out here are Flower Crabs, Boletus Soup, Raw Herring Salad, Grilled Sea Urchin, and so many more. Top restaurants to try out in Phu Quoc island are The Pepper Tree, Winston’s Burgers and Beers, La Cafe Deli, Vuon Tao Restaurant and Gop Gio Restaurant.

  • Adventure on a scooter

The best mode of travel to roam around the island is by getting yourself a scooter. Phu Quoc can be explored best when you can wander around the pretty little streets, nooks and corners on a scooter and that way, you will be able to know much more about the place and its culture. The streets are not crowded like normal city roads, so you will be free to ride and access the local favourites. If you are a solo traveller also, a trip on a scooter on a beautiful island will be a memorable adventure. Even though you have to be a little careful on the unpaved roads, you will be able to find peaceful and lonely beaches after them.

  • Friendly locals

The local people of Vietnam are very friendly in nature, so you do not need to worry if you get lost somewhere and lose track on your way back to your resort. People living in Phu Quoc will always welcome you with a warm smile and help you in trouble. Having conversations with the local people is an excellent way of learning more about their culture and expanding your knowledge. You can learn bits and pieces of the local language before heading to the island, and it will help you a great deal if you are lost.

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  • Excursions around the island

When you visit Phu Quoc, you should definitely go for excursions around the north-west region of the island. They offer snorkelling trips that attract lots of tourists. You can also visit various other islands that are around Phu Quoc for an ultimate island adventure.

The only thing left for you to do now is hurry and grab tickets to Phu Quoc! An adventure of a lifetime awaits you with open arms. Before mass tourism hits this island and fills it with crowds all around, you must travel to this dreamy destination and indulge in a peaceful yet fun-filled experience. The best time to visit this island is between the months of March and May, as that is the spring season. It is the perfect season offering fine weather conditions that ensure your travel diaries are filled with happiness!