Unpacking Hacks to Make Your New House More Spacious – 2024 Guide

We trust you when you say that packing the entire household was challenging for you. But, now that you have relocated to your new house, you sure must feel relieved. An average household needs a lot of downsizing, sorting, and packing when you decide to move your house.

While most of the homeowners may think that reaching to the new house is the end of the moving stress, the story is a bit different. Leading moving companies in the network of movingapt.com claims that the relocation process isn’t over until you have unpacked and settled in the new house. As intimidating as the packing process was, the unpacking task can be equally overwhelming and at times even more.

As soon as the movers are done unloading the boxes from the moving truck, you find yourself surrounded by a pile of boxes, making you feel anxious. The thought of running away would certainly cross your mind at this point, but, you need not fret. Unpacking is a huge task, no doubt, but it can be made easier when done with a little carefulness and planning. Just like you plan your packing and moving process, having a steady plan for the unpacking would be of great help.

This article includes simple hacks that make your unpacking process an easy breeze. Not only this, but these hacks also help you in making more storage space in your new house. With all that said, let us now know how you can utilize the unpacking hacks for the best results:

Unpacking the Kitchen

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The kitchen inventory is the most diverse one. You will have a combination of cooking utensils, dinnerware, spices, condiments, and a lot of other things. From the smallest to the biggest item in your household may belong to the kitchen.

  • For big pans and pots, which you rarely use, it is best to store them in the basement or in a storage area that is not the primary one. This helps in saving a lot of space.
  • Place the cooking utensils on the countertop for easy access. Similarly, take the spatulas and ladle and put them near to the cooking stove and the chopping board and knives close to the sink.
  • Find a drawer to arrange the boxes and jars of spices and condiments. Preferably, the drawer should be close to the cooking stove. Do not forget to label the jars before you place them in the drawer.

Unpacking the bathroom

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You must store a lot of things in the bathroom, depending on your personal requirements. However, the inventory of the bathroom is also diverse including toiletries, vanity as well as medicines. Another fact worth considering is that the bathroom provides you with limited space. So, you will need a lot of planning and effective execution.

  • Find a shelf in the bathroom or install one to arrange bathroom essentials like bottles of shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, lotion, shower gel, and tubes of toothpaste. Make sure the shelf or the cabinet you install is well within your reach.
  • You will also need a few hooks in the bathroom to hang the towels and clothes that you take to the bathroom with you. You can also install a placing rack instead of the hooks, as preferred.
  • Find a suitable place and install a small cabinet in the bathroom to store clean towels and stock of your toiletries.

Unpacking the linen closet

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Linen closet can make you go on a roller coaster ride as looking at the vast inventory and its diverse nature can be very overwhelming. It is by far the most disorganized space of any house. While most of the house owners find the linen closet as a space to stuff whatever they feel to, it is the worst thing to practice. Moreover, Blankets, pillowcases, and bed sheets can easily take up all the space in the linen closet, leaving you clueless as to how to organize and utilize the space. Instead of using your linen closet for these items, you can try hard and make a place to store additional items in it.

  • Use the linen closet to store board games, flashlights, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and light bulbs.
  • Install plastic bins in the closet and use them to store towels and clothes, all neatly folded and stacked.
  • Itemize the extreme ends of the drawers to place any access inventory of household supplies.

Unpacking the living room

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Common to the most favorite room of the house, the living room, you must again be very clear and creative in using the space. While the majority of people do not have more in their living room except for a few furniture and appliances, yet the area remains widely cluttered and disorganized. There are Bags, shoes, jackets, and magazines spread all across the room, and arranging them now and then is a painstaking task. Solution?

  • Install a storage bench near the entrance of anywhere appropriate. You can use the furniture for sitting as well as store your items in it. Usually, storage benches come with a pull-up top that has a hinge on it. This space is the best to store umbrellas, bags, shoes, and more.

Besides, you need to develop a habit to place everything back in its original place. This is the best way to keep your things organized, no matter what they are and which room they belong to.

The efficiency of the unpacking process makes your transition to the new house easier. After the long and tiring relocation process, you sure must be tired. Do not rush to unpacking your stuff, instead, take out time and strategize the process. Meanwhile, you must reconnect with your contacts at the old house to keep away the feeling of homesickness.

You must also try and make your new network in the city by mingling with your neighbors, colleagues, and other contacts that you have in the city. Relocation can be made easier in a lot of ways and these hacks certainly help you with thearduous task of unpacking.