Laundry Hacks: How to Fold Clothes Faster – 2024 Guide

Laundry is part of the usual routine of any household chore routine. Although it is a daunting task, you have to do it. It would not be fun to realize you do not have any underwear on a Monday, right?

According to statistics,  most Americans spend an hour or two per week on laundry. That’s already a lot of time. If there are other essential things you have to do, you can outsource the task to a laundry service like Laundry services offer not only wash, but you can have their folding service also.

However, if you can manage to do it at home, you need to develop a technique to finish the task faster. Do not put another load in the wash if you haven’t check how you can fold your clothes more quickly. Here are some techniques to live by:

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Wash Clothes on Cold Cycle

Check the wash label instructions of your clothes to determine if they are suitable for cold wash cycles. It is best to know which laundry cycle is desirable for your clothes’ fabric. New washing machines have advanced features that help washed clothes be fresh even without hot water.

If you wash your clothes on the cold cycle, you will avoid ironing them later. Thus, if your clothes are safe for cold temperature cycles, then you may do so. You can fold them faster when they are dry.

Fold Clothes When Warm

After the cold wash cycle, you dry your clothes in the dryer machine. Upon getting your clothes in the dryer, you notice that it is still warm, right? It is best to fold them right away than wait for them to cold down. If you wait for them to cool down, it will start to wrinkle.

Invest in Wrinkle-Release Spray

If your laundry is a handful, you might not immediately tend everything after being removed from the dryer. By then, you will have to face serious wrinkles. That’s why investing in wrinkle-release sprays is a good idea.

Now that you have an idea of how you can fold your clothes without wrinkles, here are some tips on how you can fold your clothes faster.

Fold Clothes Faster By:

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1. Separating Clothes by Category

Rather than folding all the contents inside the laundry basket in one go, separate the clothes by category before doing so. Make a separate pile for small and bigger garments– have the undergarment and socks in one pile, pants in another, and clothes in a separate pile.

Sorting the clothes first will help you get into a pattern of folding one type of clothing all at once.

2. Use a Folding Tool or Do the Traditional Method.

If you want to make things a hundred times faster, you can purchase a folding tool to make it easier. Those who frequently use the folding tool vouch for its clean and neat manner. Although it takes the same time to fold the clothes without the board, the folded consistency makes the users want it more.

However, if you want the traditional way, create a space to fold the clothes well. Ensure that there’s much room to fold pants or large shirts.

  • If you are folding a shirt: Lay the shirt flat, facing up, and have the right side of the shirt point towards you. Pinch the top and middle portion of the shirt. Your left hand on the sleeve seam and collar, while the right is in the middle of the shirt. Ensure that your hands are horizontally across.

After this, hold the top of the shirt tightly and let your left hand pass under your right arm. Pinch the bottom of the shirt but make sure that it is inches away from the side seam. Now, you are pinching the top and bottom of the shirt.

Uncross your arms and let the shirt lie on the top-left side of the shirt to fold itself.

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3. Use Clothespin to Keep Pants Folded

Jeans are bulky clothes, and they are difficult to fold neatly. When folding pants, ensure that the buttons and zippers are closed. Fold one leg to another and then fold the jeans in half twice. Although the method is relatively easy, you have to ensure that it is folded correctly, place a clothespin after folding the pants in half to keep them from unfolding.

4. Socks and Undergarments are Folded Last

No one cares whether the socks or undergarments are wrinkled so that you can fold them last. Before you fold your socks, separate the socks into pairs. Place the paired socks on top of each other. After this, perform the ball fold.

In doing the ball fold, you have to grab both socks together until at the top opening. Pull one of the socks inside out to have it secured. Fold your socks this way to prevent them from stretching or loosen. Help your socks maintain their shape.

But, the easiest way to fold socks is to pile the pair together and fold them in half if you want lesser effort.

Determine Which Clothes Go to the Hanger

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You have to determine which clothes go to the hanger and inside the drawers. Do not hang your clothes because you are tired of folding them. Only hang those clothes that easily wrinkle. Evaluate your storage techniques and change them if you think you are not doing them the right way.

Moreover, do not hang clothes that are heavy. It might misshape the clothes, a shoulder bump will form on the clothes or it will stretch the fabric.

Now, you might have tried all of these techniques but you are still doing it slower than expected or you think the folded clothes don’t look perfect– that’s fine. Even professional laundry cleaners have their bad days when it comes to washing and folding laundry. Thus, do not beat yourself. Remember, if your plate is full of household chores already, do not hesitate to hire a laundry service or maid service for help.