What is the Technology behind Online Roulette Games in India?

Online roulette is one of the most exciting casino games you can play in India. It’s beautiful. It’s fast-paced, and it’s simple to play. What’s more, roulette is an equalizer.

You could be a beginner. You could be a gambling veteran. Your experience doesn’t matter in roulette. Whether you win or lose all boils down to luck. If you’re lucky, you win. If you’re not, you lose.

What makes online roulette so great? The reported 7 technologies powering online roulette in India have something to do with it. Continue reading to learn more.

Random Number Generator (RNG) Software

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Random Number Generator (RNG) is a popular type of software used to create games of chance. RNG software randomizes every roulette outcome by using a unique seed phrase.

The seed phrase initializes a series of random numbers that run while the roulette wheel is in action. These same numbers then determine when the wheel should stop spinning.

If you’re lucky, the roulette wheel stops spinning at the point you have wagered your money. Maybe you had bet $10 on red. If the wheel stops at a pocked colored red, you make money. If it stops at black, you lose.

To be clear, not all roulette games in India use RNG software. Some of them use real roulette wheels. We’ll talk more about these games shortly.

Graphics and Animations

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When you think about it, most online roulette games in India look attractive. They have beautiful red, black, and green hues. Most of them also feature wooden appearances to reflect the looks of real roulette wheels.

For a roulette game to look realistic online, it requires tip-top graphics. And for the game to be interactive, it needs great animations. In most software studios, graphics designers collaborate with software engineers to create immersive online roulette games.

Graphics and animation technology has come a long way in the past three decades. In the ‘90s, online roulette games looked dated and uninspiring. Today, these games have 3D graphics and support 4K resolutions.

And we’re not talking about real-money games only. You could download a free roulette game on your app store. And it will have visually impressive graphics and animations.

Software Programming

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Every great online roulette starts with a line of code. Modern developers are lucky in that they can use AI tools to generate the code required to run online roulette and other casino games.

However, big-brand studios use human coders to create outstanding roulette games. In most studios, developers use HTML5, JAVA, JavaScript, C++, Python, or C# to create games.

HTML5 and Java Script are particularly popular in the iGaming space. They help developers create web-based casino games. These games run on both PC and mobile devices without requiring users to download games beforehand.

Similar to graphics design, the quality of software used in a roulette game varies from one studio to another. Some software companies have a reputation for creating top-notch games.

Think of Evolution, NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, and Playtech. These publishers have been around for over a decade. They’ve perfected their game-creation skills. These are the companies you should prioritize when looking for outstanding online roulette games.

Technologies Used in Live Roulette Games

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Live roulette gives you a sneak peek of what it feels like to play the game in real life. Live casinos use video streaming technology to connect you to a casino room with a real roulette wheel.

Casino rooms are decorated to look realistic. Not only do they have real roulette wheels, but they also feature proper lighting and real human croupiers. You can interact with the croupier through your camera and microphone.

For live casinos to work, gambling sites use the following technologies:

Game Control Unit

A Game Control Unit is like a computer that controls the entire live gaming experience. It’s a small device the size of a console. It helps encode data to make it sensible to computers. It also decodes data to ensure you understand your interactions with casino employees.

A quality GCU not only encodes and decodes information fast but it also provides high-quality video footage.

Cameras and Microphones

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Live casinos use multiple cameras and microphones to facilitate communications and interactions. Some cameras point at the roulette wheels. Some show the croupiers while others record the surrounding areas.

If you want to have a wonderful experience playing live roulette, you also need a quality camera. You can use your phone’s camera if you’re into mobile gaming. Also, you could use your laptop’s web camera if it’s clear.

When it comes to communications, most people prefer to chat with croupiers rather than speak via microphones. However, the croupier uses a microphone to make instructions clearly.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR is a popular technology for turning images into data computers can recognize. In the online casino space, OCR helps the Game Control Unit detect cards and roulette wheels.

OCR uses special cameras to monitor cards and roulette wheels. They record the action and send it to the GCU for encoding. Casinos use OCR because it’s fast and accurate. It also reduces the number of people in a live casino room.

 Graphics User Interface Programs

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GUI programs help you interact with roulette games and croupiers. In RNG games, you need a GUI to adjust your bets, choose roulette games, and choose bet amounts.

Every live roulette game has a GUI for similar reasons. However, these interfaces also allow you to chat with croupiers. They also allow you to enable or disable your camera and microphone.


Every live casino has a series of monitors that help croupiers do their job properly. Croupiers use monitors to view your bets and chats. Some monitors focus on the croupiers to help casinos ensure their employees are working ethically.


Online roulette is a wonderful casino game. But it wouldn’t be so great without the technologies mentioned above. Cameras, monitors, software, and hardware features are the stars of every casino game. When put together, these technologies allow you to have fun online during your free time.