The Stuff You Always Tend to Forget on Your Moving Day in 2024!

Moving to a new place is fun and exciting, but at the same time, it can be very hectic and chaotic. All your belongings are around the area, packed up in cartons and bags. There is so much stuff all around that sometimes you tend to forget where you’ve kept your most essential items like keys, clothes, etc.

It is difficult to remember all the things orally. Moreover, you may also not be sure whether you have locked all the rooms and secured your house or not. Therefore, we have created this article, especially for all of you, to make your moving day less hectic and organized.

Before you shift, here are some essential things that you must do:

Make a list:


Firstly, make a list of every task that is supposed to be done and include every little detail in it.

It will clear your headspace and will make things much easier for you. After completion of each task, you can put a tick mark next to it so you would know your next task and how much more is left.

Make sure all your records and valuables are in safe

While you’re moving to another place, often, one tends to forget where they have kept their records, whether they have secured all the papers in a file or not. Or whether they have even picked it up from their dentist, doctors, office, schools, universities, etcetera.

While you are planning your move and have made your list, the first thing you should do is to secure all your records in a file. If you need to get a school leaving certificate for your kid, you must do it at least 2 to 3 weeks earlier.

Similarly, if you need to take a recommendation letter from your office or your doctor’s medical record, you must ask for it at least two weeks beforehand. Attaining these records takes time, so you must keep them secure in a file once you have acquired them. After that, you must name it clearly and pack it where your other valuables are.

Jewelry and other family heirlooms are one of the most valuable items that you own. Usually, it is not kept in cupboards; rather, they are kept in safe lockers of the house’s house or hidden areas. So while you’re packing your essentials, you may tend to forget to get your valuables since they were not in front of you.

Hence after you’re done collecting your records, you must figure out where you have kept your jewelry and pack that in a secure place. If you are not able to do that and you think that you might lose it. Then you can take out your jewelry beforehand, and you can ask your trustworthy friend or a relative to keep it safe for you. And once you have shifted and settled, you can take it back from them.

Recheck every nook and corner of your house


It is imperative to do a recheck of all the areas of the house. Because at times, we think we have packed all our belongings.

Still, in reality, we tend to overlook some places containing our most essential items. Hence, it shouldn’t matter how much time it takes; you must check every area, corners, drawers, and cupboards.

You must ensure that everything is locked

While you’re doing the final check of every room, you must also check its respective doors and windows. They must be locked and secured.

You can have one person checking all the belongings while the other person can lock all the doors and windows.

While the other person is securing the doors, he/she can also name the keys by writing room 1, room 2, on the keys so that it becomes easier for the new owners to locate keys of the rooms.

Apart from your old house, you must also ensure that the bags and cartons you are carrying are secure as well. If there is a bag that contains your valuables, you must secure it with a lock and keep its keys with you.

Name every carton and bag:


Naming cartons and bags make things less chaotic, it helps to relocate your belongings quickly, saving your time and hassle, and it also aids in handling each of your items.

For example, if a bag contains summer clothes, you can name it as “summer clothes” and if a bag has “winter clothes” you can name it like that.

Similarly, it will also help you or the movers with handling. For instance, if a carton contains glass vases, you can name it as “Vase” and write ‘handle with care.’ Hence the person carrying the vase carton would know that they have to handle it carefully.

Check the temperature of our house and dispose of any garbage left:

You don’t want your old home to be cold or extremely hot when the new movers come in. So you must see that the temperature is under control.

Moreover, you must turn off the electricity from the main switch if you have an independent house. You don’t want the new owners to pay hefty amounts of bills for the first month.

Check and clear away any garbage or food item left because it leaves an awful smell. You don’t want any rotten smell in your old house.

Choose Movers to help you move!


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