5 Things You Should do Before Moving Cross Country to New York – 2024 Guide

Although New York is a dream of many, both individuals and families, there are certain things you should do before moving cross country to this wonderful country on the East Coast. Not only is it important for you to take care of the numerous details about your previous place of residence, but you should carefully pick up your new place you are going to call your home. Since these are the basics you have probably already figured out, we shall put emphasis on other important things you should worry about before moving to New York.

Deciding to move to New York must be one of the most adventurous decisions you have made in your life because living in the Big Apple is truly something special. Although people often think they have thought over everything that waits for them in their new place of residence, there are multiple features of New York only the residents understand and there is a certain time required to pass before a newcomer can call himself a true New Yorker. That time is considered a period of adaptation and it comes as nothing strange, since almost every major city worth mentioning has its own characteristic way of life and doing certain things that differentiate it from the others. Therefore, the “City that Never Sleeps” is not different, and has earned its nickname, well, one of many, for a reason.

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People chose to move to New York for various reasons, whether they have found a better job or they seek a better life for their family. Education is a big reason too. New York City is home to specialized high schools, which rank as the top in the entire country. Since they are public schools, they are free but require students to take the SHSAT to get accepted. Caddell Prep helps students prepare for the SHSAT and get accepted every year. On the other hand, you may also be interested in educating yourself or you think you will be more protected as a resident of New York than you would have been in any other country. Whatever is your authentic reason for moving to New York, we are sure it is well thought of and justified.

Another thing important to mention is that this article informs about moving to the state of New York, while New York City is a city in the state of the same name. This difference is highlighted for a reason because the price of living in NYC is considerably higher than it is in the rest of the state, but you will choose your ideal place for living according to your own standards. Therefore, we present to you the list of what you should consider before making a move to your new home, whether it is NYC or another part of the state of New York.

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When we talk about relocating, it is a venture not so easy to realize, whether we talk about the state next to your current one, or about a country far, far away from your present place of residence. Therefore, the project logically becomes more difficult to realize if the relocating distance is bigger. The advantage of New York when we talk about positioning and interconnectedness is superior to other states because of the frequently used New York-Florida route. Even though it makes things less difficult to happen, it does not make them easy. Luckily for the ones who move, certain companies are offering their long-distance moving services, so they organize everything whether you are moving from San Francisco to New York or the other way around, and even better, companies like moveeast.com dedicate to one moving at a time, so your things go to your destination country straight forward, without unnecessary circling around.

The Apartment

This segment is strictly connected to your needs as a tenant, since there are a few, if any at all, really selling apartments in NYC. Therefore, you will have to exactly know what are you looking for in order to search the market adequately for the things that will suit you and your family. If you know what your next steps are when you relocate, then the apartment you look for should be searched for and selected in accordance with the needs of your steps to be made.

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The Job

This one is closely related to the previous segment. Namely, many people come to New York in search of a better life, therefore, they look for a job that should both pay their bills and other living expenses, while they will feel safe and financially secured at the same time. So, although finding a place near your new workplace could be difficult, choosing for an apartment well connected to the location where you will earn for a living is your next number one priority. On the other hand, if you already know where you will live, try finding a job close to that location in order to save yourself both money and time.

The Weather

One of the most beautiful natural features of New York is that it has all four seasons finely distributed throughout the whole year. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy both beautiful snowy nights and pleasant summer mornings. This is an important thing to worry about before coming to New York because of past habits and the potential habituation to the new weather conditions. Think about this before you move so you may prepare an adequate wardrobe for each season so you do not need to spend money buying new clothes every four months.

The Traffic

Whether this is the least or the most favorable feature of your new place depends on whether you move to NYC or another part of New York. If NYC is your next place of residence, we congratulate you since you will be living in the slowest city in the world. On the other hand, the rest of the state of New York boasts with no significant time spent on traffic jams, and using your car to get anywhere you want is a recommended way of moving around. Note this before you chose where you want to move and make sure you will be able to cope with the style of living the new place potentiates.

Hopefully, you have found the previous tips to consider when moving to New York pretty useful, so your move will pass without complications. On the other hand, the aforementioned segments regarding your moving should also act as a reminder so you do not forget anything important and to be prepared for any possible scenario. Therefore, may your new place be the one you will enjoy staying in and let it bring nothing but good memories for you and your close ones.