Items you Should Toss Before Moving – 2024 Review

Moving is one of the most expensive and exhausting events of our life. But there are always some ideas through which you can make it cheaper as well as an easier task to do. No matter what is the reason behind your move and if you are moving because you are downsizing then it becomes even more important to get rid of all the unwanted stuff. But while deciding which items you should toss before moving, it becomes a little difficult to decide.

The top-rated local companies associated with state that moving less stuff means you will have an inexpensive, organized, and efficient move because you can save the time of packing and unpacking the items. Also, the less the weight of stuff you want to move, the less the moving companies will charge.

Why choose to de-clutter items?

Let us accept the truth. We have this bad habit of collecting a lot of thing in our homes. These things, over the time, make a clutter which has most of the items which are rarely used by us. As you decide to move, this clutter become the most troublesome thing to handle. Having a small inventory will not only help you enjoy a happy time packing your items but also brings additional benefits including but not limited to:

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  • The entire move will become easier with less stuff.
  • You need to pay less transportation cost.
  • The fewer items you have to pack, the less moving supplies required, the more you can save.
  • You will require less time to spend on packing speeding the entire process of moving.
  • Having fewer items means there is less weight on the truck. Therefore you can save on fuel consumption also.

Unused kitchen small appliances

There are many small appliances available in the kitchen that you don’t use like the spiralizer sitting there in one corner of the kitchen counter. Moving is just the right time to get rid of all those items.

Toss all these gadgets that the sitting there in the kitchen and you have not used for a long time. And all the items you want to upgrade, you should get rid of these items also. Make sure that you take out items that are no more useful and not the ones that will come handy in future. Also, if possible donate these items in a charity or sell them in garage sale. This way you will be able to help others or make some money to pay for the moving expenses.

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All the clothing items you have not worn for a long time

Stop and look around, there are numerous numbers of clothing items are present that do not fit well, that have gone out of trend and that you have not worn for a long time. It is time to do some serious purging. Cut down all the junk so that you can save higher on the moving expenses.

Keep these questions in mind like have you wore the clothes in the last year? Does this pair of clothes fit well? Is the clothing item in the good condition? Is the pair of clothes in a trend? Get answers to all the questions so that you can decide which clothing items you should take along with you and which you should toss now. Again donating the items is always a question. You must find a charitable organization that accepts all types of items. This will save to time and efforts. You can also donate these items. We suggest you to read more about it online and check how you can donate!

The old and used items

It is recommended you, to be honest with yourself. There are numerous numbers of items that had stopped serving their purpose and those items you are used for a long time. Not it is the time to purge out all those items. Some of these items are clothes that do not fit, unfashionable, that you don’t like to wear and that you had not worn in the last year, shoes you just have worn at once only, expired food items and medicines, outdated electronic appliances, nonessential paperwork, curtains that are of no use, instruction manuals, stray cords, and many others.

You can also donate these items. We suggest you to read more about it online and check how you can donate!

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Clutter the kid’s bedroom

Of course, not all the items that are present there in your kid’s bedroom are of use. It is time to make an inventory of all the bedroom items of your kids. You can get rid of all the old toys present at your home that are no longer of use. There are many broken and unwanted toys with which your child doesn’t play. You should give all these toys to the charity so that you can easily de-clutter the stuff and will have only fewer items to take with you. You should also throw away the kid’s clothes that have been stained, torn, and that is of beyond repair.

Library books

Books are one of those items that are really heavy and we tend to collect a bunch of books with time. There are many books present in your home library that you are going to read more. It is the right time to get rid of all these books. Make sure you take only the books that you will read there.

Toss furniture items you want to upgrade

You should purge out all the furniture items you wanted to upgrade since a long time. Furniture items are heavier and bulky therefore, transporting these are not an ideal option.

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Questions you should ask before you toss items!!!

  • Is it in the good condition?
  • Do I really need this item at the new home?
  • Does the item need to get upgraded?
  • How often I use this specific item?
  • Will this item match the new home?

These are some of the questions that will help you to purge out the items. With the help of these questions, you can easily toss items that are not of use.

Now that you know the right way to downsize before a relocation, go ahead and have an affordable moving experience.