What to do on Chocolate Day: The Third Day of the Valentine’s Week – 2024 Review

Chocolate Day is the third day of the valentine week dedicated in the name of love. It is celebrated on the 9th February right after rose day and propose day and holds a special significance. Chocolates have the ability to breathe magic in your relationship and speak volumes even if words fail.  Chocolate Day is all about creating sweet memories and adding sweetness to your relationship. Giving chocolates is the best way to woo your partner irrespective of the equation or the chemistry you share with your partner. Chocolates have a history which is almost 4000 years old.

The first cacao plants were discovered in Mesoamerica, which is known as Mexico presently. Centuries later, Mayans considered chocolate drink as the drink of God. The Spanish were the ones who added sweetness to chocolates by mixing sugar and honey. Daniel Peter, a Swiss confectioner, used condensed milk to develop the solid milk-chocolate in 1875. Gradually, chocolates gained a huge popularity with time a became the eternal love drug that really works wonders!

Love is an emotion which is ever growing. Like every other relationship, there are various stages of a romantic bond too. From falling in love to happily ever after, chocolates have an important role to play. Click Here However, chocolate day can be celebrated in various ways by the people in various stages of a relationship.

  • The Budding Stage

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A budding relationship is like a tiny plant. You have to water it, give it light and nurture it to see it grow. You have developed a strong sense of attraction and liking for the person. Every time you see the person, your heart skips a beat. You have just confessed your love to her and much to your delight, she has accepted your proposal. The sweeping romance often makes you feel that you have met the person you have been looking for.

You feel a whirlwind of overwhelming emotions that makes you feel that you are finally in love. This is often known as the honeymoon phase of a relationship. Therefore, it is important to make required efforts to win the heart of your loved one. Chocolate day offers you the sublime opportunity to leave your partner smitten with your efforts. On Chocolate Day, you could give her a bar of delectable chocolate with a huge heart popping out to convey how much you mean to her. You could also give her a jar full of heart-shaped chocolates along with meaningful messages. The gesture will signify that love is really a sweet emotion that can bind you two really close.

  • The Stage of Intimacy

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The honeymoon stage does not last for long but the love you have for each other only grows each passing day. Love seems to be a more stable feeling now. You know the person deeply and you are not afraid to be vulnerable in front of her.  She has turned into a confidante and you can open your heart out in front of her. You trust her and can share your dreams with her. You might have differences but at the end of the day, you have each other’s back.

The intimate chemistry and attachment keep you together and make love a rewarding experience in itself. It is the ideal time to go an extra mile just to make your partner feel loved and valued. If you are on this stage of a romantic relationship, you could give her a tempting box of mouth-watering premium chocolates on Chocolate Day. You could also give a dripping chocolate fountain to make her experience what love could taste like if it was a tangible emotion. This gesture will make your partner feel that she is in seventh heaven and cherish the beautiful moments of the relationship with you.

  • The Partnership Stage

Your beloved has become the daily witness to your life. You might have tied the divine knot or moved in together. It is the phase of wholehearted love and settlement. You know the person in and out and can spend hours, weeks and days together without an iota of pretension. Both of you have come a long way and have promised to be each other through thick and thins. Your relationship has turned into a safe haven.  A successful relationship involves a lot of work. You know that there will be challenges in your way but you know that your love is strong enough to brave the odds together gracefully.

Your undying passion and efforts can make the relationship evolve and stand the test of time. On Chocolate Day, you could make the effort of making handmade chocolates for her to make her to rekindle the love and chemistry. You could also make the effort of finding out the type of chocolate she has never tasted before. On Chocolate Day, you could give her the chocolates which would be as unique as your relationship. You might have experienced various stages of love together but this gesture will show that the love you hold for her is truly timeless.

The connection between chocolates and love is eternal. Chocolates help you to express yourself the best and set your romantic soul on fire. Memories are treasures which last forever and help you celebrate life in its entirety. On Chocolate Day, give lip-smacking chocolates to the person who is the keeper of your heart according to her preferences and create sweet memories that will not wither away with time.