5 Signs of a Dangerous Online Casino Website

So far everyone knows that gambling has its issues. It is highly addictive if unable to control and it has more drawbacks along the way, but for the sake of the article, we will neglect all the rest but the issues with fake online websites.

Online casinos and betting sites are popping up like mushrooms after rain and it is OK. What is not OK, on the other hand, are websites that are created to cheat you out of your hard-earned cash when you want to lay back, relax and try your luck. There are numerous of those roaming around the web in search of their next victims and today we will help you learn just how to notice them and avoid those in a broad circle.

Some of you that had used online casinos before already know what a good online casino has to offer and just how many national legislations they have to adhere to. There are also guidelines that every new online casino has to uphold and implement and all of that should be found in their descriptions or the FAQ section, or eventually in their customer service.

If by some means you don’t spot any of these on the page of the online casino you are looking to play in, we suggest that you get out of there immediately because you will get scammed and lose your money to something more than just your bad luck. Some websites offer additional info and list legit casinos and all you have to do is check them out.

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  1. No checks of any kind

By default, and by legislation every online casino has to do a check of some sorts for everyone registering on their site for the first time. This is a common practice for every serious online casino and betting site and there shouldn’t be any workarounds. Whenever you try to register as a new user you have to be prompted to give information that is on your ID, Passport, or credit card. This is common practice and it is governed by the law. If you aren’t asked about any of these then this is very suspicious and you should leave the site immediately. There is some sort of scam at hand and it is better not to find out which one is it on your example. Just move along it is safer that way.

  1. No registration

Every casino will have you register first before you become a player there. This means that you will need to input your data to some extent and confirm everything you put in there. If there is single info that is not correct your registration will be halted and you will have to correct any mistakes you made. A serious casino will have to vouch for the security of your data and they should have that clearly on display. If the casino doesn’t need or want you to register to play or takes any type of info you input there this is another red flag and you should leave the site. Another thing that falls in this category is the Casino’ registration at the national regulating body. If the site does not provide info about their registration pass, standards regarding the payout, payment methods and handling the sensitive data we mentioned above, just move away.

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  1. Reputation

Every online casino has a reputation or a review of sorts. this should be something to consider but only to a certain extent. Star ratings and reviews are a good thing to consider when you are choosing an online casino to spend your money at. Since we are in that day in age where everything can be faked, including this, be careful and do not fully trust this because people behind these can pay for reviews to boost their visits. This can be a thing to lightly consider and it works best if you implement knowledge from the two previous things and compare everything to make an educated decision. When it comes to these things your choices are what makes you and your money safe or not, so think everything through and analyze thoroughly because these things attract a lot of scammers and bad people looking for a quick and hefty payment.

  1. Website/game glitches

You all know by now that these sites implement third party software in form of casino games. In a site that is set up in a day or two to scam you from your money, there will be a few easily noticeable problems. The first big issue will be with the casino page. It will be buggy; it will not load properly or break during the games. You will have an overall bad experience that will never appear on a legit online casino because those guys have someone controlling and dealing with issues in real-time. It takes a whole team to lead a serious online gambling place. The second thing that will be noticeable is glitching or problems with the games themselves. They will either stop entirely or have issues where you won’t see the hand, spin or whatever you are playing, which will eventually end up costing you money. The game will not be transparent enough and the glitches and problems will appear in key moments and they will leave you with less cash and chance to win anything than before you decided to play.

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  1. Customer support

Every online casino that doesn’t offer any kind of customer support is to be considered a fake site and a dangerous one as well. With money, personal information, online registrations, connections and general distance between you and the provider of these services, some sort of customer service has to exist to overcome problems and question that will undoubtedly arise. Thanks to a lot of new users that aren’t familiar with many things regarding online casinos, registration with sensitive information, you can expect that there will be a lot of questions upfront. Another thing to consider is that not many people understand the games and the payment and payout methods of the online casinos and that information alone will bring a ton load of questions every minute. This is why good and prompt customer services scream legit and trustworthy site and online casino.