Is Offshore Development A Good Idea – 2024 Guide

As technology advances, we are able to work with people from all around the world, without having to be in the same office as them. In the past, business owners and managers were only looking for local employees that will be able to commute to work every day. Nowadays, because of the internet, we are able to hire people from the other side of the world and work with them on different types of projects. By definition, offshore development is working with a team of people from different parts of the country, continent, or even the world, and develop different types of software. The developing process can include anything from mobile, up to web, or even a custom type of development made specifically for the needs of the company.

If you are thinking about hiring new people, you are probably entertaining the idea of offshore development. In this article, we are going to talk about the positive and negative sides of it, and give you an honest opinion if that is actually a good idea. Note that the final word is always yours, and you should only use this as a guide to help you come to the right decision for you and your specific business.

Benefits of offshore development

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As we previously mentioned, you will be working with people who are on the other side of the screen, and if you have never done something like this before, it may sound like something that is too challenging and too difficult to do. Because of that, we will first talk about the benefits of offshore development, and how that can help you bring your company to the next level.

  • Costs

When we work in development, we know that we need to pay an extremely high rate for our employees. If you want to cut some costs, and if you want to still get an employee with the desired skills, you should think about hiring a person from another part of the world. You won’t have to pay most of the taxes, and you can easily find a team member who has the needed knowledge, skills, and education that won’t ask for an extremely high rate.

  • Commitment

We all know how easy it is to lose employees because your competitors offered them a higher rate or better working conditions. No matter what you do, there is always going to be someone who offers something better. However, when you are the one that offers the better conditions, you can easily find a team that will be highly committed to your business, and who will do everything they can to stay in your company. As you can see if you click here, when it comes to Offshore software outsourcing, you won’t have an issue finding the right developers who will be not only committed to your project, but they will also be completely transparent with their work, tasks, and rates.

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  • Skills

The last positive thing we are going to talk about is the skills you can look for in an employee. When you choose to go with only a local team, you may not be able to find a person who has all of the skills you require for someone to have to work on your project. On the same note, when you literally have the world to choose from, you won’t have an issue finding the right person for your project.

In addition to this, nowadays there are so many different types of software, that you can easily check on their work, see if they are doing everything they are supposed to, and you will also be able to find additional information on the person you are planning to hire.

These are some of the main benefits that come with offshore development. In addition to this, you will get a faster turnaround time, you can be in constant communication with your team, and you will be able to use resources that may not be available in your country.

Negative sides

Even though there are a lot of great things about the process, there are also some negative sides to it. Now let’s see why you may want to stick with onshore development, and how hiring a team from another continent may hurt your business.

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  • Language barriers

The first negative side of the process is language barriers. No matter how good your team is, and no matter how great their skills are, if you cannot understand each other, the project will fail. You need someone who will be able to understand your instructions, ask questions, and provide feedback to help your project run smoothly.

When you cannot understand each other over a simple task, that will lead to a lot of issues, so in case you choose to go with this hiring process, you need to make sure that the other person can fully understand you, and that they speak the same language as you.

  • Time zones

Different time zones are another serious problem and know that in some cases, the person you hire may be in a country that is more than half a day before or after you. Because of this, there might be serious misunderstandings when it comes to dates and deadlines.

It is difficult to work with someone who is asleep when you start your day and vice versa. This may make the whole communication process more difficult, and you may have trouble finding the right hours to have a meeting. When choosing the right employee for you, make sure they will be able to work in your time zone, and that the time difference won’t result in lower quality.

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In addition to these things, you may stumble upon people who have not been honest on their resume, and people who say they have the skills they actually don’t. Sometimes, they may be late with sending you the finished project or their internet connection may be disrupted. Know that there are thousands of companies who work with offshore development, so a person that you’ve hired may also work for your competitors, or they may leave your project without notice.

As you can see, there are a lot of positive and negative sides of the process. It is up to you to choose if you want to start hiring people from different parts of the world, or if you want to stick with the things you already know and understand.

Offshore development is said to be the future, and with the different types of software available nowadays, you can easily recruit, interview, vet, and hire people, so maybe you should give it a chance before you decide you want to stick with the things you’ve been doing for years, and possibly even decades.