6 Good Examples of Custom App Development in Action

Most start-ups or cost-conscious companies tend to go with pre-made applications that help save up on the added effort or price factor.  However, in the long run, this practice might not be worthwhile. The key is to opt for check here. With custom software in action, business owners edge over their competitors while differentiating how they serve the stakeholders.

What is custom application development?

Custom app development allows the organizations a scope to define the end-user experience as well as functionality. Such applications can easily be incorporated within packaged software in the form of customizations. These changes have to be regularly maintained with future upgrades. Customized applications provide better control and flexibility for the project flow of a brand.

In-Action Examples of Custom App Development

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1. McDonalds Makes Use of Custom Software:

McDonald’s was founded in the year 1940, and in its 80 years of being a fast-food chain, the company has been working with the ever-changing trends to remain popular and relevant. Today, the restaurant chain remains a market leader by working on software that is intuitive and simple.

With the implementation of this custom app development process, the company strengthened its POS technology. It is the first restaurant chain that offers its customers self-serve kiosks, thus increasing its overall ROI.

This custom software allowed the service model of the organization to fit easily around the people’s needs. For any organization that intends to be agile or customer-centric, custom software is a must. McDonald’s has also invested in Plexure, a company that engages with its customers via mobile devices using their loyalty programs, offers, & mobile ordering feature.

2. Amazon Surpasses Retail Industry with its Web Tech:

For quite some time, Amazon’s website was dedicated solely to the selling of books. Slowly, the seller branched out to different products starting from apparel to food. With time, Amazon was led by a proper understanding of the customers’ wants and hence paired it with a stellar customer support system for faster delivery times.

The company uses its custom application development technology to collect important data to provide the products as per preferences. The brand also ensures a risk and hassle free buying experience for the customers online. Further, the returns are processed automatically with zero hassles, thus enhancing the overall customer experience.

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3. Uber’s Software Engineering:

Uber has always been up for customer-centric campaigns via its tailor-made applications. This ride-hailing brand has managed to cater to a seamless and glitch-free experience for both the drivers as well as riders within the ecosystem.

It has all been orchestrated via its intelligent ride dispatching system, which was once being taken care of by human employees. However, it has now been automated completely with custom app development in place as shown in many delivery app guides such as on Stormotion.

Uber’s custom app’s critical features:

  • Guidance and navigation systems for its drivers
  • Automated pricing set to ensure competitive fares for rides
  • Feature to find rides immediately
  • Schedule a ride for later as per convenience

4. Netflix-A Defacto Standard for Video Streaming (Paid):

Given the success of Netflix, it is difficult to imagine the fact that it was once struggling to compete against its suitors – BlockBuster. However, with time, the platform innovated itself with custom application development and innovations.

Netflix’s major changes include the quick delivery of popular box office & cult hits from all around the world. Plus, the subscription is way less than what one would pay for a single movie at a theatre.

Here are some of the technical strides achieved by the company via custom app development include:

  • Enhanced viewership via customization of content art
  • Generation of multi-language subtitles
  • Content suggested depending on user’s viewing history
  • Back-end technology that brings in a seamless viewing experience across devices
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5. Google Continues to Lead its Search Game via Custom Software:

Search engines such as MetaCrawler, AltaVista, & Ask Jeeves are some names that have faded after becoming irrelevant in the market. However, Google has managed to set the standards for search engine customization while boosting its market share by a substantial number.

Google initially managed to build the user’s trust by providing them relevant content with the use of the responses and feedback. The platform managed to personalize user experience via its custom application development process.

With time, this aided Google in the creation of a vast and robust listing for its search engine. And thus, it surpassed all competition in the market via its creative thought process and better use of its customer intrinsic feedback process.

6. AirBnB leads with On-Demand Rental Platform:

Today, AirBnB is a leading name among travelers looking for an ideal place to stay. This proprietary platform allows the property owners a chance to rent out their extra space to travelers and visitors directly. Further, this listing platform also allows for secure and remote verification and authentication of renters and property owners without visiting the office or meeting in-person before hailing the renting services.

With its custom app development process, the platform successfully provides much-needed transparency while allowing the property owners and renters to provide an accurate rating for one another. AirBnB has set the in-practice standards for its customers (property owners) as well as renters. It is also the very first company that makes an on-demand economy viable for personal properties.

This rental platform is correspondent with its mobile application and custom software-based business model.

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Custom application development isn’t actually an elixir to create a successful business, rather a major step that should be backed by an innovative team & competitive organization leaders. A custom application should allow the company to deliver value, systemize the process, & automate the process effectiveness.

Tailored software is critical for differentiating & finding an edge against their competitors. It can easily be achieved via software development outsourcing that helps with better automation and technology use. Innovation is critical for competitiveness & brings a major difference for the organization & customers. So, make sure the company you select for your software outsourcing needs must be a reliable one for an effective business run.


Writer: Thanh Pham (Bruce)