How To Make Your TikTok Videos Go Viral – 2024 Guide

The interesting thing about this social platform is that it reached high popularity in a very short time.  The reason is related to a whole new format when compared to other websites during the time when it was released.

There was a way to upload videos on other platforms as well, but a unique system of scrolling through content and focusing on short clips made TikTok one of the most popular websites today. There is a visible influence on other platforms, such as the introduction of reels on Instagram, or autostart video in a separate section on FB.

In most cases, people are using this website to have fun. It is very interesting and engaging since you can quickly scroll through numerous videos. Also, the system will follow your preferences and likes to provide you with more interesting content. Besides the fact that it is very entertaining, it can be an excellent marketing tool as well.

There are already over 1 billion users, which represents a great chance for you to promote your brand here. Whether the reason is to become an influencer, promote your brand, or simply get a lot of fun, the most important thing here is to find a way to get more views and followers.

Interestingly, some people have reached global popularity by sharing their short clips on this platform. You can read more about the most popular videos at mojo-app. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some tips that will help you to create a video that will get more views.

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Follow the Trends

Trends are very important on this website. If you are already using Tik Tok, you will notice that many videos are similar in some way. These trends can be related to some dancing moves, phrases, goofy faces, quotes from popular movies and tv shows, pranks, and much more. The great thing is that following these trends can help you to quickly get more views and followers.

That is especially important for newbies on this platform. For instance, you can share a set of different trends to appear in searches of various users. After some time, you will have more freedom to introduce something new and become even more popular.

Focus On Being Funny

Getting a lot of views, likes, and followers can be challenging since there are so many people on this platform today. Also, you should keep in mind that scrolling is quite simple, and you will have only a couple of seconds to make someone interested in your content. That is the main reason to focus on the entertaining factor.

Users on this website are highly demanding, which means that even if you have an excellent video, choosing a bad start will lead to fewer views. Therefore, the best strategy is to focus on being funny from the start of the video. You will reach more freedom after some time when you get more followers. In that matter, this is another reason to simply follow the trends instead of experimenting with your own ideas.

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Don’t Forget the Hashtags

This is another platform that is also using hashtags as a way to position videos in the feed. You can create a profile and set certain preferences that can include phrases that can be in hashtags. Also, you can easily research the content by typing a certain word.

For example, people might be interested in the most recent trend, which is, for example, a phrase from some movie. It is very important to add a hashtag of that trend to the description of your video so it can end in the feeds of more users.

It’s All About Short Clips

As we already mentioned, one of the main reasons why this platform became so popular is related to the fact that people love short clips. It is quite simple to scroll through content and find something engaging. The limit for videos here is only one minute. However, according to many users, even a whole minute is too long on this platform.

In that matter, you should focus on short clips that should last only around 20 to 30 seconds depending on the theme. There are scientific researches that are proving that this type of content results on people releasing more dopamine since they are trilled much faster by watching each video.

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Pay Attention to Target Audience

As a beginner, it can be a good idea to simply follow all popular trends. However, it is important to focus on the type of content that you will release over time. Experimenting with a wide range of clips and themes might improve the visibility, but it can be difficult to be good in all of them. Therefore, you should pay attention to your skills and attributes, the content you are interested in, and the people you are targeting with your videos.

Try To Be Unique

While it can be challenging to experiment since the beginning, there are various ways of adding a personal touch to any video, even when you are following the most popular trends at the moment. It can be a special gesture, outfit, or some sentence at the end of the clip. As time goes by and you are reaching more followers, you will have the freedom to experiment more. Maybe you will be able to start a new trend as well.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the rules on this platform are quite different when compared to other popular options. The focus should be on popular topics, hashtags, most recent news, and viral trends. It might seem difficult to reach more people at the beginning, but considering that there are over billion users, good strategy and the ability to bring something new will help you achieve success.

Shooting high-quality videos is not an issue these days since even a mid-range smartphone from the latest generation has an outstanding camera. On the other hand, if you want to bring your videos to a new level, investing in a pro camera is always a good option.