5 Benefits Of TikTok And Oracle Deal in 2024

Each of us has a profile on at least one social network. However, we are increasingly worried about whether they are stealing data on us. Lately, TikTok has been the most suspicious, and US President Donald Trump was ready to ban it – or at least switch it to the American side. After many turnovers and questions about who will get hold of TikTok, will it be Microsoft, Walmart, etc. – Oracle prevailed in this competition, and made a special deal. What are the benefits of the TikTok and Oracle deal? We will draw your attention to 5 of them.

What Is TikTok? It’s Impossible Not To Know!

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If you are older than 40, there is a high probability that you do not know what TikTok is at all. It is a platform for sharing video content lasting up to 60 seconds – and aspires to become the fastest growing social network in the world. The main user group of this social network is people between the ages of 16 and 24. The incredible statistics that follow TikTok show that over time, this application is becoming an increasing hit all over the world – and not only in China, where it was created and experienced its first popularity.

Popularity In Figures

TikTok is in the top 5 on the list of most downloaded applications in 2019 with about 180 million downloads, which is a growth of about 70% compared to 2018. Another interesting fact is that this is the only application in the top 5 that is not owned by Facebook. To have a better idea of what this progress is like for a period of 3 years compared to other platforms of that type, it is best to compare it with the statistics of some other social networks. It took Facebook 4 years to reach this number of users, and Instagram even 6 years, which is twice as long.

What Sets This App Apart From Others?

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How is it that this application has experienced such a jump in popularity and what is it that distinguishes it? The answer is in the target group for which this application was made. The creators of TikTok did a great job – by researching their target group and what is current and attractive to them. Basically, using artificial intelligence allows filters to follow the face throughout the recording – as well as displaying the desired content in the feed. Therefore, this application can provide users with exactly what they want and what interests them. This is what sets TikTok apart and brings it many users.

Content On TikTok

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The interesting content is the one that makes the main difference – and that is what sets this platform apart. This is a platform where only videos can be published. The main things are the numerous filters and various music that can accompany the recording. This way, each user of TikTok becomes an expert in video editing – and each video gets an additional interest due to the filters and music that you choose. There are a few things that are especially represented on TikTok – such as funny videos, challenges, and choreography with imitation of singing.

Challenges are especially interesting and they can easily go viral around the world. Many people try their best to make their videos go viral and to have as many followers as possible. Due to good marketing, you can gather followers in record time and in other ways. You can visit here, and learn more about how to do it. The challenge works in a specific way because each user who performs it – uses the same music and the same movements on the recording. It is interesting that the challenges mostly contain more things at once. For example, music with choreography is often used as well as a face filter – and of course, like everything on TikTok, they are mostly funny videos.

Access User Data

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TikTok’s popularity, especially among teenagers, is growing around the world every day. Trump does not like this – and the official reason is the concern for the personal data of millions of Americans who use this Chinese application. Several things are stated as an argument for the ban. It was mentioned that the data of American users are not stored in America – and also, they are not provided with American technologies.

On the other hand, it has long been suspected that this social network can be in collusion with the Chinese government – and that the parent company, which is behind it, is submitting information to the Chinese governing structure. However, that has never been proven. What has been confirmed is that TikTok has access to some data from our phones – which it neatly archives for its own needs, which are still unknown to us.

Medium Solution In Selling

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Microsoft, Walmart, Oracle, and others were interested in buying TikTok. However, it seems like it will remain the property of the parent company. According to unofficial data from the state Chinese television – TikTok and Oracle will actually be partner companies and will exchange technologies and experiences, as well as the actions of both companies.

That way, the American system will have an insight into what is happening with the TikTok application – and TikTok will practically not be sold to any company, not even the American one. TikTok is currently the largest social network in the United States, with over 100 million active users every day. Excluding sales also excludes handing over the source code of the application and platform to American partners, according to numerous sources.

Benefits Of The Deal

1. Data Security

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Due to the large amount of data that ByteDance secretly collected on TikTok users, administrative officials worried that it could be used for blackmail, corporate espionage, or monitoring of civil servants using an application on the phone. Now that they are in a partnership with Oracle – there is less chance of something like that (or at least we hope so).

2. Exchange Of Consumer Information

TikTok will lead to a revival of the business, sharing with Oracle as its strategic partner consumer information. All this is going to be very useful for advertisers. Besides, TikTok is offering a platform on which these customers can publish their ads – which will simplify the whole procedure. At the same time, the ByteDance company would continue to control TikTok’s European operations.

3. Oracle Enjoys Trump’s Support

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Oracle is one of the rare companies from Silicon Valley that is closely associated with the president himself. It can even be said that their leaders openly support Trump’s efforts on re-election. Part of the business world believes that such cooperation will limit China’s progress in the American technology market to some extent.

4. Profitable Cake Division

We can notice that Oracle manages to catch a share of the very profitable market to target ads using the company’s Data Cloud. This will also include creating profiles of regular people – and sell those to advertisers. This symbiosis will certainly help companies to further target their customers much better than their competition.

5. Oracle Becomes More Visible to Younger People

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Oracle could become far more visible to younger consumers, who make up the majority user base of this app. in this way they will gain control and primacy in prominent places of advertising. Even if it only gets a lump sum – Oracle will at the very least make a business move worth the effort and money.