8 Little Things You Can Do To Improve Your E-commerce Business – 2024 Guide

In today’s society, a huge role is played by how well you present yourself online. If you are having a brand and it is not represented online it is like you are not having a brand at all. So, let’s see what some of the aspects you need to pay attention to are:


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In the past, customers would come to your shop and ask you for more information about your product. Modern customers don’t have time to visit your shop, instead, they will find time to visit your website and since your website is the first place where they will connect with your product it is very important that it looks good and that it was done by professionals. Every website that is made for e-commerce purposes should contain all necessary information about your business like address, telephone number, latest sales, and promotions.


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A lot of people are constantly using Facebook and interacting with friends and family and there is your chance for earning. Since it was made back in 2004 Facebook is constantly increasing numbers of users. With approximately more than 2 billion users it is for sure the largest social networks in the world. Therefore, there are plenty of good reasons for having a Facebook page. Nowadays there are a lot of websites where you can learn about marketing your product on Facebook. Beneficial advice is not to spam constantly, because that can backfire and have the opposite effect than it was initially intended.

Instagram and Tik-tok

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Unlike Facebook where content is a lot more than just visual, Instagram just focuses on the visual part of the user’s experience. Do not be fool into thinking that you can done all the photos by yourself. Potential buyers are looking and noticing every detail. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to get professional photographs since this move can be a lucrative investment, and building a recognizable brand can not be done with bad photos. Another important detail is that even a good photo is not enough – you need to follow the trends, and they are changing fast.

Although young people are engaged in spending time on Instagram, teenagers are starting to use the app Tik-Tok. Trends on this app are specific and all content must be chosen wisely.


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Depending on the product that you are trying to sell, you probably already have your niche and you are familiar with how your average customer looks like (their age, what they like, and how much are they willing to spend…). If we take into consideration all the things you know then you need to target only them while advertising. Knowing that most of the older generation is spending time on Facebook, younger on Instagram, and the youngest on Tic-toc, will help you to decide where to advertise the most. Investing in online marketing is also a good way to also gain new customers.

Make shipping more acceptable

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By official statistic, one of the biggest challenges that customers are facing when shopping online is that they often find the product they were looking for, but then have to give up buying it due to too high shipping cost. One study estimated that 53 percent of people have decided not to by because of this reason! Another problem that is constantly emerging is the long shipping time and it is an important part of the online shopping experience. Nobody has the patience to wait for his product for too long. The best solution for making your business blooming is that product is in the buyer’s hands in a few days. This will encourage them to buy even more from you. Free shipping for a limited period is also a good idea. If you are unable to cover the full cost, you can find a way to make shipping feel like a better deal for customers. The thing that you can do about it: provide free shipping for orders that meet a certain minimum, provide a low flat rate for all ground shipping options, offer multiple speed shipping options.

Offer discounts

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People tend to buy more during sales so offer a short-term discount. Research shows that 2 thirds of customers decide to make a purchase they probably wouldn’t make when they saw a discount. They are especially good strategies if you are trying to put a new product on market. Black Friday, Valentine’s day and Christmas holidays are famous for big discounts and you must follow this tradition.

Update your product description

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As time passing your product will get new features and new versions of it. This is especially important if you are selling gadgets or any other electronics, but it can happen with all other products as well. Update your product description regularly. When you are writing a product description you are directly appealing to customers. The description must be short, informative, and useful. Don’t forget to use this opportunity to make each product page optimized for search engines. For that, you need to figure out what is the best keywords to target a page and then include it in the title tag, meta descriptions, image file name, and image alt tag. More about SEO you can read at dadkhah.dk.

Look for upsell opportunities

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In our culture, we are approving living a certain lifestyle that is demanding constantly shopping for the new item. Keep in mind that it is not hard to make people buy more when they already have decided to buy from you in the first place. The upsell offers are a way to boost your profit by not doing much. It is important to make an offer when the visitor is trying to leave your website – that is the time when you suggest more add-ons to their order. These suggested products should be related to the ones they have already bought.

Running an e-commerce business was never easy, but if you work hard and stick to our pieces of advice there is no reason why you should not succeed. Be always updated and believe in your skills and only the sky is the limit.