5 Reasons Why Amish Furniture is Worth the Extra Money

If you ask around, there is absolutely no person who will not say that Amish furniture is much more valuable than other pieces you can find on the market. The reason that all their pieces are made of high-quality wood. Since the high-quality material was used for the production, you will see that it will prove much more durable than any other.

Sure, you can expect that the prices for these will be higher than for other products. But that doesn’t mean that you will need to break the bank every time you decide you need a new cabinet. If you take a look at online reviews, you will see that even the price is higher, many believe that it is reasonable enough. Simply because you are buying something that will last you a couple of decades.

The more you maintain it, the more you can expect it to last. Plus, you will have a chance to take a look at a plethora of different pieces, and you are bound to find those that fit your needs and preferences. If you want to take a look at some of these, you can find them on this website. Now, we would like to provide you with a couple of reasons why you should opt for these.

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As we’ve mentioned in the first part of our article, these pieces are truly built to last. The key factor in their durability is the capability of their crafters and the material they are made of. Even the smallest of details were done with the utmost care and patience. Obviously, they are made of wood, so, you will not need to worry about them breaking apart after some time, which is a pretty common occurrence.

Plus, their foundation is quite solid, which means that these will remain solid no matter how much pressure on them is applied. Of course, you should get carried away, right? You are getting a high-quality piece for the money you are paying, and who knows, maybe the next generation in your family will use them in equal condition as you are. These can last for up to 40 years if properly maintained.

Possible Customization

What many people don’t know about Amish people is that they tend to be customizable in their time of need. We are talking about a characteristic that has helped them survive all of these centuries. They are proud of it. At the same time, this is a virtue that they have implemented in a wide array of their products. Therefore, you will not be surprised to hear that their furniture has the same virtue.

Since we are talking about a pretty specific type of furniture, you can come across some interior design problems when buying these for an existing home. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot find a way out of these issues. You will have a chance to choose between a wide array of different sizes, stains, and the type of wood. The biggest manufacturers will, obviously, provide you with more options.

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Low Maintenance Costs

The next reason why you should opt for these is in direct correlation with the first one we’ve mentioned. Since these pieces are so durable, you will not need to invest a lot of money into their maintenance. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to dust them from time to time, and to apply some wood warmish.

When we say from time to time, we mean that you should do that twice a year. There is absolutely no need for you to do it more frequently since the material is strong on its own to sustain all the hardships over time. If we’re talking numbers, just see how much money you will need for a bucket of wood warmish. One of these should last you up to two years for one piece, on average.


If you know at least something about the Amish culture, you surely know that they don’t use any kind of public power sources. Therefore, the largest percentage of their work is done by hand. When you know all of these facts, you will learn that pretty much all they do is completely eco-friendly. Not only that they don’t use any electrical energy, but they also do not use dangerous chemicals in their work.

We are talking about formaldehyde, retardants, and a wide array of other chemicals. All the wood they are cutting down is marked as healthy. Naturally, they are doing that under the word of law. Above all, since these pieces will last for many years to come, not another wood will be cut down to make a new piece for your household. If this isn’t a good reason to opt for their products, we don’t know what is.

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Lasting Impact

Last but not least, we would like to say that the most important reason why you should buy one of these is that they look timeless. Naturally, a lot depends on the wood chosen as a material, but in most cases, you will see that the shiny and bright look will stick with it for many years to come. Basically, its gorgeous appearance will be around for a couple of decades.

If you are lucky to combine it with some other pieces that are complementary to the design, you can create a great atmosphere in a certain space. We mean that this should be the space where you enjoy spending a lot of your free time, surrounded by your family or friends. If we are talking about bedrooms, you will surely feel present inside them, and you will enjoy the beauty every morning and night.

The Bottom Line

Although Amish furniture tends to be pricier than other products, we can see that there are a lot of people interested in those. Here, you can take a look at a couple of reasons that should provide you with a clear image of why this is a good investment for your home.