Are Double-Glazed-Windows Worth The Extra Money

One of the greatest euphoric and serene feelings is of sitting by your window with a hot beverage and peering out into a beautiful view on a Sunday morning. The feeling of pure ambiance, serenity, and calmness is conducive to kickstarting a lazy day off to do anything that you like. You can use a peaceful snack, nap, or anything else that you wish to do.

There’s absolutely no limit to the things that you could do that would comfort you in your own house. Just like our eyes are the windows that peer into our soul, the windows of a home are also the pathways of vision that let you take in the view of the outside world into your house. Windows serve as vision pathways, but they also act as inlets for adequate sunlight and much-needed ventilation.

The way your windows are designed speaks a lot about the aesthetic and overall protection of your house. We’ve heard of single-paned windows, but what about double-paned windows? Also known as double glazed windows, they are an extra layer of window protection for you, and we’ll get into it deeper later.

Visit if you would like to learn more about double glazed windows and how much they cost. Every house has various kinds of windows, and they provide different types of aesthetics and practical benefits to it. Going the extra step to ensure better protection against environmental factors and other threats can be beneficial for you.

That being said, let’s take a look at what double glazed windows are and if they’re worth the extra money.

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What Are Double Glazed Windows

Let’s start with the basics. Double glazing is the combination of two panes of glass that are separated by a gap. That gap can be air, or some gas could pressurize it. Argon gas is used a majority of the time. Some people think that laminated glass is double glazing. Laminated glass is two panes of glass that are stuck together with a layer of plastic in between.

One plate of laminated glass goes under the category of a single glazed glass. In order to have a double glazed system, two panes of glass need to be separated over a span in the same frame. This is not to be confused with secondary glazing, which is ultimately a second window frame installed to replicate the benefits of double glazing. The majority of the time, glass is not even used for perspex or plastic.

The Performance Of Double Glazed Windows

When we’re talking about the performance of windows, we’re not talking about the number of layers present in the pane, but what determines the version of the windows is the type of glass or material used in the glazing process. So, for example, if you have a double slash window, it is tough to make it energy efficient because of the design and the physical limitations that come with the window.

It is complicated to be able to eliminate air leakage through the slash. Likewise, if you compare sliding doors and windows to casement windows, you will find that casement windows almost always perform better in comparison to sliding door windows. The second thing to keep in mind is the type of window frame you are considering.

This is especially if you have smaller windows throughout the house because the smaller the window, the higher the proportion of the frame becomes. Therefore, the structure’s performance will determine the amount of energy passing through the window.

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Advantages Of Double Glazed Windows

Most of the time, single glazed windows are more than adequate, but that does not mean you have to settle for acceptable. Buying quality products revolves around the idea that we can always reach higher than the ordinary in terms of performance and value.

Double glazed windows embody this spirit of quality. The advantages of having a double glazed window that we’re about to show you will automatically tell you that it is worth going the extra mile in terms of cost. That being said, let’s take a look.

  • Waterproof

One of the biggest problems that people face is unwanted humidity or water seepage. It is a common thing that people experience in many households that rainwater or excessive moisture is evident on their window glasses.

This can be a point of concern as any electrical appliances placed near windows could be compromised due to water seepage. Double glazed windows are 100% waterproof and are the best choices for houses close to massive water bodies such as the ocean, lakes, or rivers.

  • Excellent for adverse weather conditions

Most single-pane windows are likely to shatter if a massive bolt of lightning were to hit right beside them. Some of them break even due to the excessive thrusts of winds during hurricanes and storms. Double glazed windows are highly resistant to most weather conditions and will do good to stay intact even with high force.

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  • Soundproof

Double glazed windows are highly effective for those living in metropolitan areas. There is continuous activity going on. Trying to work or rest in noisy environments can be a very frustrating thing.

These windows are highly soundproof due to the insulation in between the two panes of glass. Installing them would let you chill or work even with a busy environment outside.

  • Protection against theft

Houses in the suburbs can make good use of double-glazed windows as they offer high protection from breakage during thefts. Single pane glasses are a lot easier to break into, whereas double pane windows are not.

In addition, the use of pressurized gases between the gaps of each windowpane makes it extremely hard for people to shatter it easily.

  • Best for the winter

Double glazed windows are a must-have in chilly countries, especially in the winter. This is because the added insulation between the window panes helps trap heat and retains it within the house. This can be a very beneficial thing to have in places where temperatures dip very low.