How do you Keep Peony Flowers Alive

Nature truly is breathtaking, full of plants that grow in just one place in the world under unique and special yet naturally created conditions, just like Silene tomentosa, a plant that only grows in one place in Gibraltar, hence the name the Gibraltar campion. It is as beautiful a flower as it is rare, but there are plenty of flowers that are popular, which we can find in the nearest florists.

Everyone loves flowers, and the reasons for that are plenty, as they can be a perfect gift, used as a surprise, some may just want to have a lovely garden in their backyard, or just because they are pretty to look at, and the smell . . . well, that’s something special. That perfect mix of wonderful and unique colors with the gorgeous smell is something that only comes with flowers.

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Every flower and every color has a certain meaning

When you go shopping for a bouquet, choosing the right one can be a nightmare, as there are plenty of flowers to choose from, and what every florist will also say is that, depending on the occasion, there is a flower for each event. Rose is considered a romantic flower, but only the red one, and if you give someone a yellow rose, they can suspect that you are jealous of them since rose in that color means greed and jealousy, even though before it meant friendship.

As you can see, we only scratched the surface so that you will understand that even choosing the loveliest bouquet of roses can be difficult, not to mention how every flower itself represents something different. Another problem that occurs when shopping for flowers is that they will not last for too long, but there are certain things everyone can do to prolong their life. All of this is particularly important for those who love peony flowers, a lovely and traditional floral symbol of China that symbolizes riches and honor but can only last for a couple of days. Are you one of them? Well, worry no more. Just continue reading, and you will find out how to keep peony flowers alive.

Avoid buying the fully blossomed flowers

The struggle to keep these beautiful flowers alive is starting even before we go to the store and buy them because the first step in this fight is to choose the best flowers. Once we see them fully blossomed, we can easily make a mistake and buy them, but we need to know that the buds will surely last longer. The blossomed flowers can last only for a few days in our home before the petals start to fall off and they start losing their beauty. On the other side, buds are maybe not that pretty in the beginning but give them a few days, and you will enjoy their beauty in full glory.

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Cut off the leaves

Many of us love when the bouquet has leaves besides flowers and leaves them on the plant, but in order to keep the peonies alive for a longer time, it is important to cut off all the necessary leaves. You can leave some of them which are above the water level in the vase, but it is necessary to remove all of them that are soaked in the water. It is one of the best ways to get rid of all bugs that can leave into leaves and prevent rotting and extend the peonies’ lives.

Sun and water

When it comes to the sunlight, it is good to know that peonies are not a huge fan of it, so it is best to put them somewhere in the shade. Direct sunlight can cause color changes, and if they are exposed for a long time, they can cause petals to fall. Peonies need water to last as long as they can, and it is important to change it every day.

When you do that, it is important to trim the stems diagonally because, in that way, the plant can absorb more water. The water used for peonies needs to be cold, so it is okay to add one or two ice cubes, and if you want to extend their lives for even longer, try to add a half teaspoon of sugar. You can use water if you need buds to blossom faster for some important event, and what’s needed for that is to put a little warm water in the vase instead of the cold one.

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Use the fridge

The cold from the fridge slows down the blossoming and keeps the peonies alive for a much longer time. Because of that, you can use the fridge to extend their life and make sure that they will be glorious for a long time. The only thing you need to do is to take them out of the vase and find a place in a fridge for them and leave them during the night. Avoid putting them near fruits and vegetables, not because they are poisonous, but fruits and vegetables will speed up their aging. If you have a big refrigerator, just put the whole vase inside and simply take it out in the morning.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is no reason for despair, and hopefully, you will find these tips on how to keep peony flowers alive quite handy. Of course, there is always an option to plant them yourself so that you can admire and enjoy their gorgeous looks and smell anytime you want. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time to water and maintain them properly, it’s a much better solution to buy them.

There are also plenty of other tips on how to keep them alive for longer, but these mentioned above are certainly the most important ones. Those who need that extra info or want to enrich their gardens even further with peony flowers just visit the website, and you will learn everything there is about them and also get a pretty good offer. Once again, everyone loves flowers, even those allergic to pollen, so make sure you have at least one plant at home, and if so, why not choose peony.