Why Email Marketing Is Still Alive and Will Be Relevant in 2024?

It’s 2024 and many people consider the emails as an outdated part of the online marketing strategy, but do you know what? It will still be a thing in 2024 too, and many years that come. Real marketers know it’s a really effective tool to access the relevant audience and turn it all into sales and income. Probably many brands are today focused on social media, and they are forgetting about one of the simplest ways to create effective connections with potential clients. We shouldn’t underestimate good email marketing, since it can be a really important chain in our general strategy for the next campaign.

Also, knowing that soon it will be 2024, today we can automate all these processes, and we suggest you check on Yespo and see what options do you have for your campaign.

And, here are some of the reasons why you should consider doing that:

1. You can provide personalized content to the recipient

If you use their name when announcing something, the audience gets an impression the brand is friendly and familiar. And for you, it’s just using the first name provided with the account. But, you can also add more personal dash to the emails, according to the interests of the person who visited your website. That will easily get them interested in what you have to offer, and probably they will order or visit your store to buy the promoted product.

2. It can bring more visits to your websites

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Email together with your website is a great combo to grow your business. Encourage the recipients to visit your website to see the offer. Send them coupons or links for great deals. Always include a call to action that will let them get more and more interest in your job. That will also give you a reference if the content is good, and if you need to make any improvements.

3. It’s cost-effective

We all know how important is to split the budget proportionally, to have enough money for every aspect of the strategy. And while social media platforms require some small investment, traditional media like billboards, TV spots, or radio ads, may cost a lot. But, email marketing is very easy and inexpensive, and you can reach a lot of potential clients in just a few minutes, without spending a lot of money on that. A lot of retailers, managers, and business owners consider this one as a powerful tool, and no matter what they try, they are always coming back to the email.

4. It’s easily measurable

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You can track the effects your campaign has on the potential customers through the available metrics like delivery rates, bounce rates, how many people clicked on the links, how many unsubscribed, and so on. This will help measure the influence you have as a brand, and adjust the approach if needed. The number of emails you need to send depends on a lot of factors, like the industry you belong to, or your target audience. There is no written rule on how many emails you are allowed to send until you measure it by yourself and get the answers you need.

5. You can attract new customers, and still keep the past ones

It seems like a simple job to do, but it’s a little complicated to manage between these two groups. The existing customers always want to receive some special offer, so they can even be more loyal to your brand. But, at the same time, new ones are important too. Automate the email process, and you can split these two groups, and send them separate emails with promotions or special offers.

6. It calls them to take an action

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The concept of the email is to provide plenty of actions, like a reply, forward, or clicking on the links inside the text. You can use it for different kinds of actions, and to encourage the customers to stay with you until the next offer or newsletter. People want to be encouraged to take some action, and with nicely written content, you can do all of that. Once you get used to it, you will be surprised how many people prefer to receive these things in their inboxes.

7. It’s available on a lot of devices

People today can access their emails through their phone, laptop, tablet, or even their smartwatch. You need to think about that before you send the emails since these are different dimensions of the display. So, make sure it all looks good before you proceed with sending the emails. On the other hand, this is good, because they will see it even when they are outside their homes and away from the PC. It creates a great way to establish connections with all of your clients, and keep them healthy, so they can stay loyal to your brand or the service you provide.

8. They can contact you if needed

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The customers prefer to write emails so they can explain if they have some issue with the product. As you know, it doesn’t limit their messages, and they can attach photos and documents, in case of a dispute. Another important thing is keeping a record of previous communication, because the messages don’t weigh a lot, and don’t take a lot of space on your drive. It lets you provide exceptional customer care to anyone who contacts you, no matter what’s the purpose of the message.


No matter how the times are changing, one thing in the world of marketing is (probably) forever – the old, but still gold email. As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do with these messages you maybe thought were outdated. But, there is a reason why even big companies use it, and now you understand that. If it fits your strategy, let yourself include it. It won’t harm it – just the opposite. It will create more and more possibilities for you to grow as a business.