How Can You Beat The Odds? – 2024 Guide

Use the Sportsbook Review and bet on different games like football. Get to know the betting odds of various online games that happened in the past and build a better winning strategy.

Doing your homework before outing your bets always leads to better outcomes than the other way around. To be better at sports and to play with confidence, it is best to understand the game first and get serious on the table.

Most betters go casually on the tables, and they bet their money without knowing a thing. Well, if you want to waste your bucks, then go ahead and play without preparation. However, if you are serious about betting and want to make some money, then you must understand the odds of the bookies and use the strategies to beat those odds.

It is kind of using the bookies’ odds against them. The studies suggest that learning the former odds set by bookies in different betting gives you an idea about the prediction of future games. Check to know more.

However, bear in mind that there is no guarantee that your strategies will work, but it is always wise to go prepared; at least studying the game beforehand increases your winning chances.

Betting Strategy Tips to Remember


Some research happened to understand the odds in betting and how exactly the bookies set the odds. However, there is no exact strategy that the bookie uses to set the odds. It is just that understanding the betting guide keeps you from making foolish moves and saves your money.

No proper strategy can be found out for the games like football, horse racing, or rugby.
Surely there is no way to know the exact way how a bookie sets the odds because if such a thing would exist, all the bookies will get empty.

Still knowing some strategies like up and down bets, four-fold bets, round robin bets, lay betting, and Goliath bets can be a great help to have an impressive play.

You should also keep in mind that one can beat the odds, but it doesn’t happen every single time; sports betting is not risk-free, and people do lose money.

The ultimate tip to remember is that always tip with your “won” money and not own money. Surely you will have to use your savings to start with the game, but don’t stick to your savings for betting. A gambler that uses his savings continuously for betting plays desperately and soon goes empty.

You can also try online betting as it gives you more control over the play than offline. No matter what the game is, there are websites today that avail betting on all these games such as football, horse racing, and cricket. You can choose the site as per your preference and comfort before you begin betting.

How to Beat the Bookies?


The prime tip is to know the game on which you are betting. By this, we don’t mean that you know just the name of it, but the insights. For example, if you are betting on a football match, you should be interested in the game and should have watched the past games and know the teams. You should know what all the teams are and how each player plays.

Secondly, you should play with your head and not your heart while betting. It is great to know the teams and the strengths plus weaknesses of each player. However, you shouldn’t decide the results based on this information solely. Perhaps you have a favorite team, and you watch only that. This means you might not focus on the opposite team and how their players perform there or what their strengths and weaknesses are.

This is the point where you can make mistakes and bet on a non-winning team. Hence you should know your favorite team as well as other teams and bet based on the data instead of your favorite team. Don’t let emotions get in the way and bet with your head.

Explore Your Options and Sign Up


You might need only one account using which you place all your bets because having many is just tiresome. However, this should not be the case! Even if you don’t prefer opening many accounts in the beginning, at least look for an alternative.

You don’t have to be loyal to one brand; instead, explore your options. The more sites you sign up with or the more bookies you deal with, the more you get free bonuses, sign-up bonuses, and other benefits. Once you have utilized the free bonuses and benefits of one platform, never hesitate to sign up with another one and then another one.

In the online world, this has become even easier where in just a few clicks, you can connect to various bookies. You can get free bonuses that can be three times your initial deposit. Even if some platforms say that you can’t withdraw the money, you can use the same to play more and make plenty of money.

One more tip for beating the bookie is that go with the longest odds. Every bookie rarely has the same prices for a similar outcome, so it is wise to check all of them and choose the longest odds before betting.

Remember that there is no such strategy that works every time. You don’t have to go for perfection but to find the gaps in a bookie’s knowledge and use that in your favor.

When you place odds on an outcome, it decreases the amount of money a bookie receives. So if a bookie is British, he will set longer odds on a team playing against England. As England underperforms, back a decent team against them, and you might win.

Also, if you are betting on an outsider, use a small amount in bet, which will eventually give you high returns. For example, betting £5 on a 10/1 outsider will still get you £50.

Bookies can set the odds, but no bookie knows everything and sets the odds perfectly. You need to find the loopholes to use as your weapon and win the odds.