What Are the Advantages of a Seal of Approval?

Many people want to open an online store these days. However, many different factors play a role in actually being able to trade successfully on the Internet. 

Accordingly, it is necessary to implement a variety of measures in order to achieve a positive purchase decision on the part of customers. The decisive factors are not only the visual elements of the store and the quality of the products, but above all the trust of the target group. 

Potential customers who come across a new online store therefore need something to ease their concerns. Seals of approval are very popular in this context. These are intended to provide an indication of the quality and service of the online retailer. 

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Cachets – what are they anyway?

Generally speaking, a cachet can be seen as an award that proves that the standards and quality of a store have been successfully checked by a third party. There are numerous different criteria that are tested in the context of awarding the seal of approval, whether payment options, returns management, service or data protection.

However, it is currently problematic for both customers and retailers that there is an almost unmanageable number of different testing bodies and seals. It is therefore almost impossible to judge which seal is actually meaningful. Almost all seals of approval come with the promise that they can significantly increase sales. 

Incidentally, not only online retailers but also other companies can make use of the seals of approval. For example, awards for particularly good employers are possible, for example in the form of the Employer seal of approval.

Choosing the right seal of approval

In order to be able to select the right cachet for one’s own online store, a number of aspects should be taken into account. Not only do your own needs play a role in this regard, but also the requirements of your customers – this is the only way that both sides can benefit equally from the associated promise of quality. 

For customers, it is important to be able to take reliable statements regarding the quality of online retail from the seal. Some seals are geared to specific industries, so they are not equally suitable for all online stores. A decisive factor is therefore above all the informative value of the seal for one’s own target group

The general importance of seals of approval

Online retailers who want to sustainably improve their conversion rate can usually only achieve this with the help of a well-known and reliable seal of approval. 

Of course, online stores can also be found which realize sales without an existing cachet. However, studies in the past have clearly shown that the sales of online stores with a reliable seal of approval are around 33 percent higher. Customers are additionally encouraged to buy if they find positive reviews on the pages of the associated seal testing bodies. In this way, the conversion rate increases noticeably. 

Today, therefore, hardly any online retailer can afford to completely dispense with the use of reputable seals of approval

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These advantages are offered by seals of approval in detail

There are a number of concrete advantages that retailers who rely on a seal of approval benefit from. 

These include, for example, that order processes are abandoned less frequently. They also protect themselves from potential warnings by the fact that the inspection authorities usually scrutinize all labeling requirements and the store’s terms and conditions. 

The seals of approval significantly strengthen trust on the customer side. As a result, they feel much more comfortable when shopping online thanks to the confirmed security. It should not be neglected that the ranking in the search results of Google and Co. is also positively influenced by existing seals of approval.