The Best PayPal Alternatives to Use Online

The invention of PayPal over two decades ago was probably the most revolutionary innovation that ever happened in history. While concepts of online payments and wireless money transfers were in existence, it is PayPal that made the ease and safety of these processes a reality. Every online business could enjoy credit card processing, e-commerce payments, and solid invoicing, thanks to this modern online payment gateway. However, the expansion of the digital money spaces has seen the industry loom with multiple online payment platforms. Today, you can flip through a list of online payment methods as alternatives to PayPal.

Here are options that can make great PayPal Alternatives for all your online payment and money transfer needs, according to


Square is always the go-to option for businesses looking for an alternative that best compare with PayPal. This payment gateway is best suited for small businesses for a good reason. First, Square provides your online business with a portfolio of payment processing solutions, including chips and magstripe. Secondly, the platform focuses on in-person and point-of-sale transactions, enabling easy card swiping and processing. Again, small businesses with an online merchant account can accept cards at reasonable costs by getting any of Square’s rating plans.

Additionally, Square offers such benefits as a free online store and zero-charges domain, a service not available at PayPal. Growing businesses can also scale their operations through the gateway’s extra add-on services. Not to forget that every feature built on Square is favorable to all merchants regardless of their business sizes.


It is almost impossible to look at PayPal alternatives without mentioning Skrill. As an international money transfer service, Skrill rates as one of the most reliable online payment solutions globally. Its credit card processing capabilities enable users to process inter-bank transfers and complete transactions at a click of a button. Interestingly, you can use Skrill’s debit card across countries supporting its services.

Unlike most online payment methods, Skrill also comes as a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies. This explains why the service is a preferred solution by traders and crypto enthusiasts. Further, Skrill has a setup that supports online games and gambling. This tenacity is one of the reasons why the platform is making massive strides in the industry today.

In addition to low pricing models, Skrill is easy to use and easily accessible to international businesses. Its advanced fraud management feature is also leveraged for individuals with safety as their top-most priority.

Google Pay

Google is generally a highly reputable brand, an attribute well replicated in its money service too. This payment solution is the easiest way to wire transfers and complete transactions in-store, in-app, or via the website. Generally, Google Pay will have users process online payments with a gift, credit, or debit card. On the other hand, businesses can drive promotions, recommendations, and offers at reduced costs. Google Pay’s merchant account comes with tools that help businesses integrate loyalty programs into their operations.

Notably, all transfers made inter-banks or using debit cards are totally free. Also, the Google Pay application is available on iOS and Android devices. This way, everyone can enjoy free services on all debit transactions. Google Pay is probably the cheapest PayPal alternative there is in the market today. Again, who does not want to enjoy the no-maximum transaction limit Google Pay offers?


Stripe is the number one preferred PayPal alternative for online business merchants, especially those based in Canada and the US. However, enterprises can receive payments from any part of the world using Stripe. In addition to having features that compare with PayPal, this service is built with a flexible API for all your customization needs. As a result, popular brands like Shopify and Wix have integrated Stripe into their systems for easy payment setups.

Although the platform is built with developers in mind, its pricing model is not that complex to understand. There are no hidden costs, and users can have a customized rating on requests based on their business needs. All online payments and money transfers initiated via Stripe are free. However, you may attract some hefty charges for any transaction demanding currency conversion.

Apple Pay

For businesses and individuals looking for simplified transactions over iOS applications, then Apple Pay is the platform for you. This cashless service by Apple allows businesses to streamline bill payments over the internet from a mobile device. Additionally, individuals can send and receive money anywhere in the world by linking a debit or credit card to Apple Pay. Unlike PayPal, Apple Pay allows users to make online payments for free using a linked in-app or credit card. However, it will cost you a small fee for the ‘Instant Transfer’ service.

On the downside, while most payment methods are available across devices, Apple Pay is only accessible to iOS users only. However, this enhances money security, considering that users must approve all Apple-related online payments with a FACE-ID, Touch-ID, or passcode. Also, you can make all sorts of peer-to-peer transfers via Apple Pay, making it a great alternative to PayPal.


Wise, a London-based money transfer service, prides itself on being the cheapest PayPal replacement for all international online payments. This gateway takes a unique pathway of providing currency conversion solutions at the lowest rates. Consequently, online payments via Wise attract extremely low charges than you would experience with other platforms. Interestingly, the service displays all the fees and charges upfront before you initiate a transfer. This includes how much it will cost you to convert currencies and the amount your recipient will get after deductions.

The borderless Wise account is the platform’s catch. Essentially, every money you send is deposited into your country’s Wise bank account. The bank will then pay the recipient from their country’s Wise account using real-time exchange rates. This way, the transfer is faster, and costs are lower. However, the borderless account is limited to GBP, AUD, EUR, and USD currencies.


Nearly every industry and consumer market are migrating into the digital spaces. While PayPal maintains a high reputation for safe and faster online payments, businesses are now appreciating that there are plenty of other great alternatives for such processes. Apparently, the alternate digital payment methods are way cheaper, quicker, and more reliable than PayPal. Today, businesses can pick the payment platform that suits their needs and interests. From Wise and Apple Pay to Stripe and Skrill, the money transfer market has the ideal service for your business and personal endeavors. Again, when choosing a PayPal alternative to use online, you might want to consider a wide range of factors. These include monthly fees, transaction charges, features and services, and integrations.