6 Best Paid and Free Plagiarism Checker to Use in 2024

Plagiarism means replicating and using the words, ideas, or another work as one’s own without properly crediting the source. It’s a serious offense since it’s a type of intellectual theft if you are intentionally supposed to get it done.

Plagiarism is mostly associated with site articles or any other type of composing. It’s likewise important to other content such as videos, music, and graphics.

Lots of individuals including writers, bloggers, and freelancers fall target to plagiarism since it’s pretty a lot simpler to copy any material from any site and utilize it for their particular purposes.

It grows more widespread when you hire writers to generate articles for you. You have to make sure that the content submitted with your author isn’t copied from anywhere.

When you are using the content of others but don’t cite the source then you are falling guilty of plagiarism.

How do you assess for Plagiarism?

It’s quite easy to examine plagiarism. To prevent it entirely, you can use plagiarism checker tools that are available online usually for free. These tools can allow you to recognize material similarity matches.

In this article, we’ve covered a number of the top paid and free plagiarism checker tools to consider whether you are a marketer, freelancer, or a student.

These tools utilize innovative technologies to scan a database of content that is uploaded, compare it and also detect plagiarism in real-time in a few seconds.

1. Quetext


The most amazing plagiarism checker tool in our listing is Quetext. It’s one of the efficient and precise tools to inspect plagiarism in your content.

Before we tell you about this superb tool, let us do some evaluation to understand how accurate the Quetext is.

It scans the content together with all the web pages, educational papers, and publications on the world wide web to find out if plagiarism exists or not.

It not only tells the percentage of unique and duplicate content but it also tells the links from where the content is copied or find similar.

You can utilize Quetext free of charge to look at your articles for plagiarism. Nonetheless, your accounts could be limited to 2500 words.

You can utilize the premium package to enjoy the tool without any limitations.

2. PlagiarismCheck


PlagiarismCheck.org is aimed at institutions, students, and businesses, and it is available with some smart and affordable features. You simply upload multiple written works and check them in a click. The plagiarism checker highlights significant similarities between your essays, book reviews, capstone projects, and tons of others out there, pointing out the sections that require editing. Being a useful plagiarism checker for teachers, it also saves students’ days by offering quick checks and detailed plagiarism reports attached for free.

Used by universities, businesses, and undergrads, the price plans of the plagiarism check revolve around how wordy your document is. The tariffs start from Basic (for the price of $5.99) and Light ($9.99) to Standard ($25.49) and Premium ($45.49) – so you can pick one depending on your budget.

3. Prepostseo


The Prepostseo offers one of the finest plagiarism checkers which is free of cost with 1000 words without any sign up to their website.

This plagiarism checker can be used to cite the source as it scans the published content over the internet and finds the source. Not only this, it will allow you to automatically cite the source with just a single click.

There are different features of Prepostseo’s plagiarism checker as described below:

  • It offers to paste of content, uploading the document, or import from the Google Drive, OneDrive
  • It scans and highlights the plagiarized content along with obtaining the percentage
  • It also finds the paraphrased content in your writing
  • It generates the Plagiarism report which can be downloaded and shared over different platforms

The Prepostseo offers the premium with more queries at affordable prices and along with that, it also offers smartphone applications to check the content directly from your mobile. a

4. Grammarly


For bloggers, Grammarly is one of the best resources for proofreading the articles for virtually any typography mistakes, grammatical and punctuation mistakes.

It’s but one of the most precise, strong, and simple grammar checkers to utilize. Not only it provides the plagiarism checker but it also helps to find the plagiarism in your article.

In reality, it’s among the most precise plagiarism tool around.

As soon as you’re within the plagiarism checker, you only have to paste your articles or upload your document and hit on the “Scan for plagiarism” button again.

Just like Quetext, you’re able to observe that Grammarly managed to discover any type of plagiarism.  It demonstrated that Grammarly managed to correctly discover self-plagiarism which is an important check for students.

While scanning some other material for plagiarism, it doesn’t just scan around 16 billion web pages.

The plagiarism checker by Grammarly can assess your articles for content. However, it will not let you know the sources where it locates that the duplicate content. That means you will not have the ability to mention the citation if you would like to.

Even the premium plagiarism checker from Grammarly not merely highlights passages that need citation but also supplies you with the tools to which you’re able to provide a credit on your content.

5. Copyleaks


Copyleaks is yet another user-friendly plagiarism checker tool that checks for duplicate articles together with amazing features. Students, authors, and webmasters would get this tool very successful to test for plagiarism.

Within few moments, it manages to scan the text from millions of databases to find any similarity amongst your inserted text.

As with other tools, coated in this guide, Copyleaks was likewise able to locate 100 percent plagiarism within your articles.

When you register at Copyleaks it provides you 20 complimentary tests each month. This offers you the best chance to try out every attribute of Copyleaks to determine before updating to the paid subscription.

Some of the features of premium packages are discussed below:

  • Advance plagiarism scans powered by AI technology
  • Thorough plagiarism scanning and similarity reports
  • Detection of paraphrased content
  • Assess your documents to another
  • Detect many types of plagiarism
  • Scan text into over 100 languages
  • Different document format support (pdf, Docx, and much more)
  • Supports Google Docs along with Microsoft Word integration

6. Plagiarisma


Another tool which is able to discover accurate percent of plagiarism is Plagiarisma.

Free users may use the tool to test for plagiarism but it is going to scan webpages from the Bing search engine only.

7. Enhancing Academic Integrity with Turnitin

Among the numerous plagiarism checkers available, Turnitin stands out as a premier choice for academic institutions around the globe. Renowned for its comprehensive approach to ensuring academic integrity, Turnitin is much more than a simple plagiarism detector. It integrates seamlessly with numerous educational platforms and provides educators and students with a robust toolset for enhancing learning outcomes.

To further enhance its capabilities in distinguishing between student work and artificially generated content, Turnitin can be paired with tools like AI Humanizer from aidetector.pro.
This innovative tool helps in identifying text that may have been generated using advanced AI writing models, ensuring that student submissions are genuinely their efforts. By integrating AI detection technologies, Turnitin adapts to the evolving educational landscape, where the use of AI in academic submissions is becoming more prevalent.

It is also capable to discover the source of the articles. However, by knowing the URL of the source from where the content matches, you can easily generate the citation. It can allow you to provide appropriate credit to the source site to avoid the case of plagiarism.