Google SERP Checker: Why It Is So Important – 2024 Guide

Digital marketing provides modern online businessmen with effective tools for attracting, engaging, and delighting customers online. Yet, if you think that it’s enough just to create a website with the help of a free online constructor, post a couple of articles, add your products or services and you get enormous profits in no time, you are wrong. Digital marketing is about creating top-quality and engaging content, designing user-friendly interfaces, and constant monitoring and controlling the website rankings. The latest point is of prime importance. Why? It helps to evaluate the demand for your product or service. It’s also possible to understand whether you choose the right marketing strategy or not.

There are several effective tools you should use to supervise and manage the rankings of your website:

  • SERP checker online;
  • Keyword explorer;
  • Link explorer;
  • Page speed checker;

SEO optimization is a significant part of a successful digital strategy. It helps to make your platform more visible to potential clients. The companies whose websites are placed on the first Google SERPs have more customers and significantly larger income. That’s why it’s very important to choose effective software and tools. When it comes to the best SEO keyword rank tracker, you should consider the tools that SpySERP offers.

A good SEO rank tracker not only provides you with the needed keywords. It also allows to compare historical data and to check local results. Moreover, it’s possible to get reports about the SERPs and rankings of your website. It’s also a perfect tool to monitor your competitors.

Main Peculiarities of Online SERP Checker

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On the Net, it’s possible to find lots of free SEO tools. Yet, not all of them provide accurate and credible information. If you want to get really trustworthy data, you can’t but appreciate the SEO rank checker. There are the following peculiarities of the service you should know about:

  • It provides users only with a thorough analysis.

You can hardly find an SEO specialist like who is ready to work only with common and imprecise data. To lift the website position, it’s important to consider all the details. That’s why tools that generate only general analysis are of little use;

  • It works with specific keywords.

SEO optimization is important for any website. Yet, every business is specific and uses unique keywords. The set of keywords that meets the needs of one company can be absolutely useless for another one. That’s why the SERP checkers allow customizing the search details;

  • It allows to define the needed location.

More and more businesses go online. Yet, you have to define priorities. For instance, it’s clear that the French company is more interested in new clients in Europe than in America.

Moreover, nowadays it’s important to distinguish between desktop and mobile versions. While the search results differ, it’s necessary to apply distinctive algorithms.

So, digital marketing is not an easy thing. SpySERP is a good choice when it comes to efficient SEO optimization of your company. The best specialists do everything possible (and sometimes even impossible) to highly rank your website and increase its visibility.

Can You Do the SERP Checking Manually?

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In principle, checking the SERP ranking of your website is not a very complicated process. All you have to do is make a query with a specific keyword on an online search. Then, you check in which position your website was shown.  You repeat the process for all the keywords of interest. However, a commercial website may contain hundreds if not thousands of keywords. Moreover, besides Google, there are several other search engines (Yahoo, Yandex, etc.) that matter.

Hence, it is evident that doing manual queries, although possible, would be extremely time-consuming. You cannot invest so much time in doing queries manually. This is why you need an automated tool to do it for you. No wonder the SERP checker by SpySERP is so cherished among marketing and SEO specialists. With this tool, you can devote more time to optimizing the content of your website to a specific search engine.

Now, consider that different Internet trends and fluctuations make your ranking variable. So, to remain competitive, you must perform the SERP checking of your website regularly. Ideally, you must do it daily. This way, you’ll identify which keywords are no longer functioning as they should. Hence, with timely information of this type, you can modify your content to include different keywords. In the end, you want to have only keywords that drag good amounts of organic traffic to your site.

Where Do I Get the Best Keywords?

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Finding the right keywords for your commercial site is a laborious task in itself. Granted, you need to write very interesting content for your site to be successful. However, if you don’t include relevant keywords, your site may not be visible on any SERP. One of the best things to do is to avoid relying solely on common keywords. Each niche has its set of common keywords. They are used in all commercial sites in that specific niche.

Hence, if you want to stand out, you must use long-tail keywords. These are keywords that are more specific to the product or service that you use. While attracting a lot of visitors to your site is good, it’s better if they are willing to buy from you. You can use the SERP checker to identify opportunities for excellent keywords.

You can do it by analyzing thoroughly the keyword position of your competitors.  As mentioned, this tool allows you to get accurate reports of keyword SERP of competitors. You’ll be able to identify the keywords that are working for them. Likewise, you’ll identify keywords that haven’t been used yet. With all this information, you’ll be able to modify your content to beat other sites in your niche. The result will be prime SERP positions on different search engines. Use all the benefits of this tool to improve your online presence.