5 Tips for Men to Rock Indian Wear in 2024

India is a culturally vibrant country. Their traditions, homes, and clothes all represent their culture and norms. Their events are rich in colors. When it comes to clothes, the vibrancy in their formal and casual wear is unmatched. Indian wear is not loved by Indians solely. Several celebrities and tourists from all around the world love to wear these dresses as well.

Indian-wear comprises Sherwani, Dhoti, Jodhpuri suits, Kurta, Pajama, and Pathani suits. They have a wide variety of dresses from formal wear to casual wear and groom collection. It is not easy at all to carry these dresses without knowing about their styles. Because each of them has different styles and varieties, which make them unique. Here are some of the tips for you if you want to rock Indian wear:

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1. Choose the outfit wisely:

You should select the outfit based on the event you are going to. Indian dresses vary widely based on occasion. These outfits differ from ethnic attire to religious wear. Some of these clothing is not for casual wear at all. So, select an ensemble that is best according to the type of event you want to attend.

If you are going to a marriage ceremony or an event like Mehendi or Sangeet, select colored clothes. Clothes matched with white bottoms are a total game-changer. Floral jackets are also in trend these days. So, you can wear your floral jacket with the basic colored kurta-pajamas. Or if you are going to a Pooja, then you should choose some minimal colors. It is better to avoid sharp and edgy colors for such occasions. The simpler the attire is, the more elegant you will look.

2. Shoes are as important as the dress:

Shoes are as important as the dress for rocking any Indian wear. That’s because some dresses like Pathani, Jodhpuri dress, Angrakha style Sherwani and Kurtas are very traditional. They depict the crafts and tastes of Indian people. So, you should not wear boots or sneakers with these dresses. And if you are wearing a traditional dress, select footwear like sandals, mules, or Kolhapuri shoes. You can also go for moccasins.

However, Khussas are best for long dresses like angrakha style sherwani or shalwar kameez. Select some decent colors like brown, black, or blue for the light-colored outfits. On the other hand, Kolhapuri sandals and mules enhance the dignity of a Kurta-Pajamas.

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3. The fabric of the dress:

It is not a sensible approach to randomly select any expensive attire without knowing about its fabric. Many people make this mistake of not considering fabric choice.. They often can’t differentiate between the types of cotton or linen. Indian-wear comes in various materials such as Cotton, Khaddar, Silk, Denim, Linen, Jacquard, and Brocade.

Some contain fabric with lining, and some are plain. You can select the material of the cloth according to the function you want to attend. Silk is a very heavy and bit expensive fabric which is why it is usually preferred for wedding functions.

But if you are going to a simple event or get together, then you should use materials like cotton, khaddar, linen, denim, and jacquard. However, it is best to wear cotton in Summers and khaddar or Silk in winters.

4. Length of the dress:

Some dresses like Salwar Kameez and Kurtas come in different hemlines and lengths. Hemline is the folding of the bottom of the shirt. It can be wide or narrow. Normally, measurements are given for these dresses, and you can easily calculate which length will fit you best. Sherwanis are usually long as compared to Kurtas. Kurtas can be of shirt length, mid-length or long.

You can wear short Kurta with pants or straight-fit Pajamas. But it’ll be odd if you’ll wear short Kameez with a Salwar. So, we advise you to wear knee-length Kameez with a Salwar.

5. It is all about hues:

You should select colors that perfectly match each other. For example, dark green or olive dupatta or waist with a yellow colored Kurta-Pajama. Similarly, Maroon and Mahogany go perfectly with black Kurta-Pajama. Blue kurta suits well with white pajamas. You can wear a white cigarette or straight pants.

You can also take inspiration from influencers and OOTD professionals. Various blogs can help you select the right colors according to the functions you are going for.

Of course, if you want your work cut out for you, shops like Nihal Fashions have a wide range of Kurta and Pajama that you may like to try for the next event. They have an array of collections including sherwani, dhoti, Nehru jacket, pathani, and indo-western dresses all in one place. So, you don’t have to worry about the color combinations or fabric selection. What else could anyone ask for?

Things you need to avoid while wearing Indian clothes:

  • Don’t wear too many accessories with the dresses. You can use a simple Dupatta or Shawl for the Kameez-Shalwar with a watch. That’s it.
  • Avoid Kurta with stone-work if you’ve to attend a simple get together.
  • Colorful shoes will completely ruin your look. Some people don’t give attention to footwear. So, try to avoid such mishaps.
  • Wear the fabric according to the event and the season. You should not wear a cotton kurta in Winters. Try Khaddar or Linen for smaller events and Silk for bigger events.
  • Sherwanis and Jodhpur suits are not for casual wear.
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Final Words:

Indian wear especially, Indo-western wear and Kurta-Pajamas, are in high demand across the globe; because of the ethnicity and designs of these clothes. People love to buy these clothes because of the unique patterns and designs of these clothes. They fastly grab the attention of the customers. Especially the fusion clothes are very unique that represent the culture of different cities of India.

The best thing about these clothes is, they are pretty economic. You can rock any Indian-attire by following the tips we mentioned above. Just select the color and fabric according to the event, and you are all set to steal the eve.