7 Tips for Wearing Streetwear Cloths to Work and Still Look Formal

Power casual is the latest trend. This means that you will combine streetwear cloths and formal clothes, from specific pieces of clothing, through current color palettes, all the way to trendy accessories. Streetwear is definitely one of the dominant movements in the fashion industry and gives you a lot of opportunities when it comes to discovering your own style. the world collectively balances between clothes adapted to home, casual editions and combinations for festive occasions and crazy parties.

That is why it is no wonder that more than ever, the trends offer pieces that are a mix of casual and attractive, and that we find sportswear on every corner that easily turns into an evening dress with the appropriate accessories.

1. Leather jacket and shirt

Source: fjackets.com

The biker jacket has experienced its comeback. This piece of clothing is widely worn by the most famous bloggers on Instagram, who complete every look with it. This way you can make your outfit edgy and more attractive. The main advantage of a black leather jacket is that you can wear it with any clothes.

For example, if you want to go to the store or brunch, you can wear a sweatshirt, a leather jacket and a dress. However, if you want to look more formal, replace the sweatshirt with a plain white shirt. However, this item of clothing is a must-have and it will forever remain popular as predicted by fashion experts.

2. Leather jacket and roll neck

Roll neck was a complete hit in the previous year, but she is also a piece of clothing that is constantly returning to fashion. If you opt for a black leather jacket, black skate, your favorite pair of striking affordable prescription glasses, baggy pants and popular oxfords, you will get a great look.

You can use this popular styling in any situation. Check this to get few more ideas how to combine casual clothe with formal.

3. Mini skirts

Source: thelist.com

With shows like Miu Miu and Prada, a micro dress trend has emerged. These are mini pieces of clothing and it is often combined with oversize models such as basic t-shirts and the like. The low-waist miniskirts, which were modeled on those models from the 2000s, stood out in particular.

If you have days at work in which you can dress more relaxed, opt for a bold skirt, oversize shirt and jacket. Complete the entire outfit with a designed handbag and an expensive pair of glasses. Tie your hair neatly and add a piece of striking earrings.

4. Business pants with a low waist

Source: marieclaire.com

Another trend from the 2000s that is returning to the big door are low-waist pants. Although not everyone will like this, most are enthusiastic about low-waist pants and combine them perfectly with different pieces of clothing. In recent years, the cuts of trousers and pharmacies that flatter curves have been popular, because they have a high-set belt that perfectly emphasizes the thin waist and lengthens the legs.

If you do not feel comfortable while your stomach is exposed in low-waist pants, simply use them for work. Opt for a more formal model of pants, high heels and a hoodie shirt. Sew the front part of the T-shirt into the pants, and let the rest fall freely. Put a jacket on your shoulders, take a mini bag and you can go to work.

5. Sheer dresses

Source: thefashionspot.com

Transparent dresses that discreetly reveal the silhouette will dominate, throughout all seasons. This is definitely a piece worth investing in. However, when you wear them in public and in important situations, you need more clothes. For example, wear a basic white T-shirt under a dress and a plaid jacket over it.

If you combine a luxury bag and shoes, big glasses and red lipstick, you will get a great look. Don’t forget that plaid is back on the catwalks. You can see all the pieces, from pants to accessories, in this interesting print.

6. Monochrome style

Source: popsugar.co.uk

This style has been in trend for several years in a row. However, this year it has taken the leading place, especially when it comes to modern monochrome combinations in white. That way, you will always look fresh and clean.

So feel free to wear your most comfortable hoodie white t-shirt, white jeans, elegant slippers and some interesting accessories. Also, one of the trends that was written about a lot in 2024 through “all red” outfits, combinations with orange or green pieces.

7. Cargo shorts

Source: lee.com

Today, short shorts are totally out. In their place come cargo shorts that you can combine with heels and thus get a great outfit for work. If you don’t want to look too formal, you can always wear a basic T-shirt. When the summer months come, you should simply wear the clothes in which you look beautiful, and it is adequate for the climatic conditions in which you are. The most important thing is to feel good wearing cargo shorts. If you normally like to wear suits, it may be a good idea to choose classic cotton cargo shorts in simpler colors. If you like a more relaxed style, you can find denim or canvas models.

These pants also require nice shoes in which, above all, the leaves and joints look nice, and they can be worn without socks. The solution is therefore leather shoes. Flat slippers with transverse belts are something you will never go wrong with, especially if you complete the whole image with an adequate T-shirt. You can also opt for flat, elegant leather shoes similar to the ones you wear in the fall. This will make you look very chic. For a measured and smooth look, it is necessary to wear cargo shorts with a shirt and moccasins. To achieve a more casual look, you can combine pants with a white T-shirt and sneakers


Many old trends of the 80s and 90s were returning during all seasons. There were silk fabrics, tweed, long jackets, plush, comfortable and unburdened fashion. However, the biggest trend is actually basic things that are combined with formal garments, and this kind of outfit cannot overshadow anything. It came as a refreshment that was necessary for fashion.