7 Formal Style Mistakes Most Guys Make

So you’re going to a wedding or an official gala event, you’ve got your suit, tie, and shirt ready, but when you look in the mirror, something’s just not right. Or maybe you need to dress formal during a job interview, during a meeting with a client or to talk about a possible promotion?

If there’s ever a time a guy should give George Clooney a run for his money, it’s when he’s in formal wear. Sometimes the edge between getting that job or not looking goofy during a formal event is in the smallest details. So, let’s fix them then!

Many guys make a few simple mistakes that might seem insignificant but actually make a big difference. As mentioned before, it’s all about paying attention to minor things that on the overall look and appearance can cause an impact on how people perceive you.

Here are 7 formal style mistakes most guys make and how to fix them. Take a look and tell us if you are guilty of any of them.

Not adjusting jacket sleeves

Img source: lanieri.com

This one is quite common as many guys think that longer jacket sleeves are the way to go. However, they should be just above the wrist bone, exposing part of the shirt cuff.

Besides, you can take a chance to show off a cool formal watch, to show that you never miss track of time (but if you arrive late, the watch will probably be counter-productive).

As it’s difficult to find a perfectly fitting jacket at the store, your best bet is to bring your suit jacket to a tailor. It doesn’t cost much but makes a massive difference.

Buying too baggy shirts

We’ve been seeing our dads wear oversized shirts under their suits, and maybe that’s the reason that many guys do the same thing to this day.

Nonetheless, remember that this only makes you look bigger (yes, even if you have a few pounds extra!). Baggy shirts are fine to wear at home, sitting in the sofa while enjoying a beer, together with some comfy sweatpants. During formal events you want to avoid them.

When buying dress shirts, always make sure that the seams hit the edge of your shoulders, that there’s not too much space around the neck and the fabric around your torso is neat.

Wearing shirt untucked

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While it’s okay to wear your shirt untucked on a casual day, you should always have it tucked in if you’re wearing a suit.

Not tucking your shirt shows carelessness and it is definitely not adequate for a formal event.

That’s why when you’re shopping for dress shirts, always make sure they’re long enough to do so.

Sporting the wrong tie length

As with most things in life, you should strive for that golden middle with your ties.

The tip of your tie should end in the middle of your waistband when you’re standing in a natural posture.

Anything longer or shorter will make you look odd and out of balance. So spend some time tying your tie before you head out that door! There are some YouTube tutorials that you can watch to learn how to tie your tie with different knots, to make sure it looks perfect. Also, for more information you can check Bespokeunit.com

Wearing the wrong undershirt

Img source: nextlevelgents.com

There’s a thought that since you’re wearing the tee under a shirt, it doesn’t matter what it looks like. Wrong.

A worn-out, raggedy t-shirt will bunch up or be visible through the dress shirt ruining all the good effort you’ve put into your look. It’s also important to not wear black under a white shirt for example or very vivid colors like yellow or pink are also a no. Try to match the undershirt with the shirt, to avoid looking like a colorful palette.

Always go for a high-quality t-shirt like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees, and to avoid it peeking through your collar, opt for a V-neck. They have a complete collection of V-necks in different colors, which you can find here: FreshCleanTees.com/collections/v-necks

Still wearing square-toed shoes and not polishing shoes

These are two of the most common shoe mistakes. If you still have squared-toed shoes, get rid of them. They’ve been out for a while and probably aren’t coming back any time soon.

Get nice pointed-toe or rounded shoes (like Oxfords), and you’ll be able to wear them for years to come.

Once you take care of that, don’t forget to polish them. It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about adding another protective layer to the shoes.

Your shoes will look like new ones longer, and you won’t have to hide scuff marks under the table cloth.

Buying the wrong fit of the suit

Img source: unsplash.com

Even though this should be the easiest step with the help of a shopping assistant or a good eye of a friend, some guys still insist on buying the suits by themselves and get the wrong fit.

If you’re one of them, always remember that even if you are overweight, a baggy suit will not help you conceal that, just as it won’t make you look bigger if you’re skinny.

Make sure you’re wearing a suit that fits your frame, whatever it is, and take the suit to the tailor to get adjusted for you.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helped you to take a moment to reflect on some formal style mistakes that you made in the past. Sometimes one of these mistakes can cost you a job or a promotion, because the first impression always impacts the outcome on these situations.

It might be quite superficial to think that people take such a deeper look into the outfit of the person in front of them, but the way that you dress can say a lot about you.

Are you confident? Do you put attention into details? If you are careless about the way you dress it’s likely the other person will think you will also be careless at your job.

In the end it’s not about adapting to the fashion style everyone has, but to include your own identity without missing single details that show wardrobe malfunctions or self-negligence.