Should I Use a VPN to Gamble Online in 2024

Have you ever wanted to gain access to platforms or sites that are not accessible in your country? Have you ever wanted to play on an online casino but due to legal restrictions in the country you are trying to access the site, you cannot? Well, a VPN might be the tool that allows you to overcome these frustrating obstacles.

It seems like many gambling websites don’t allow us to access the site apart from when we are in that specific country. Take, for example, you go on holiday to Poland, due to the Polish government’s strict gambling laws and regulations, you can’t seem to access the site you normally use. A good VPN will help you use a server in the country of your choice, so it appears that your computer is running from that location.

In Simple Terms, How Does A VPN Work?

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If you are not running a VPN on your smart device or computer to gamble online, you will be using your IP address. Your IP address is a specific list of characters given to each device required to connect to a network.

If you run a VPN, it will connect your device to a remote server located anywhere throughout the globe. The better VPN you use, the more choices you will have on the server location.

This will help reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and help your data stored on your device remain secure.

If you are playing for real money online, you will need to provide your bank details. Cybercriminals are well aware of this and are often on the lookout for credit card details in the hope of stealing money from your account.

This is more common than you think. You are more likely to become a victim of cyber theft than being in a car accident or your vehicle being physically broken into. Most gamblers understand risks and odds, so running a VPN while gambling online appears to be essential.

How Can A VPN Improve Your Odds When Gambling Online?

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It is common for different websites to offer different odds to punters. Due to many gambling sites online all competing for your business, there seems to be a constant flow of promotions and deals to win your business.

Unfortunately, you can’t visit all these sites online without using a VPN. For example, you want to bet on a Premier League football match. You are based in England, and the UK websites offer you odds of 25/1. However, you notice a website in America that gives you better odds at 30/1. You can take advantage of these better odds by connecting with a server located in America.

If you want to use your gambling account online in a country where gambling is illegal, you can run a VPN so that your device appears to be running in a country where it is legal.

A VPN Offers you Extra Protection

VPNs were not developed to allow gamblers to play on blocked websites. They were created for large companies to improve their networks’ privacy and reduce a cyber attack. Cybercriminals are constantly trying to steal data and resources from large businesses.

Nowadays, lots of people run a personal VPN. Although most reputed gambling sites that allow you to play with real money have high-security software built into their websites, a VPN offers you extra protection.

The beauty of it is that you can still get free VPNs and enjoy secure surfing. Visit Fortune Lords for further information on what are the best free VPNs available.

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What is the Downside of Using a VPN to Gamble Online?

Here are a few downsides to using a VPN online:

  • Understand when using a VPN to gamble online won’t make gambling legal in other countries. If the authorities catch you, you may face some serious penalties.
  • A good VPN will cost you money; although many VPNs are free, the best ones you have to pay for.
  • If you use a gambling site in a country where gambling is illegal, the gambling site might confiscate your funds.

Perhaps read the terms and conditions provided by the online gambling site to make sure you’re not breaking any laws.

Factors to consider when selecting a VPN service

  • Some people end up with slower speeds whenever they connect to a VPN. However, a good VPN should optimize the connection between two computers and thus increase the speed. Such a VPN is supposed to reduce the number of links in the chain. Some of the things to check include the upload and download speeds. Upload speed should be high if you want to transfer large sets of data. On the other hand, download speed should be high if you download loads of data.
  • An average person has a computer and a mobile device. You must ensure that the VPN service you are about to pick supports various devices and their operating systems. Some of these VPNs allow you to log into multiple devices at a go and still enjoy your browsing. Check if there are any limitations based on the number of devices you can use or the operating system.
  • The developers of the VPN service should take care of the hard part of codding. On the other hand, installing and getting the VPN service running should be easy on your part. Thus, the user interface should be simple, and you do not have to be an IT expert to run one. The VPN should also come with a users’ manual.


For gamblers, a VPN has lots of benefits when playing for real money online. It not only allows you to gamble on sites that might be blocked in the country that you are playing in, but it protects your device from being attacked.

Cyber attacks are very common these days. If you were to have your identity stolen, it might take years to get your life back to normal. It is very difficult to regain that lost information. It can cause serious stress, financial implications, and it can be a very scary experience knowing somebody can use your data for their gain.