Tiling Trends of the 90s You Can Follow Today – 2024 Guide

The 1990s hold a very special place in the hearts of a lot of young homeowners today. These are homeowners who can be placed under the millennial umbrella. The people who are now slowly entering, or have already reached, their 30s. This generation is one of the worst-off generations in terms of predicted wealth accumulation, stable income and job security. As such, these millennials are people who fondly remember the 90s as being the first decade of their lives. They cherish the memories they have of the 90s and many of them are looking to bring that 90s flavour into their homes. Below we have listed some of the popular tiling trends of the 90s that are making a comeback.

Tiles That Look Like Wooden Floors

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Wooden floors are synonymous with class and elegance. These are some of the most “premium” looking flooring options you can deploy to get that look of class and elegance which you can find on sites such as tileclub.com. While actual wooden flooring can be quite rough on new finances, there is a much cheaper alternative that can accomplish the visual aesthetics you desire. There are added benefits of these tiles including the fact that they are much more durable, easy to install and also easier to clean and maintain.

Vintage/Retro 90s tiles

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The vintage retro look of a 90s flooring scheme has come back in style quite aggressively. This design trend of the 90s (and 80s) makes for a fresh and unique look, where the only limitation of design patterns is the imagination of those designing it.

The vintage look is particularly preferred among those who are into the pop culture and design aesthetics of the 90s and 80s. Although it is more associated with the 80s than the 90s, the later was the one when they became more popular. This type of flooring will definitely give you a sense of nostalgia and make you go back to the simpler times of the 90s, when most millennials were just starting their life off in this world as just kids.

Multi Colored and Multi Sized Tiles

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Multi colored and sometimes multi sized tiles were a staple design choice in the 90s. These were some of the most popular choices among the homeowners of the 90s and they are making a strong comeback among homeowners of today.

Millennial homeowners are particularly attracted to the decor options of the 90s. They provide for a nostalgic feel to the decor and feel of the house. It brings back memories for many of them. The multi colored tiling option is one of those that make for a very interesting and unique design option. Experimenting with different colored tiles may have started in the 90s but it is still a popular design choice for many, as the decor of the 90s is making a strong comeback.

Using different colored and different sized tiles gives the designer an infinite number of options in terms of the color palettes they can use. This also makes for a much interesting decor scheme.

Patterned Tiles

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Patterned tiles were a staple favorite among many homeowners of the 90s. It really does not matter what colors they are made of, as long as they are patterned.

These types of tiles were very popular for use in kitchens and bathrooms. The kitchen and the bathroom are spaces of the house where decor quality is often sacrificed for functionality. That does not always have to be the case. Style and functionality can go hand in hand when you choose patterned tiles. These are areas of the house that are mainly made up of straight lines and solid surfaces. Adding even a few patterned tiles among them can be an awesome way to bring in some softness to the design. It also is a very definite way to give the space a bit of uniqueness and some personality.

Colored Tiles

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If you existed in the 90s and have any recollection of the design trends of the decade, you will remember colored tiles as being a favorite among many of the homeowners of that decade.

This 90s trend has been slowly making a comeback. The use of solid, bright and bold colored tiles in particular was a favorite in the 90s. The 90s emphasized individuality and what better way to send that message of uniqueness and individuality than solid colored tiles.

Some of the most favorite among homeowners of today is the use of solid emerald green tiles as flooring or ceiling tiles. This is a very bold option in the design scheme and can help to make the house feel like a place that is enriched with greenery. As having plants in the house has come back in fashion, this choice of decorating option will surely help with giving the space a very thought out and planned look that is very elegant and classy.

Hexagonal and Shaped Tiles

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Hexagonal and shaped tiles were another favorite design option in the 90s. As the 90s as a whole is making a comeback, so are these tiling options. This type of tiling is really useful in creating a very unique and personalized look for your homes. These tiles really help with creating sophisticated styling options without having to expel too much energy.

The 90s were a time when the world was much simpler to many young homeowners of today. It was a time that was the childhood of millennials. As these millennials are now the young homeowners of today, they are increasingly looking to make their houses reflect upon that time. The tiling options listed in this write up are going to do exactly that for them.