5 Game Changing Mobile Trends We Can Expect in 2024

The mobile industry has been on the rise for a serious amount of time and the trends are not looking to change the direction any time soon, therefore what we can expect to be presented within the 2024 rivals the things once existing only in the imagination of the imaginative people. The mobile industry continues to thrive since the demand dictated by the market always asks for novelties. Therefore, the mobile industry continues to prosper in all ways from all angles considering its indirect omnipresence in almost all other industries.

The mobile phone has come to a status much more superior than that of a simple gadget since it affects the lives of almost every single person on the planet indirectly if not directly. The possibilities it provides are numerous and are multiplying every day. The utilization of the features this device offers has enabled using a mobile phone as a wallet, credit card, ID card, shopping assistant, banking assistant, video provider, etc. Almost anything you can imagine can be brought up to digital life via apps you can download from the app store.

With new years come new trends, therefore, the expectations of trends we are about to face aren’t small. Following actual trends and knowing the opportunities brought up by the market is what characterizes today’s successful entrepreneur. You may consider the following to be the game changers when it comes to mobile trends to be expected in 2024.

1. Artificial Intelligence

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The chances that you are already using this feature are high. Namely, if you are familiar with Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, or Alexa, you have experienced how it is to work with AI. Not only does the AI offer help via your mobile device, but their resume becomes bigger every day. Namely, by gathering different data about yourself and learning about your habits, your personal AI assistant exists to assist you and show off what it can do. The more you allow these little helpers to see, the more they will know how to be of assistance and respond in accordance with your preferences. By using voice recognition, all sorts of apps take advantage of the AI and use their skillset in the segments where hands-free operating is an option. Therefore, the utilization of the AI is expanding, while the palette of features offered by the AI grows bigger on a daily basis. About more top-notch technologies regarding mobile and other devices you may find more here.

2. Location-Based Technology

Getting across the information that your smartphones and other mobile devices reveal where you go by keeping track of your movement should not come as a surprise. Actually, the apps we are talking about have your permission to do so. When this is required by an app that needs to have your whereabouts in order to deliver certain goods to you, the suspicion is unnecessary, but when your music app asks to know about your whereabouts, you may get confused. Namely, nowadays every single app will ask to use your location and movement records eventually. The reason for this is simple and is of a marketing nature. The information about the potential user is on the price, therefore marketing agencies pay to get that info from various apps. Expect from the new apps and even from the updated old ones to have better means of showing your distance passed, thanks to your phone’s better navigation features.

3. Augmented Reality

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What is the best way of explaining the meaning of augmented reality is shown at various filters you may use on social platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram. Namely, the term implies taking something real and recreating it with artificial properties. Another globally popular platform that uses the advantages of augmented reality is Pokemon Go, a game played by more than 5 million people daily worldwide. The aforementioned examples show how augmented reality, future upgrades, and modifications shall improve the general impression and better the user’s experience.

4. Syncing Wearable Technology with Your Mobile Device

If you cannot connect it to your mobile device, then it is not worth mentioning. Jokes aside, the number of gadgets you can use alongside your mobile device grows rapidly. From smartwatches and Bluetooth headset to operating your freezer and your washing machine from your mobile phone. Not only can you set the time when you want the lights in your bedroom to shut down, but you can also fill up the bathtub warming it up to your taste with the playlist prepared earlier that day, all with just a few fingertips and thanks to the apps that provide you services like that. Nowadays, pairing your device with other items becomes a normal thing to do, therefore, the limits of mobile technology are not easy to be perceived.

5. Mobile Apps for Everyone

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Up to recently, having an app was considered to be a characteristic of major enterprises and companies already known by their field of expertise, mainly as a contemporary expectation, but nowadays the availability of such service is within hands reach to almost anyone who is in need. Namely, finding an app for your needs has never been easier whether we talk about individuals or small businesses. You may find an already made app providing you with the features of your needs, and certain developers may come to your assistance by creating an app that will help you with your business and enable you to level up.

People Will be Able to Control their Homes with their Phones

Not only will you be able to control all the doors and approaches to your home, but you will also be given a chance to supervise everything. Surely, having this established implies additional hardware for the whole thing to function, but the idea of having all the strings attached to your mobile device has never been easier to be realized. Think of a concept and make it work for you.

In order to realize how fast is the world of mobile devices evolving, try remembering your old phone and the phone before. Having all the gadgets around made us forget how it was when we had to manage everything on our own. If we dare to foretell the future, there is every chance the things will proceed in the same way.