Top 5 Most Famous Paintings by Gustav Klimt 

Known as one of the greatest artists of modern time, Gustav Klimt created more than 160 inspiring pieces of art during his career. He was part of many art movements like Symbolism, Art Nouveau, and the Vienna Secession. Just like the Impressionists that came before him, Gustav Klimt was deeply fond of the intricate works … Read more

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7 Trends in Illustration and Graphic Design to Meet 2024

Graphic design trends for 2024 are rich and diverse, adapting to technological changes faster and better than ever before. The latest trends move towards depth and reality, as well as fun and simplicity. Get inspired by 7 trends in illustration and graphic design in 2024 with WE7 1. 3D design New design products in 2024 … Read more

6 Best Photography Youtube Channels You Should Start Watching In 2024

Social media has made upskilling seamless. And at present, platforms like Youtube have experienced a transition from being just a means of entertainment to being means of effective education. Experienced people from different fields have come together to display their work on the digital platform and guide interested people into perfection through precise demonstration videos. … Read more

All About Diamond Painting – 2024 Guide

To kill the curiosity of those who want to play with colors and want to create something of their own, we have come up with an answer for those. For crafty addicts, Diamond Painting or Paint with diamonds is an exposition to the query, “how can I paint when I don’t know how to paint” … Read more

Why We Need Art in Times of Social Isolation

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing a global pandemic, economic crisis, and social isolation. In such a difficult period, we more than ever need expression, humanity, and the community. Art is what can give all this and even more. Whether it is a fine art print, a monumental sculpture, or a religious icon, art can help … Read more

Fun Self-care Hobby: Paint by Numbers

Painting is a great way of spending quality time, and you can consider it a hobby too. If you like to paint, there is a lot to explore in the world of art. There are endless opportunities for you if you want to make it a profession, but this doesn’t mean you can’t do it … Read more