All About Diamond Painting – 2024 Guide

To kill the curiosity of those who want to play with colors and want to create something of their own, we have come up with an answer for those. For crafty addicts, Diamond Painting or Paint with diamonds is an exposition to the query, “how can I paint when I don’t know how to paint” this could be your best bet.

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a newly emerged genre of art. It was invented in China in 2010 by Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. it looks like a cross-stitch art but practically far beyond that. Just like paint by Numbers, it is also for the beginners craving for art. In Diamond Painting, a coded canvas is designed for the artist.

He has to place rhinestones or you can say it drills in correspondence with the colors mentioned in the code bar with the help of a stylus. This code bar is given at the side or the bottom of the canvas. A complete kit for paint with diamond is designed for this purpose that varies between beginners and adults. They can buy their choice. This is thus, Paint with diamonds or Diamond Painting.

How Diamond Painting Affects the Body and brain?

For most of the people, it can be a hobby but for many of us it can be an exercise for the brain and grooming the personality positively. It enhances the focus level, shoves many distress thoughts off the shoulder and engages the mind in creativity. It creates coherence between body and brain. It gives a shot to social meetings and increases interaction among people. To get appreciation after creating a stunning piece of art can boost up the confidence level in children. A good job can be opted by many of us.

What do you need to paint with diamonds?

It is a distinguished form of painting and requires intrinsic interest to kick start the challenge. To result in good you have to start wisely. What do you need is, first and foremost, a keen interest in this work. It is a time consuming project, losing interest will take you nowhere. Next thing is s, selection of appropriate Painting Kit. Choose the best one that attracts you most to paint, because there are a large number of images that you can work on. Some online stores are working on customized canvases as well. You can select a picture and get it printed on canvas. Here you get going with your own creation.

How to do Diamond Painting?

To initiate the work, keep the following steps to less the mess and upshot great.

  1. Purchase the best-fit Diamond Kit
  2. Go through the checklist
  3. Embed the canvas
  4. Start the work
  5. Post painting precautions

Let’s start in details.

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  • First of all, buy a diamond painting kit that would be according to your status and according to the In the kit, the important article is the canvas. The larger canvas exposes the art in a better way.  Opt for that one, comes with good composition and colors that suit your personality. You can buy these 5d diamond kits from online stores.
  • When you have your kit in hand, consider the checklist and make sure that you have received all the equipment and nothing is missing. Make use of the inventory sheet to tally the gems.
  • Third step, embed the canvas on a flat surface table and fix its corners. It will prevent from creasing or rolling the canvas back. At the side of the canvas, a visual aid will be provided to help you. For your understanding, a chart would be given from where you can connect the colors in accordance to the codes. Probe deep to get the exact correspondence.
  • On the next step, start from smaller sections. As the canvas is protected with a plastic sheet to prevent from drying up the adhesiveness, peel off the sheet from the corner of the canvas to get the work started.
  • Look at codes that are given on that peeled section and match the rhinestones according to the chart. Empty half of the identified color stone bag into the diamond painting tray and shake it so that the drills get set evenly.
  • Now pick the diamond painting pen, the big player of the game, and insert its tip into the wax. This tip is formed in a way that takes a bit of wax in it so you do not need to dip it again and again. One dip works well for a while. Now place that tip of the pen on the top of the drill, making sure that the flatten part is downside.
  • Fix this drill on the corresponding square. Repeat the process in placement of all the colors and get your work done.

Diamond painting kit buyers guide

Various types of diamond painting kits are available in craft shops and online as well. You have to be keen while selecting an appropriate diamond kit so that your money would not be wasted.

Canvas size should be in accordance with your temperament and skill. For beginners, 30x30cm.  For adults or intermediate, 60x60cm and for the Experts, even 160×100 would not be a big deal.

Different diamond kits come with different diamond types. Like 5d and 3d. It is the number of facets that a diamond has. Working with a 3d diamond is easier for kids. If you are buying a kit for kids or beginners, we recommend buying a 3d diamond kit. And for professionals, a 5d diamond kit gives perfection.

Two kinds of kits are available:

  • Full drill diamond kit
  • Partial drill diamond kit

The beginners who want to have their fist dive into water, Partial drill might be the right option. And those skilled ones, who want a complete mosaic project in diamond painting, can dare to buy a Full Drill Kit.

Tips, tricks, tools and techniques for a Good Diamond Painting

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Getting your hands on some useful tips and tricks before starting diamond painting will save your time and energy. We have lined up a few for you.

  • Start from the beginners kit to get acquaintance with the work
  • For a flat surface, use a study table.
  • After unrolling the canvas, it does not stay at place. To handle this issue, put the corners of the canvas under some weight to flatten it out.
  • You can place the leftover beads and raisins in ice cube containers or egg containers with a lid to avoid mixing.
  • Peel off the plastic in bits and pieces
  • First manage to complete the one color and then take start with the next.
  • Use multi diamond applicator for filling in the larger areas
  • U can use a chess board method where one color is needed on a larger space. It unconsciously gets the work done in an interesting way.
  • Use a tweezers to pluck when an unwanted drill is placed at the wrong place.
  • Square drills give more perfection to the work as compared to the round drills. Round drills leave the space between them.
  • Do not place the diamonds with force as the adhesive can spread to the facets and can dull their shine.
  • After completing the diamond painting, clean the surface of the diamonds with a damp cloth to prevent diminishing the glow of rhinestones.
  • No need to buy any tool separately. What is needed in completing a painting is added in the kit, you would be buying.