Top 7 Highest Scorers In The Premier League Of All-Time – 2024 Guide

the English Premier League represents the most popular league in football, and it keeps that status for a long time. The biggest rivals are Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga. However, the main reason for such popularity is the fact that there are more top-tier clubs than in any other league. The current champion is Manchester City, followed by Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and more. Also, Tottenham and Arsenal represent legendary clubs with lots of fans all over the world.

There are also Everton, West Ham, and many other clubs with rich histories. With such high popularity, this league is attractive to sponsors as well. Therefore, only promotion to Premier League will provide the club with around $200 million. In that matter, all clubs have a decent amount of money for transfers every year. That is the reason why we have so many stars there, like Salah, Kane, De Bruyne, Fernandes, and more.

There are 20 clubs in the league, all big names, and lots of excellent players. The competition is very tough, and chances that someone will easily win the title are very rare. In most cases, it is exciting until the end, and that is related to title winners, clubs that will compete in the Champions League, Europa League, and the fight for staying in the league as well for those clubs in the bottom.

Another interesting thing is that you can learn a lot by checking out the stats related to this league in the past. A lot of current players are competing to set new records in goals, assists, appearances, clean sheets, and more. Also, we have to mention the popularity of the The list of the best goal scorers is even more interesting. Here are the best highest scoring players in the PL of all time.. There are over 5 million people who are playing this game every year, and these stats are now even more important.

According to Sportingbet, the best goalkeeper when we look at the number of clean sheets is Petr Chech, while David James has the most appearances. The list of the best goal scorers is even more interesting. Here are the best highest scoring players in the PL of all time.

1. Alan Shearer


The legendary striker was playing the best football during the 90s. He started his professional career in Southampton, where he scored 23 goals. After that, he moved to Blackburn, and he is the best player who ever played for this club. They even managed to win their only PL title in the season 91/92. He scored 112 goals for this club. After that, he was playing for Newcastle United for 10 seasons and scored 148 goals. With 260 goals, chances are very low that anyone will manage to beat his record anytime soon.

2. Wayne Rooney


He was one of the best players who was ever playing for Manchester United. He was a part of the golden era when this club managed to win every single title, both in the domestic league and international competitions. He started his professional career in Everton, but he became a starter after moving to Red Devils. He scored 183 goals of them. He is the second-best scorer in the PL with 208 goals.

3. Andrew Cole


The most interesting thing about this player is that he was playing in the PL for a very long time and a lot of clubs. He got noticed in Fulham and Bristol City. Later he was playing for Newcastle United, while the best part of his career was moving to Manchester United. He scored over 90 goals for them. He was playing for other PL clubs as well, such as Blackburn, Manchester City, Sunderland, Portsmouth, and more. He scored 187 goals.

4. Sergio Aguero


The Argentinian superstar is still an active player, and he moved to Barcelona during this summer. He got noticed while playing for Independiente, while he became a top-tier forward while playing for Atletico Madrid. After that, Manchester City bought his contract, and he represents one of the best players in the history of this club. He was playing there for 10 years, and if he managed to keep the top form and stay in the MC for few more seasons, maybe he could even reach the No.1 position on this list. He reached the number 184.

5. Frank Lampard


The legendary player was playing for Chelsea throughout most of his career. The most interesting thing is that this is the only midfielder in the top 10 scorers. He was playing for West Ham during the 90s, and later for Chelsea where he is a legend nowadays. He was also in MC and NYC for one season and started his coaching career afterward. He was a manager in Chelsea for one season as well. Lampard scored 177 goals in the PL.

6. Thierry Henry


The legendary player was playing in Arsenal most of his career, and during that time, this club was one of the best in the world. They managed to win the league without a single game lost for the first time. Besides the PL, he was also in Barcelona and New York RB. Before becoming a legend in Arsenal, he played for Monaco and Juventus. This amazing player scored 175 goals in the Premier League.

7. Harry Kane


This is the only player on this list that is still active in the PL. He currently has 166 goals scored. Also, he is the player with the best chance of reaching the first position. There are rumors that he will move to Manchester City this summer, and this club is known for its attacking formations, which means an even higher chance for him to score more goals. Kane is currently 28 years old, and it seems like he will keep a good form for a couple more years. If he continues to score as many goals as in previous seasons, he will need four of five more to reach the Alan Shearer and set a new record.

The Bottom Line

There are some young players in the league that is already showing excellent potential to become a part of this list one day. Some of the best youngsters are Mason Greenwood, Phil Foden, Mason Mount. Also, Jadon Sancho moved to Man.Utd. this summer, while there are rumors that Chelsea will buy Erling Haaland. In that matter, the competition for the best scorers will continue to be exciting.