6 Best Photography Youtube Channels You Should Start Watching In 2024

Social media has made upskilling seamless. And at present, platforms like Youtube have experienced a transition from being just a means of entertainment to being means of effective education.

Experienced people from different fields have come together to display their work on the digital platform and guide interested people into perfection through precise demonstration videos. And in such time, sites like SubscriberZ have proved to be a boon by facilitating authentic growth and ensuring the online content’s maximum reach.

One field that boasts of outrageous traffic online is photography. Since everyone loves to capture the moments close to their hearts and treasure them forever, learning from the experts on how to do it best doesn’t hurt at all.

So here is a list of 6 photography Youtube channels you should start watching in 2024 to level up your photography skills.

img source: unsplash.com

The Art Of Photography

Owned by Ted Forbes, The Art of Photography is an excellent guide for all those who want to polish the art of visual storytelling. Through his videos, Ted zooms into the giant world behind the lenses and unravels the beauty of this magical form of art.

His videos cover a wide range of topics, including insights into the history of photography, the world’s leading photographers, trailblazing techniques, camera angles, and shots. Besides shedding light on tips and tricks to master the art, he also focuses on educating his followers on helpful gadgets related to photography.

Moreover, he encourages rising artists by featuring their best works in his channel.

The Slanted Lens

If you are scouting for sources to help you develop your photography skills, then look no further than Jay P Morgan’s channel, The Slanted Lens. He intends to let people explore the titbits of photography and throws light on the science that works behind it.

His videos are an endless source of information as well as motivation. You will find him talking about cameras and related equipment. Morgan delivers lighting lessons and offers tutorials on the same. He helps his followers dive deeper into the technical aspects of photography and videography.

While it may appear that the channel is way too educational and might lack an element of interest, let us tell you that Morgan’s way of presentation is sure to keep you glued. So, stay tuned to his channel and pave the way to a perfect click with this humorous yet subtle YouTuber.

img source: unsplash.com

Jessica Kobeissi

Be a member of the 1.75M family and perfect the art of photography as you take a tour of the world with Jessica. Fashion and portrait photographer Jessica Kobeissi has geared up to share her secrets to expertise through digital media.

Her youtube channel is an immensely informative and inviting space for photography enthusiasts. She wonderfully incorporates the skill of capturing moments into other exciting areas like travel and fashion.

Jessica works towards broadening the horizon of her audience’s ideas by teaching them to get creative with whatever they have at their disposal. Be it the clothes in your wardrobe, an ordinary suburb, or natural lights, Jessica will guide you towards harnessing the existing resources to come up with stunning images through proper clicking and editing techniques.

The Mango Street

While devouring loads and loads of information on a specific subject sounds overwhelming, executing a task based on the knowledge is often a challenging undertaking. The Mango Street, a photography and filmmaking channel on youtube, has understood it well and is out there to show and not tell.

They post some fantastic videos whose titles are highly captivating. Their diversity is their strength. Starting from clicking on-point selfies to posing staggeringly to editing images and organizing DIY photoshoots with quirky and surreal themes, The Mango Street has got it all covered.

If you are looking for something to kindle the fire in you to step out and stretch the world across your lens, then The Mango Street is there for you!

img source: unsplash.com

Sean Tucker

With 469K subscribers, Sean Tucker is doing a marvelous job exploring the unknown dimensions of photography. With an unusual blend of philosophy and photography, Sean has something very refreshing to offer.

On his channel, you can witness his brimming passion for art. Tucker’s videos talk separately about the entire sequence of events that photography entails.

This dedicated photographer has got it all covered for you, from planning a shoot to resolving inner conflicts about deciding an angle to clicking the most incredible pictures and spilling the magic of editing to get them ready to be shared. Moreover, you can expect post-production tips from him as well.

Above all, the most striking factor about Tucker’s channel is his understanding of the art as well as the artists. He shares insights on topics like creative block that tends to affect all artists and teaches his audience how to overcome it. Sean believes that a keen sense of vision lies at the crux of good photography, and all it takes to kick it up a notch is a tinge of emotion.

Thomas Heaton

Watch Thomas Heaton venture into the most exciting locations and capture insanely picturesque moments. If you crave adventure and photography, then no doubt, you will devour his videos.

It is one of the most influential landscape photography channels: Thomas ventures outdoors and photographs intoxicating landscapes. You will find him determining a subject, clicking the image, and printing the final image in most of his travel videos.

He traverses an extra mile to please his followers. Through his videos, he shares the challenges faced by photographers in tricky locations and talks about ways of coming to grips with that. If you plan for an escapade and take your camera along, don’t forget to tune in to his channel. He might just reveal the secret to clicking one of the best landscape photographs of your life.

img source: unsplash.com


Photography is an alluring art. However, there is no sure-shot tip to excel at it. At the heart of excellent photography lies the urge to break boundaries, change perspectives, and see the world from different people’s shoes.

A fondness for photography can take you a long way if channelized in the right direction. And to help you do so, there are numerous photographers with a brilliant body of work, putting their knowledge out there to follow and grow. All you need to do is conduct a little video hunt on youtube.