Top 3 Pros and Cons of Owning a Sex Doll – 2024 Guide

The sex industry is always evolving in all shapes and forms. We love that, let’s be perfectly honest because we didn’t love that it would fail. The merchandise that has a buyer will never cease to exist. It’s simple as that.

Let’s not confuse the porn and sex industry. There is a difference and a big one. Porn sells sex in all forms while the sex industry sells sex aids in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Over the years we all saw their progress and we can witness how fast it evolves and adopts new trends and desires. We as humans tend to be as advanced as possible which is why we are continuously are working on things that will mark us as the first of their kind to do so.

The sex industry is making anything that it has a market for. The market opens thanks to a need or a desire and sex is a very hot topic. What we are seeing the biggest advance is in the fields of sex dols. The materials, shapes and forms we have today are incredible and almost life-like which is both awesome and a bit freaky. Today we will tell you about the pros and cons of owning a sex doll and if you want one for yourself then there are numerous places, like, where you can order the one from your fantasies.

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1. It is faithful

Whether we wanted to admit it, faithfulness is probably one of the biggest problems in any relationship. With every new relationship, you are asking yourself from the get-go if you can trust that other person?! Love is one thing, love can be found over time, as well as trust to be perfectly honest, but guys and girls everywhere look for someone honest from the start. This is most important to those that have been hurt prior and who can’t stand another liar in their life. The situation with a sex doll is that you don’t have to worry about these things. The sex doll will always be faithful to you and will always wait for you, no matter where you went, how long have you been and what time or when have you returned. It will offer you unconditional faith.

2. It will not talk back

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Most of us looking for a relationship are trying to pair with someone that can fit our character. In that search, we find a lot of things from those that never shut up to those that don’t speak at all. This creates a lot of confusion in us all which is why we invest so much of our time looking for the perfect somebody. When that doesn’t work out, as it won’t most of the time, you have an option of a sex doll that will never mouth you off, never talk back, never be rude, loud, never question you. It will be there to serve your wishes and needs without any complaint.

3. It doesn’t have a boring family

One of the things that are hard to avoid when dating or in a steady relationship is the parents and relatives of your other half. Sometimes you simply can’t click with these people and no matter what you say or do you are never good enough. No matter how you try to be, sometimes what you are not, you will never be good enough to them. What is even worse is when they don’t agree good with you as well. In those cases, you have an all-out war with them and your relationship is doomed to disaster from the get-go. With these dolls, you don’t have those kinds of problems. She comes in a box, by mail with no parents or relatives that will drive you crazy.


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1. No real relationship

Let’s be real for a second, sex dols are great but are not for any kind of long run. The fact that you will not have and enjoy a real relationship should make you scared. It is great to have someone ready whenever you want and for long as you want but a real relationship is something all of us should strive for. A sex doll should be considered as a sex aid and nothing more. You can buy it to learn, prepare, practice or whatever you want but you should consider having a relationship with a real human.

2. Can’t have kids

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It is beyond obvious the biggest flaw in these sex dolls – they can give birth meaning that your lineage will not be continued. If you strive for children or if your parents want grandchildren then it would be really bad to go to them and tell them that you are dating a doll and that the whole kids deal is not going to happen. There are all kinds of people and that is normal, it wouldn’t be fun if we were all the same, meaning that most would be OK with a life that doesn’t involve the kids but the others will need a change in their routine if they want any kind of chance for progeny.

3. Can’t take out on a date

I don’t care what a lot of people think about this day in age. I don’t care if most of them claim that we live in a non-judgmental and non-condemning society. Try and take your sex doll out on a date in a movie or a restaurant and see for yourself that we are not still near what we believe. This is something that is frowned upon and society will condemn it harshly. You even risk becoming an outcast, called a pervert, a sick person or any other derogative name. Sex dolls are not something that should be bragged about and you all know it. If you want or need it, buy it but don’t tell anyone. These are some strange times and the best example of that is that Kazakh man who married his sex doll. Try and google it and see just how much ridicule and public criticism that guy subjected himself to. The best thing about him is that he doesn’t give a damn about that and he has already managed to divorce his doll.