Gambling Is One Of The Most Popular Leisure Activities In 2024 In The Netherlands

One of the best things you can do in the Netherlands is to take part in gambling. It not only offers you a chance to enjoy some of your favorite games and even socialize but also the opportunity to win several dollars. The Dutch gambling space is opening thanks to new legislation, and the Dutch market even before the new laws were already growing.

For example, in 2018, the number of Dutch players gambling was 1.86 million, up from 1.52 million in 2015. Also, from 2015 to 2024, the gross revenue from the industry grew from €296 million to €3.1 billion, and that’s without factoring the offshore gambling. In fact, only four countries in Europe have a higher gross gaming revenue than the Netherlands, and these are; France, Spain, Germany, and Italy. These are all figures a year or more before the new laws took effect.

What the new gambling law adds to the gambling business

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The latest regulation is the Remote Gambling Act of 209, which became effective on March 2024 and will be implemented from September 2024. The legislation allows for the provision of two licenses, one for casino gaming and the other for sports betting. Within these licenses, the following games will are legal for players in the Netherlands;

  • Poker
  • Casino games
  • Slot machines
  • Sports betting with fixed odds
  • Exchange betting
  • Pari-mutuel betting
  • Live betting
  • Short-odds bingo

As a result of this new law, the monopoly of the Holland Casino is broken. New players, especially offshore accounts, are now in the market, with as many as 80 notable companies expressing interest in the online gaming space. Some of these include: NetEnt, Ladbrokes, William Hill, PokerStars, and Betfair. The law also ensures Dutch players are well protected and not exposed to unscrupulous casinos.

How to pick the right online casino accepting Dutch Players

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Picking the right casino is easier if you conduct your search online as you get to use guides like casinonederland10. Here are some tips to help you with your choices:

1. Accept Dutch Players

Ensure that the casino accepts Dutch players. This could be indicated using a Dutch flag, the payment options, and they should support payments with Euro and Dutch language.

2. Licensing

You want a regulated casino, so make sure they have a reputable license from either the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, or the Curacao Gaming Control Board.

3. Customer Care

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Good customer care is essential for the quick resolution of any issue. Besides email and telephone, it helps to have a 24/7 Live Chat function.

4. Payment options

The more payment options are available, the more convenient it is for you to make deposits and withdrawals. On top of the common e-wallets and debit cards, it will help if the casino supports iDEAL as a payment option.

5. Bonuses

Bonuses are a crucial part of an entertaining gaming experience. Look for casinos with generous offers both for new players and continuing ones.

Types of Bonuses available for Dutch Players in the Netherlands

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Bonuses are a great attraction of gambling in the Netherlands. With newer casinos in the market and the old ones seeking to expand and protect their gains, there are offers everywhere to entice players. Some of the bonuses you will get include:

1. No Deposit Bonus

This kind of bonus is given either in the form of free spins or free cash. All you have to do is register at a casino and redeem the bonus. You do not have to fund your account, and though some casinos will require some banking details, they will not make any deductions from your account. It is a way to explore a casino without any risk on your cash.

2. Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus, as the name suggests, is given after you make the minimum deposit required by the casino. Once you register, you have to deposit the amount set for the bonus for you to activate the bonus. It is a flat amount for all players regardless of the amount of money you add on top of the minimum limit.

3. Deposit Match Casino Bonus

Similar to the deposit bonus, you can only receive the deposit match bonus once you have met the minimum deposit limit. Unlike the deposit bonus, the casino matches the amount of your bonus up to a set limit. Thus, the amount of bonus you get may vary among players depending on how much extra they add on top of the minimum limit. Casinos usually offer it as a percentage of the bonus amount with some lucrative options going up to 200% of your bonus amount up to say 300 Euros. So, you could easily end up with 900 Euros for gambling.

4. Free Spins

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Free spins could be offered as a deposit or no deposit bonus. They are an excellent way to test a slot machine though some casinos may restrict them to certain games. They usually do not offer any significant amount of winnings, but they also have low to no wagering requirements. As such, they are an interesting way to make a few dollars.

5. Loyalty Casino Bonus

The loyalty bonus is available to ongoing players at the casino in the form of points which a player can redeem for cash or other bonuses once they get to a certain level. Some casinos also offer VIP programs for high rollers with ranging bonuses, including birthday gifts and exclusive tournaments.

6. Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus targets new players and can be structured in different ways involving free spins, no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, and deposit match bonuses.

Bonus terms you should be aware

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As you pick your bonuses, you should pay a look at the terms that come with them. Some terms could be unfavorable, which affects whether you get to redeem the bonus or not. The four main considerations are;

1. Amount of bonus offered

Instinctively, if you are comparing two casinos based on the amount of bonus they offer, it is obvious you should pick the higher bonus amount. However, it is not that straightforward at times because higher deposit amounts tend to attract higher requirements which makes them harder to redeem.

2. Wagering requirements

Most deposits, especially in monetary terms, require you to bet/wager the bonus amount a certain number of times before you can cash in your winnings. The playthrough requirement could go up to 50 times the bonus amount. An ideal number is 35X and below, and you should steer clear of any wagering requirement above 50X.

3. The minimum odds

Similar to the wagering requirements, the casino could require you to bet the bonus amount on a certain number of odds and above to redeem the bonus amount. It increases the risk on your end, and higher odds may make the bonus not worth considering.

4. Period of validity

Finally, the bonuses are not given for an indefinite period. Usually, they are activated as soon as you register or make a deposit. You then have anywhere from 7 to 60 days to either redeem them by meeting all the requirements. Failure to do this during the period the bonus is valid means you forfeit the bonus and any winnings you would have earned.