Most Expensive Items in WoW

The World of Warcraft developers are working hard to ensure that players have an opportunity to get some rare or extremely expensive items. Not all positions on the list are available for farming, as some of them can be obtained through shopping in the market.

Owners of rare items take an active part in auctions and offer to purchase the desired artefacts for extraordinary amounts. The cost depends not so much on the special characteristics as on the chances of getting the artefact. Sometimes it takes years to become an owner of an exclusive mount. Let’s find out more about them together with

Bloodfang Cocoon

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It is impossible not to notice the owner of this rare item, since the unusual spider always attracts the attention of other users. The realistic appearance of the animal makes the heart clench with fear, but this detail doesn’t affect the fame of the bloodfang at all.

It is quite difficult to become the new owner of the cocoon, since its market price is 2 million gold. The long process of farming an animal makes you think about ways to replenish your treasury. It will be possible to buy the mount from the Mad Merchant, but even in this case, everything is not so simple.

It is very difficult to contact the seller, as he disappears from view from time to time. Players have to hunt for the Mad Merchant in order to get the coveted purchase. The unique appearance of the mount is surprising and allows once again to make sure that developers often give up their habits.

Big bear

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Fans of rare animals can’t pass up the chance to get the Big Bear. The limited number of this type of mounts is due to the fact that its first appearance dates back to 2008. At that time, the first festivals were held with prizes given to participants.

Today, it is not possible to get a promo code if there are no players with extensive game experience among friends. The Big Bears became a rare species only because their owners decided to leave the World of Warcraft. However, as in other cases, it is possible to buy a mount for real or virtual money.

Selling offers often appear on major websites. The cost of the Polar Bear reaches 1300 dollars, or about 13 million gold. Those wishing to add rare animals to their collection are looking for great deals on Ebay. Despite such a high price, many fans want to buy this mount.

Spectral Tiger and Swift Spectral Tiger

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This pair of mounts may cost collectors a fortune, and the price is constantly rising. For the first time the rare species of tigers became available in 2005 at the famous Festival. Gift cards were a real discovery, but the lack of knowledge about the possibilities played a cruel joke.

You won’t be able to get the spectral tiger just like that, since their number is limited. The owners of rare cards either left the playing arena or didn’t learn about the secret at all. The swift spectral tiger, like its counterpart, is of interest to mount fans.

The cost of these animals is around 8 million gold apiece. While the spectral tiger can be found for the “symbolic” 7 million, the swift one for less than 9 million gold is a nonsense. The huge attention that sparked the popularity of animals is due to the following:

  • tigers are a rare “endangered” type of mounts;
  • rare and epic quality of specimens;
  • players can’t get them in the game.

Offers on Ebay are still an option, with sellers offering to add rare mounts to your collection for as little as $1,300. A solid price doesn’t scare off collectors but rather attracts them.

Magic Rooster Egg

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This mount also became available only to those who had information about the possibility of getting rare animals using loot cards. Mysterious codes haven’t lost their relevance today, so sellers are trying to update offers and display the Magic Rooster Egg in their ads.

The disappeared loot cards made the mount inaccessible, but you don’t have to give up your desire. Players who want to have the magic rooster must ensure they have 7.5 million gold. This price is set by the marketplace and sellers on Ebay.

Some collectors take their time to buy it. Despite the fact that this type of transport is unique, the developers declare their desire to make mounts available to the Mage class. True fans of the game refuse such a tempting offer, because a rare mount should remain so.

You can ask for help in farming and other issues at. Experienced users are ready to help you with their advice and guidance and support newbies. Characters boosting will no longer be a problem, because online assistants are ready to offer new efficient options.

Multicolored sword

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The low-tier weapon suddenly caught the attention of players. The lack of special characteristics didn’t affect the value of the item. This reward was available in Stranglethorn Vale before the release of the update. The division of the location in two made it impossible to get the item.

The sword has won popularity not only due to its inaccessibility but also due to its original design. The item glows with the colours of the rainbow and goes well with any costume. The price listed on the website is 9 million gold.

The victory over the basilisk was no longer necessary, but this didn’t affect the popularity of the subject in any way. It is still on the in-demand list and is of interest to many World of Warcraft fans.


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Visitors of the first festival in 2005 could become happy owners of Murky. The unknown event quickly gained momentum for a simple reason — giveaway of loot cards with rare prizes. Prize holders could get mounts, rare items and exclusive artefacts for entering the code.

Despite the fact that the break between festivals dragged on for a dozen years, you can still use the code. Murky is an interesting mount worth over 35 million gold (about $3,500) in resale markets.