7 Ways to Make Moving Easier and More Fun – 2024 Guide

As we all know, moving from one place to another is not easy, it is a job that requires great responsibility. Let’s not forget that we have to pack everything carefully, arrange it safely and make a final plan and be guided by it. Everything has to be in place, and that’s just one thing. Anyway, all of this is pretty exhausting mostly.

Who says the moving process has to be stressful and arduous? According to the Three Movers website, Moving into a new home is a very nice thing and it means a new beginning, for some a new place to live and in any case a fresh change. So, our advice is to use this occasion for fun and nice experience that will definitely stay with you for the rest of your life. These moves need to be taken very seriously, and so approached. However, this whole experience can also pass with a lot of positive mood or interaction and good company if you move with your family. There are various ways you can do this, and we will list a few.

1. Let the music make the day happy

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Apart from the fact that it has been scientifically proven that music affects our mood, so different tones motivate us differently, one thing is for sure – it lifts everyone’s mood! We have given you as an example of having fun during this process, spending time with your family while you are together in this process, and what would it be like to hang out without music.

So play your favorite songs, and slowly and with pleasure indulge in all the obligations that await you. This way you will make every action easy and it will be easier to endure it with your favorite music. You can turn a boring job of taking boxes from one place to another into a party if you are not alone and by playing some cool music through your speaker, phone or something else. You can also call in professionals for help if there is too much to do, such as Easy Peasy Removals, who offer packing and unpacking and let them share your good mood.

2. Create contests

Moving is an ideal way to make this thing more fun with your family or a few friends and organize some games or competitions. For example, you have finished putting the boxes in one room, you are the first and according to the rules of the game, you have the right to choose the place where you will all eat together that evening. So you set yourself these or similar challenges and believe that your time will pass faster, everyone will simply focus on winning and will not think about boring work.

3. Decorate the boxes

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Break the monotony by decorating your boxes. Go to the nearest store and buy everything you need for it, from markers to decorative material, and have fun just before you start with hard work. This will be a lot of fun if you have children at home, they will surely enjoy this and more than you. So make a nice family activity together and decorate the boxes together and start with a nice mood when it comes to moving. Among other things, you will enjoy creative work.

4. Think of an interesting styling

Make a uniform to wear during the day of moving in. It doesn’t have to be a set of several clothes, but you can also style ordinary T-shirts by personalizing each member of the family, for example. Of course, be creative and innovative so you can come up with something more fun. Add to that some cool stickers, like your favorite comic book heroes, etc.

You have a lot of options, just keep in mind that you need to have fun during all this and let your imagination run wild. If you have children, then you will certainly not lack imagination.

5. Plan a delicious meal when you are all done

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Understand this as a kind of motivation, and what better motivation than a favorite meal?! Arrange with your family to treat yourself to a good meal at the end of a busy day that you all love and you will surely finish faster. Motivation is necessary in every job, especially when it comes to something like this.

To be even more motivated, book your favorite restaurant right away and challenge yourself to finish the job by a certain time. You can also do this with a trip, surprise your family members and motivate everyone by planning a trip. You can also organize a movie night, family dinner or some other event that you will all be able to enjoy after your commitments. In the end, you can even organize it all together – you deserve a break.

6. Throw a party

As we said before, make an event that will motivate everyone to work better during the day and then in the evening – a party! Our idea is for it, for example, to be a real party for your family and friends. Invite them and let them help you unpack, while enjoying good food, drink and some good tune.

Organize some games, dessert and enjoy it. Regardless of the fact that this is primarily a responsible job, you don’t have to be extremely serious all the time. Relax and enjoy.

7. Keep a positive attitude

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The most important thing is to start and end the whole process with positive energy. When you have good thoughts, everything you do will be fun and you will approach it with a lot of enthusiasm. While you may not be so lucky to leave a home where you have spent so many years, don’t take this as something terrifying but quite the opposite. Think of all this as the first day of your exciting new life, and you will not only share this invaluable experience with your family – that is reason enough for you to stay focused on positive things.


We hope that some of the above tips will be interesting to you and that they will serve as inspiration for a fun start such as moving in. So, try to find more ways to help you make this change easier and, above all, enjoy moving into your new home. May your new beginning be filled with positive energy.

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