Foodstuff to Use As a Taco Shell – 2024 Guide

Most of us are used to grabbing a packet of corn tortillas whenever we are up to preparing some tacos. These flatbreads became so popular that people even try to preserve them for the future use according to Elisa Chan from Beezzly

But what if, for any reason, one can’t make use of the traditional tortillas right now? No worries, we can suggest several alternative options.

The Best Tortillas Substitutes

Corn flatbreads have become a staple in many kitchens because they give tacos that special taste and texture. Nevertheless, sometimes we want to try out something new and innovative, and in addition, corn or flour tortillas may seem somewhat heavy to the stomach to some people.

If you are craving something new, why not opt for one of the following alternatives?

1. Seaweed

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It may sound not much appealing but this flatbread substitution is way healthier: seaweeds are much less filled with calories and fats compared to ordinary flour (even whole-grain) and corn. No wonder Japan has one of the lowest obesity rates in the world!

The good thing about this foodstuff is that it can be easily found in almost any shop that sells ingredients for sushi, and these green flat seaweed sheets will fit any foodstuff that needs wrapping.

The additional bonus: seaweeds are packed with various nutrients, vitamins A and C, and also iron and iodium.

2. Lettuce

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This leafy veggie can become your favorite substitution for tortillas: its leaves are less fatty, and they are not starchy at all, unlike the flour-made counterparts. Also, lettuce will add that freshness and crispness to any wrap, no matter whether it is meaty or vegetarian. Why not give your tacos some crunch?

However, it is necessary to consider that the rolls or wraps with a heavy filling (for instance, meaty or seafood) can tear the leaves so try not to stuff them too much.

3. Pita flatbread

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If you can’t even imagine tacos without that bread wrap, we would recommend trying pita. It is thicker than tortillas so such a taco will definitely make you feel yourself full better and faster!

4. Cauliflower pizza crust

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This is not a common alternative to tortilla, but it is definitely worth trying! Cauliflower is a low-carb and low-fat foodstuff, besides, it is also gluten-free which makes it a universal (and crunchy!) substitution for the corn flatbreads.

5. Eggs

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Yep, a simple omelet can serve as a perfect and flexible wrapping for your taco! An ideal option for making a protein-filled snack!

5. Pancakes

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Haven’t tried it yet? Then remember to fix that next time you’ll be making tacos! Due to the dough slight sweetness, such tacos will get a more delicate flavor, but if you’re not into sugar much, just make a sugar-free pancake dough.

The good thing about this substitution is that pancakes are durable enough so it will be easy to stuff them with anything from veggies to the heavy and juicy meaty filling without being afraid of ruining the shell.

6. Sliced cheese

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For those who can’t pass the shelf with cheeses in a supermarket without buying a pack or two, this option will be just perfect! Simply go for cheesy slices and wrap any filling into them. Such “tacos” can’t be warmed, of course, otherwise, they will melt, but except for that issue, it is a super-delicious snack!

7. Spinach taco shells

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These low-carb wraps will be a perfect alternative for those who are concerned about what they eat. Besides, this green (literally) substitution has a pleasant scent of greens that will undoubtedly add more taste to your wraps!

8. Pizza slices

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We bet nobody thought of them, but pizza dough can become a good option if you’d like to try out something instead of common tortillas. It is somewhat thicker so take that into account, but if opting for the thinner variations, we can get almost the same flatbreads as we are used to.

These were just a few alternatives to the corn flatbreads we use in tacos. Experiment and find the solution that pleases your taste buds best of all!

What to Do to Keep Those Tacos Fresh

Traditional tacos often have meaty foods as one of the ingredients, besides, creative consumers can sometimes even add some uncommon components, for instance, hard-boiled eggs. In addition to the flour-based wrap and the condiment used, this foodstuff will not last long if left out or stored improperly.

Fortunately, we can opt for one of the tricks to prolong the lifespan of both tortillas and the prepared goodies.

1. Opt for the hermetic package

To enjoy corn flatbreads for the longest, toss them into a hermetic packet, and leave in a pantry. When exposed to air, these flapjacks will get chewy and hard, and definitely unsuitable for wrapping!

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2. Chill the flatbreads

The taco shells will get soggy too fast if refrigerated or frozen because of the level of moisture. However, it is OK to chill the corn flapjacks, only remember to cover each tortilla with baking paper, otherwise, they can stick to each other and tear.

When refrigerated, corn flatbreads will easily stay fresh for nearly fourteen days. Also, it is possible to expose them to frost for preserving for the future. In this case, for defrosting tortillas, they have to be transferred to the fridge several days prior to being eaten.

When the flatbreads are thawed, microwave them for ten to twenty seconds. Extended warming is not welcome since it will make the foodstuff too soft and sometimes even soggy.

4. Reinvent the leftovers

Leftover tortillas must not necessarily be used for the traditional recipe. Instead, why not make a delicious poultry tortilla pie out of them, or simply cut them up and bake to enjoy crispy corn chips with some guacamole?

With these easy-to-do suggestions, everyone will be able to stock, preserve, and make use of this delicious foodstuff properly. Tortillas are very versatile, so don’t hesitate to experiment with their use and create your own recipes.