How to Diagnose and  Fix Your Poor TV Reception – 2024 DIY Guide

Having trouble with your TV reception can be a very stressful experience, especially if you are in the middle of your favorite TV show, or God forbid if you are watching a live stream of your favorite team. It is hard to stay focused in situations like this and establish how to diagnose the problem. Whatever may cause poor reception, relying on your tv provider to fix the problem is not always an option, principally because you need your content right now and you need it in the highest quality.

Although multiple different reasons can cause bad reception to your device, be prepared for some of the most common situations may come in handy, and save you from unnecessary stress and wasting precious time.

Nowadays, watching videos on demand is a quite popular feature used globally, but even though you should be provided with the material you properly asked for earlier, things can get a little bit tricky. Not to mention if you are streaming a live sports event and cannot afford to miss a millisecond of the game, but the reception fails to deliver and you end up with a lagging video that is running late. Staying calm when everything goes downhill has never been an easy task to do, but sometimes doing so is the only smart thing that comes to your mind, especially if you lack in means of improving the current condition.

Surely, you will try to contact your local provider and ask for assistance, and you will be put on hold along with other unsatisfactory users probably experiencing the same issue as yourself. Yes, you will be given a piece of advice that will possibly work, but the chances that it will bring you back the most important moments of the game are equal to zero; make it a double zero! So, if you are not trying to reach nirvana by trying to stay calm and focused during extremely stressful situations, we advise you to study the following tips for diagnosing and fixing your tv reception carefully.

Experiencing difficulties with your scheme is probably the reason why you are here in the first place, therefore, prepare yourself, since after you learn what to do and how to react when the going gets tough you will be left with only yourself to lean on and the following words of wisdom shall echo in your ears!

1. Reboot!

As simple as it may sound, rebooting your receiver can be all the trouble you need to go through to fix the potential problem you are having with your reception. Namely, simply press the power button on your signal receiver and wait for at least five minutes. After a quick pause, turn it on again and check if the situation is anything better. While you are there check if all the cables are entering their sockets the right way, and if not fix that. Cables tend to move from their place frequently and the issue is easy to resolve since there are no serious problems but only those of technical nature.

2. Pixelation!


Unfortunately, you have no power here! Namely, the pixelation is a process that happens when certain signals broadcasted by the source are given the boost by the weather conditions and therefore have the ability to travel further than they would normally do. Therefore, they cross with the standard signals and are both received by your home receiver and the outcome is pixelized material. The conditions under which this phenomenon occurs are not yet clarified. It results in receiving television services other than those you have bought, while you continue to receive the standard signal. The reason for that is the usage of the same frequency, only the weather caused changes to affect the reception. So, have no fear when this happens, there is nothing you can do but wait for the weather to be better. On the other hand, if you are looking for a reliable provider that unites different services, try visiting

3. Green Screen


If you are experiencing nothing more than a green screen spread all across your TV screen than you should check the cables and figure out if they are connected properly. Namely, the main culprit for this happening should be your SCART cable, therefore checking if it hangs from the receiver should be the first thing you should check. The green screen is not the only indicator that your SCART cable is probably out of its socket. If your screen shows a rainbow palette with static colors all over, then the SCART is what you are checking over. Hopefully, this issue will be easy to resolve so you should be back to your material soon enough.

4. Picture Breaking Up


If you use a digital satellite as a transmitter and you receive the signal via satellite dish, then the occurrence where nothing is shown on your TV screen may lead us to the conclusion that something is wrong with the hardware. Namely, this typically happens when your satellite dish experiences a blocked path, so it is unable to receive the data. This may happen if the dish is somehow misplaced, or the standard path used is now jammed or blocked somehow. What you can do is try to restore the dish to its last known working position and remove any potential deadlocks so the device can function properly. Confidently, this should do the trick and you will be able to watch your TV in no time.

5. Frozen or Broken Picture


This is the most frequent problem troubling the IPTV users. Namely, the picture constantly freezes or moves unconventionally. Although the issue may be of the hardware origin, the main reason this happens is the slow broadband speed, therefore the stream you try to watch comes in parts instead of playing regularly. Although in nine out of ten times it is your provider’s fault that your speed is insufficient, you are still able to do something by yourself in order to fix the glitch. Namely, stopping huge downloads and updating your browsers may do the trick. If nothing changes after your intervention, feel free to contact your support team and ask for their immediate assistance.

Although having difficulties with the broadcasted material is a troublesome thing to experience, situations like that happen from time to time. Hopefully, the interference with your signal will not last for long, but if that ever happens it would be great if you would know how to behave in order to fix the glitch. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips on how to act in specific situations will prove they are worthy of your time, so next time you face the bad reception you will exactly know how to act to save the day!